Thursday, September 22, 2016

Time for a Snippet! Here is # 3 from the Upcoming Fed Witch book 1 -Conjuring Quantico

 “So Cat, why don’t you declare as an Alpha?”

Chuck winced.

“I told you why. It would hurt my family.”

I thought for a moment. “Have you asked your family? I bet your dad would be tickled that his daughter was Alpha material.”

“That’s true. Let me give him a call. He keeps his phone on all the time.” She pulled out her cell and entered his number. Chuck was staring at the ceiling. I couldn’t remember if she told them about him or not.

“Dad? Are you busy I need to talk to you about something important.” I’m not a freaky all-hearing Were that can hear a phone conversation from across the room so I could only guess at what he was saying from Chuck’s and Cat’s faces.

Cat’s head was cocked to one side and Chuck started to choke back a laugh. “No. No. Dammit Dad, No! I am not pregnant. Geez! Who has time for that nonsense. No, that is not why I need to talk to you. Stop! Seriously. Is anyone around that can hear this conversation? Can you chase them out? Fine. I can wait.” She covered the mouthpiece and shook her head. Both Chuck and I started laughing at her.

He must have started speaking because she put the phone back to her ear. “OK, this is serious Dad. Last year before school let out I was challenged in a dominance fight.” She held the phone away from her ear. Even I could hear the “What!”

“Dad. Dad. Dad! It’s fine, I won. No. No. It was Charles Winthrop. My roommate calls him Chuck. What? My roommate Agatha. Dad we talked about this, I know I did. No I’m not imagining it. No. No. Fine! Hold on.” Cat held the phone out to me. “He wants to talk to you.”

I pointed at myself and asked. “Me? Why me?”

Cat just rolled her eyes and shook the phone. “He can hear you, you know. Just talk to him.”

I gingerly took the phone from her. “Hello?”

“Hello, Agatha is it?”

“Yes, Sir?”

“I need to ask you a few questions about my daughter. Is there somewhere you can go that she can’t hear me?”

“I can’t but hold on I can fix it so she can’t hear.” I looked at the two Were’s and smiled. I mouthed sorry to them and spoke þegja along with a wave of my hand.

“OK, we can talk now. I promise you that neither of them can hear a thing.”

“Who else is there with you?”

 “Oh, Chuck is here too.”

“Does he live there too?”

“ No. He just comes over all the time.”

“If he’s not dating my daughter or has declared her his mate why is he there all the time?”

 “He’s her bitch.” Cat’s dad started laughing


  1. You realize, if some of your fans get into heaven, it will be entirely because of merit earned waiting for the next book you write!

  2. Personally, I think waiting 1-2 months for a new book beats the year or two waiting for many authors. I've got 31000 pages written and 10 chapters so far on book one. I dropped everything i was working on to get this book started and out. I was going to wait until next week to start it. I can generally write 5000 words in a day unless life or my wife intrudes. My wife does want to spend some time with me. She puts up with a lot but understands that I have to write. In less than 7 months I have written 18 books and over 30 short stories. For next year I have even more planned.

  3. You can never make everyone happy. Your doing great, keep up the wonderful stories and I will wait while you take your patient wife out for dinner. ��

  4. You can never make everyone happy. Your doing great, keep up the wonderful stories and I will wait while you take your patient wife out for dinner. ��