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Sneak Peek here is the first cover for the Upcoming Paranormal Series

Here is a sneak peek of the first cover of the Paranormal series that I will be publishing later this year. A short background for this. Both my wife and I read Paranormal fiction. Her more than I. She hates Sci- Fi, the horror of it all!  So she asked me to wrote something she would read. Hence the new series. Ball park release date is sometime in October. I have yet to write any part of this one yet, but I do have a title, a character sketch, and a basic plot.

Something really funny

Apparently this commercial has been out for a while but its the first I've seen of it. Too funny. I need to think of a way to incorporate this idea into a book. If I ever write aliens.. 

Just a note. I no way represent beans or any bean company in any part or form or gas. LOL

Big Huge Shout out to My Readers and Fans!

There were a few bumps in the road getting the new book up onto Amazon and available for Download and purchase. Nothing too bad however. The new book is my LONGEST yet coming in at 39,000 words. Lots going on inside too. No Spoilers here.  As soon as it became available many of you fought your way through and found it. I hope that you are enjoying it. I had a lot of fun writing it. Like many of my books there is quite a few "Easter egg" type jokes inside it along with a few names that if you check or sound it out (hint) you will find amusing.   You are readers not Authors but we live and die by the numbers and the numbers are good. Have a good weekend and enjoy the book.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #2,468 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store) #49in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Spa…

The book is now available....Finally -- Updated!!!

Sorry...the previous link was given to me by a friend. I posted originally with my my phone, which by the way sucks.  Amazon is being incredibly  slow in posting the book. it took 16 hrs for review and has been in "Publishing mode" for over 2 hours now. They aren't posting any links for me to use yet but you can find the book by searching amazon. A sure fire fail on their part today!  I changed the link so it works. Sorry for any problems anyone encountered.

New Book has been submitted!

The New Book is now words complete!

I finished writing it last night. Book 9 will hit the editors and get run through a program called Prowriter aid  to look for those little things like commas and periods that I missed. I will give one hint about the new book. Mortal combat is about to begin. Bring it on!

Last Snippet before the New book comes out!

The Cabal hit team broke into two sections. The first section was tasked with causing as much damage and mayhem as they could. The second team was to kill Amalie Dorr and the Hong Kong Ambassador. If any of the team survived they were to destroy the command center too.

The main cafeteria served on average over two-thousand meals daily. It was state of the art with robotic food producing machines and a staff of over a hundred. The kitchen staff was unusually alert today as very few troops were eating today. The staff had already sent up box lunches for most of the watch standers. They only half noticed when a half dozen strangely uniformed troops raced into the room. The first shoot killed the head chef who asked if they needed to eat. Everyone in the room tried to take cover as they all became targets for the killers.

Finding targets of opportunity the Cabal assassins stalked the cooks in the kitchen. Those that stood on the line were killed almost instantly. The robot techs and dish h…

Check out the new Cover for Book 9 - Prelude to War!

Here is the new cover for Athena Lee book 9 - Prelude to War. The artwork comes from one of the two artists I have used before. Digital Artist Scott Richards. Check out more of his stuff here!

Major Milestone for the Athena Lee Chronicles!

Kindle Unlimited Readers have read 3,000,000 Million pages over the last five months! I'm so happy that everyone loves the books. The newest Athena Lee is on track and should be released this weekend. I have only 5 chapters left to write!
  Later. Scott

Back after 13 years. Robot Wars returns.

Here is an Update of what I am working on.

So far I am 20,000 words into the new Athena Lee book # 9. The working title I have for it is  -Prelude to War.  I'm  about at chapter 11-12 right now. My editors have got the previous 10 chapters and are working on them. I have the Artwork for the new cover but have yet to pass it off to my designer. He's an author too and is busy working on his new book. I will catch up with him this week and see it he has time to help. There is an Audio book now out for book 7 -the Martian Inheritance. It comes in at about 3 hours. I have paperback copies of the most recent Athena Lee book 8 available for those old school readers. Both of these were created so I could give them as Christmas gifts. But you guys can get them too. Not just me! LOL  The new book will be done soon. 
  Coming up later this year we have more Athena Lee Universe books, Tisiphone and the Catts will return. Someone has already noticed this but that storyline takes place about a book and a half behind the regular s…

Here it is Snippet # 4 from the Upcoming Athena Lee Book 9

“What else have you heard?” This day just gets worse and worse. Miguel needed to get a handle of things before any Earth forces showed up.

