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Off to NINC

I'll be at the NINC (novelists Inc ) Conference all this week in sunny St Petersburg, FL. What is NINC you ask?

Welcome to Novelists, Inc. (NINC), the professional network for career novelists. Like all great stories, ours started at a moment of change — when five professional authors banded together with one clear mission in mind: address the needs of career novelists. Networking is how we began more than 25 years ago, and it is how our organization of more than 800 multi-published writers continues to thrive today.
When you join NINC, you will:
connect with a global community of authors committed to the business of writing;enter conversations that spur innovation and demystify the publishing industry; andbecome a vital link in the sharing of knowledge. Our members helped create the genres and subgenres of popular fiction today and have been frontrunners in the digital revolution. They have pushed beyond boundaries of style, storytelling, marketing, and bookselling. Their…

Check out this from one of my Mentee's

Get it here on or read it for Free with Kindle Unlimited.

Prophecy. Bane or blessing? 

Alexi does not know which way to go. Everyone and everything is pulling at him. He thought achieving his goals of becoming an air Elementalist would be enough. Instead, people are trying to kill him! Between trying to dodge assassins and pass his third-year classes things are getting worse each day. Life has become pass or fail.

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Darkness Revealed is Now available

Camilla Blackmore is supposed to be dead.

Everyone, including her two daughters, believes she was killed during the attack upon the Blackmore estate by the Missionaries of Death assassins. But she wasn't. Camilla was captured and transported to the headquarters of the Strega, evil Italian Witches who control the assassins as if they were puppets. Now comes the true purpose of who the Strega are and what role Camilla Blackmore is to play.

Will Camilla be pawn or Queen?

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New book going up

Darkness Revealed is in Review on Amazon. It could be 2 hours or 3 days before we see it. I've had both happen.

Paperbacks are Here

It's now possible to get the first three Federal Witch as well as the first four Athena Lee books in paperback! All Chaos Press, the publisher that handles my audio production, has made print copies of most of my books available on Amazon and on Barnes and Noble (those will have to be ordered but now they can do it with the ISBN#)  Quite a few of the Anthologies that my work appears in is also available through them.  You can get them HERE using this link. More and more titles will appear as they are loaded. Like everything associated with Amazon it takes a small amount of time.

How about a Mongo and Chuck story set at Comic Con? Check this one out.

Get this on Two shifters walk into a Convention.

Agatha Blackmore and her entire team have been given the weekend off from dealing with the Magical woes that plague our country. While the girls were off doing girl stuff, Chuck picked up former FBI Agent Mongo and went to Serpent Con in Atlanta.

Conventions are fun. Costumes, comics, authors, and aliens? The two Agents find themselves face to face with something of the third kind.

New Book is out in the Russian side of the Federal Witch Series

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Slave or partner? Bond or shackles?

Dascha swore that she would never become a slave to a witch, used for energy and reduced to the role of an animated battery. Zhanna never thought that she would have a familiar, since none of the Russian witches seemed to have them. Now Dascha has found her witch and Zhanna has found her familiar. It would be better if either one of them knew what they were doing, but they trust in each other.

When Dascha has the chance to get some training, something that no familiar that either of them knows has gotten, she reluctantly leaves her beloved witch for a few days. Little does she know that she will come back with a very different view of what being a familiar really is. And a whole lot of ways to make them the baddest partnership around!

The only question is simple. Can Dascha can survive the training?

Snippet Time! Check out this one from the upcoming Coven Codex


We survived the Hurricane giveaway!

We survived the storm just fine with no damage here in Tallahassee. How about another Giveaway for those who like to read?  This time it's Shade of Honor! Ten free books are up for grab. Here's your chance today.

Hurricane Giveaway! Need something to read? Get the prequel to The Federal Witch series for Free.

First come first serve. Here's 30 copies of Born a Witch... Drafted by the FBI.

Click here for the Giveaway. US residents only, sorry.

It's the one Year Anniversary of The Federal Witch series!

Status Update. What I'm currently working on.

It's been a busy summer so far for me in Florida. My wife was out of town for three weeks leaving me alone with the Merlin the Cat. We survived and didn't burn down the apartment.

On the writing front I been busy. My co-writers and I have a few things in the pipeline as well as solo things from me. Taki Drake has a new Mini-Seris called the Familiar Trials coming out soon as well as Book 2 in the Standard of Honor series, Coven Codex. As we get closer to release we'll show the covers for those. Bradford Bates is ready to start his new collaboration this month. The working title is The Wild Hunt. The cover for that book is awesome! Cover designer Heather Hamilton-Senter has outdone herself this time.

I am in the middle of three works as well as several shorts. Space Cadets is about half done. Darkness revealed is only missing 3-4 chapters and should go up to amazon in a week or so. That leaves Alpha Class 3 as well as the newest Federal Witch book. I've started AC3 tha…

Timeline book for The Athena Lee Universe

I get asked a lot by readers for a timeline of the books and stories. There are a lot of stories. It's my own fault for shotgunning them all over the place. The way I write and come up with ideas makes it happen that way. So I fixed it. I created a timeline in book format that explains what came first and where it can be found. Not everything is in book that I have published.

It's published under my real name because of Amazon's rules about book lists and what they call study guides. There is an unpublished short story inside and this book like all my others is in Kindle Unlimited. This should make a great reference source for the super Athena Lee fan in all of us.
Get it here on Amazon.