Saturday, June 30, 2018

Book Six of the Jack Dalton series is NOW available

My name is Jack Dalton and I'm a Monster Hunter.

Ghosts are not supposed to exist but I'm on my way to Springfield Illinois to hunt one down. Strange occurrences have plagued the town for several years. The local residents think it's former President Abraham Lincoln that haunts the town. Now a political hot potato, my boss J Edgar Hoover has assigned me to personally either find or stop the ghosts if they exist.

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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Fergus has a whole NEW look

Fergus has a whole new look. The pesky micro Unicorn has a new look to go along with his new powers. He's growing up and with that he's changing. Coming soon he'll have more books in the new Fergus Adventures series. The art was done by my new Unicorn designer Suzy T over at Suziedoodles. Check her site out and say hi. 

Get the first three books in the Athena Lee Universe for $0.99!

NOW AVAILABLE : All three books in the series in one volume. 

Athena Lee had everything going for her. She graduated the Space academy and had become an Engineer. Her first posting was to an Support fleet building a secret outpost. When her ship is attacked and destroyed she is left alone and forgotten.

 Athena has to engineer her way home. 

Rescued many years later. She is arrested for letting an Idiot kill himself by not following orders. Now she has a bounty on her head and is being chased by assassins. Joining a navy not her own she fights for truth while surrounded by corruption and greed. Pirates and bounty hunters bar her way. 

-- This series has been called "an Old fashioned space opera" and "Fun" by fans. Check out The Athena Lee Chronicles today!

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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Going to Comic Con? Read Serpent Con first for Free!

What happens at the convention, stays at the convention. 

Chuck and Mongo find themselves face to face with visitors of the third kind in a place that no one would ever suspect them. Serpent Con in Atlanta. The boys are there for a little fun and relaxation among the science fiction and fantasy world. Only trouble could come of this when these two are turned loose together. 

Enjoy this short tale ripped from the headlines of Comic cons everywhere.

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Start Smuggling. Get book one for $0.99 this weekend

The Smuggle Life series of books is set inside my very popular Athena Lee Universe.

Smuggling isn’t for everyone. 

The crew of the Rossi are some of the best smugglers around, able to move almost anything a client could imagine. Only this time, they’ve accepted a job from a mysterious, unknown client. Risky? Yes. Worth it? They hope so!
In a universe fraught with danger and war, what could possibly go wrong? Just about everything. A crew member’s been kidnapped and everyone they encounter seems to be their enemy. 

Will Captain Dodge and her crew survive their latest mission?

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Get Shade of Honor for FREE this week

Bereft of their elders in magic, hired out to strangers to feed their families. Survival was a constant battle for the Russian Witches. Despised by other witches for their rigid focus on contracts, they were without a moral compass, honorless. That was not good enough for some. For the young witch, Zhanna, life was not worth living without honor – or her magic. Could she find both in her homeland? Would her desire and drive be enough to locate her shade of honor?
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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Surprise! Taki Drake has a New Book!

Zhanna has a vision, one of the return of honor to the Witches and Mercenaries of Russia. 

Making that hope a reality is becoming more difficult as time goes on, with the young woman battling prejudice from her neighbors and attacks from other Magic users. 

It is a good thing that Dascha always has her back, as her Witch sets out to show the disorganized and dishonored mercenary Witches of Russia exactly what it means to stand by your Word!

Lead by example, practice what you preach. Progress is being made, one step at a time as Zhanna acquires spells and allies.

It is too bad that progress is paid with pain.

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Saturday, June 2, 2018

There's a New Jack Dalton story

Jack Dalton, Monster Hunter, Book Five is now available!

Jack Dalton was raised by Werewolves and thought he knew all there was to know about the species. 

He was wrong. A rogue is loose in St Louis and he's the only one the Government trusts to stop him. Along for the ride this time is a mysterious helper names Robert Moore. He's supposed to be an expert on how Weres think but Jack is beginning to think he's a spy. It the both them don't catch or kill the rogue human-Were relationships could be set back decades. This mission is a race against both time and politics. 

But Jack is a Monster Hunter and catching Monsters is what he does best. 

If you still haven't read any of the Jack Dalton books you can now get the first box set only on Amazon.