“No very much. Mars has deployed the same sort of anti-spy system that Hong Kong is using. All of our intel sources are drying up and many of our agents have been captured. Sam 0256 has showed up on Mars. He was spotted in the company of the Primus’s security forces.”

“There is an example for you Roger. Never show any sort of weakness because it will come back and bite you in the ass every time. I should have killed him like I was ordered to. Instead I reprogrammed his systems and put all the worst troublemakers on board his ship. Once upon a time he was my friend, my brother, and my commander. Now he is just my enemy. Add his name to the hit list. Tell our operatives on Mars to take out the command group whatever the cost. Send a similar message to Hong Kong. We need to cut the head off the snakes or we will all be doomed.”

“Yes, Sir. I will send it …

Snippet #3 from the New Book! Athena Lee Book 9

Enjoy it!

I remember standing in the Martian war room myself as the battle for Mars unfolded above us. I saw with my own eyes as the decimated Earth fleet dove their ships in Kamikaze attacks against our ships. In the end they were blasted from space with no quarter given.

“Primus the Earth fleet is breaking up!”

We turned our heads toward the main monitors just in time to see the large cruisers and support craft separate into three smaller units.

“Captain Bishe tell our ships to attack that fleet!”

“Yes, Primus.”

“Grandmother that third fleet unit, they are trying to break orbit!” I pointed at one of the monitors. All of our attention was on the main battle. The Earth fleet were attacking the reserve ships without any regard for their own safety.

“Alert the defense stations tell them to stop those ships!” It was at that moment that the third group strafed the Space station and drew much of the fire onto themselves as they broke orbit in the opposite direction. In an almost planned maneuver …

Robots are turning up in the strangest of places!

Saw this and just had to post it here! Wilson would just love this. Of course He would chase the cows first!

TIme for another Snippet! Here is #2


Station personnel were running through the corridors carrying boxes and bags. Those with children clutched them to their breasts as they ran. Sam ran out into the hall and grabbed one of the Station porters as he jogged by. “Hold on a moment! What they hell is going on? Is is a general evacuation?”

“Let me go old man!” The porter tried to pull away but Sam was much stronger than he looked for his age.

“Tell me!” Sam squeezed the mans arm even tighter causing him pain.

“Fine! Civil war has broken out on Capitol Planet. The Navy ships are firing on other Navy ships. Armed troops took over government buildings and most of the heavy industry locations. Here on the station security has blockaded the Governor’s office and are threatening to vent the station! Now. Let. Me. Go!” Sam released the porter and he ran off toward the docking ring. Sam returned to his office and tried logging in to the station’s new update service. There were vids playing of fighting in the Empire and some fo…

Here it is! The first Snippet from the Upcoming Book 9 of the Athena Lee Series.


So much has changed in my life over the past couple of years since my rescue. All I could think about were the shouting matches between father and me the day I left for the Academy. He kept yelling about my duty to the family and plans he had made for me. Even then I was independent. I threw it into his face that I was of age and on our planet a functioning adult. He could not stop me legally even if he tried. I remember boarding the shuttle and starting my big adventure. The second Interstellar War was still raging and officers were in demand. My training and interests were what directed me toward the Engineering program at the Academy. Unknown to Father when I completed my general education degree at the University I also completed a Mechanical Engineering degree at the same time. He did not think that women should be educated and payed very little attention to me at that time. I lived on campus so he was unaware of my interests. There was a bodyguard on campus for me but he …

Don't forget You can now listen to the Martian Inheritance on Audio!

Now available from Amazon and on audible. The Martian Inheritance Book 7 is on audio narrated by the wonderful Jessica Joens!

Get it on Audible Here!
Get it on Amazon Here!

A Big Shoutout and Thank You to my readers! 13,000 page views today

So 13,000 page views! That is a virtual ton of readers.

This could be a symbol for the Cabal in the Books

If you read the series You will understand this. Everyone else will just think it's strange...

