Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Last Snippet before the New book comes out!

The Cabal hit team broke into two sections. The first section was tasked with causing as much damage and mayhem as they could. The second team was to kill Amalie Dorr and the Hong Kong Ambassador. If any of the team survived they were to destroy the command center too.

The main cafeteria served on average over two-thousand meals daily. It was state of the art with robotic food producing machines and a staff of over a hundred. The kitchen staff was unusually alert today as very few troops were eating today. The staff had already sent up box lunches for most of the watch standers. They only half noticed when a half dozen strangely uniformed troops raced into the room. The first shoot killed the head chef who asked if they needed to eat. Everyone in the room tried to take cover as they all became targets for the killers.

Finding targets of opportunity the Cabal assassins stalked the cooks in the kitchen. Those that stood on the line were killed almost instantly. The robot techs and dish handling crews had more machinery to hide behind. The killers spread out in the food prep area. There were four of them hunting the cooks. The other three were killing patrons execution style in the dining room.

PO 1st class Lawrence Sanders was new to the Martian service. He found himself practically drafted when he admitted that he used to work for Robots-are-us. All the new kitchen equipment was built there and the Military barely knew how to repair it. He was permanently assigned kitchen duty after basic training. Now he was being hunted in his own kitchen! He calmed down for a moment and used his head. It was his kitchen! He knew where everything was and maybe stood a small chance of surviving. First thing kill the lights!

The main breaker was in the rear of the kitchen. Lawrence belly crawled across the deck to just outside the storage area. He had seen one of the Chiefs do this in a demonstration once. Fuses were a thing of the distant past. This breaker box used a computer to monitor power usage and control voltage. The demonstration that he witnessed was all about  what ifs that could plague a kitchen. He opened the box and pressed a tiny button on the bottom of the computer unit. This would turn off the computer so the unit could be serviced. During maintenance everything would be turned off. This was not training. The secondary system registered the lack of control and power sources and shut everything down. The kitchen was now almost pitch black.

Now Lawrence had a small chance. Praying that they didn’t have night vision or infrared he began to stalk them in the near darkness. Several pilot lights were still on casting blue shadows over the kitchen. Lawrence found the largest wrench in his kit and searched the kitchen for his prey. They were gone. All he found was the bodies of his friends and the piles of dead in the dining area. Alarms triggered by the gunfire and power outage were sounding throughout the base.

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