New Book! New Series! Familiar Faces! Shades of Learning is now Available!

The new book went live a few moments ago. 

An Exciting new Series Set in the Athena Lee Universe!

A New Heroine steps up to join the battle against the Cabal and The Ships of Old Earth!

The Galaxy is in turmoil. A new terror group calling themselves the Cabal is plaguing the galaxy. Former Imperial Navy Ensign Tisiphone thought returning home was going to be easy. Life on the farm was still incredibly boring. Her home planet is still recovering from the recent revolution. They have been attacked from space and thousands are dead. A new and effective Military is what they need. To be the best officer she can be she needs to go to the Academy first. Will the Cabal give her planet time to learn to combat them? Or will a new threat from Old Earth come into play?

Here is the Last Snippet before the New Book comes out!


“Freddie here said he was given a task by the wardens. That is what the enforcers of the Cabal are called. Military Intelligence will want to talk to these four.”

“Tisiphone, we are pretty far out. The closest base is hundreds of miles away, you know that. Who would we call?”

I looked down at Artemis. “Should I call her? Can you give Merlin a heads up so she takes me seriously?” The cat nodded her head.

I pulled out the communicator that Commandant Yannos had given me. Lately I had been taking it everywhere with me. Punching in the number that she had given me I called Major Minerva Lee.

“Who are you calling Tisiphone?” Dad looked confused at the communicator I held.

The communicator came to life and a small hologram formed in the air above the device. “Cadet Tisiphone what can I do for you? It must be bad if you called me. Spit it out I’m extremely busy right now.”

“Sorry Major Lee. My roommate and I are out at my families farm for the weekend. We had a little scuffle with some crim…

The Martian Inheritance Audio Book is now Live!

So for you audio book fans out there. Book 7 the Martian Inheritance is now live on Audible, Amazon, and Itunes.

Something fun!

Just playing around when I should be writing. Fellow Author Craig Martelle introduced me to this site called Pulp-o-mizer that lets you make fake old fashioned magazine covers. I made one for Athena Lee!

Just got my paperbacks!

I ordered copies of the newest book in Paperback just to see how they look and to give my family copies! They look really good!

New snippet from the Upcoming new Series - Shades of Learning.

Progress on the new book is good. I have 15 chapters written and should be done by the end of the week. My beta readers and editors are working like little worker bees and are rushing as much as I to get this one finished and off my computer so I can get started on the next Athena Lee book! Check out this snippet:

“Sir, are those CATTs some kind of AI?”

“Cadet Eberly why do you say that?”

“We watched one enter the cafeteria. It independently did something. I have worked with Military AI’s and they are too stupid to do something like that.”

“Yes they are some kind of AI. You two just joined the secrets act. Expect paperwork on that soon. For now talk about this and go directly to jail and not the fun kind. Understand?” He looked intently at the both of us.

“There is at least one true AI in the galaxy. Commander Athena Lee has possession of one that she acquired a few years ago. He, the AI, agreed to make dumber copies of himself and allow us to use them. The new RAM robots and the CATT…

Here is the Cover for the New Book- Shades of Learning

Check it out. The artwork was done by digital artist Scott Richards. His art is featured on several of my covers. 

Book 8 - Infiltration is now available in paperback!

It is already available. Get yours today.

Here is a Snippet from the New Book to Start the Month off right!


I laughed at her expression. “The obstacle course is out out window over there.” I pointed. “It’s an athletic challenge. They use it for Special Operations. To qualify you have to run it in less than fifteen minutes. My best time so far is an hour.”

“I saw that when I prowled the school. We have to run that thing? For real?”

I laughed at her again. “I’ll help you out. I’ve spent all summer running it. CSM Yannos let me stay here rather than with my family.”

“Don’t you like your family?”

“I love my family but they are in the middle of planting season and I would just be in the way over there. Plus they gave my room away to my second cousin. His parents were killed in the Farmers Union Day Massacre.”

“Sorry about your cousin. We watched the vids of that. Horrific, really.” She looked at the expression on my face and said. “Is there a bug on me or something?”

“No bug. You talk very strange did you know that? I don’t mean the New Texas accent either. Sometimes you sound like someon…