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Sneak Peek into Alpha Class book 2

As I write Alpha Class book 2, fill in many of the small details that make up the series. This is one such aside. Only a small portion of this will actually be in the book. I intended it to only be a paragraph but it got away from me and became a short story instead. Check it out!

Shoot them down!

The American President was livid. His advisers cringed away from his desk as he raged. Papers littered the floor as he tossed things left and right. “Can’t you idiots do nothing right? Those people and their pods pop up everywhere and we just let them! If they won’t give us the technology we will just take it. Shoot them down next time. I’m sure our scientists can find something worthwhile in the wreckage!”
Major General Thomas Vl├íkas winced at the words, shoot them down. He, unlike his predecessor, actually read the reports and the intel concerning TQB. The US arsenal didn’t have anything that could touch them. Oh, they could fight them on the ground and win if they had to. Overpowering them w…

So many Books so little or no time!

A comment was made on the new post of chapter one. What now? That is a good question. I am assuming that Douglas wants to know what to read. I barely have time for books anymore but I can make some suggestions. Some few series by authors that i respect and adore whenever there is a new book out. Their books have molded my own writing for the better. Here is a few. No pressure. Theses are just my favorites and possibly some of yours!

 This is a good SF series by Mackey Chandler. He is not as quick as i am but his books are really good. April is a good intro to his series. Check it out here. 

This one is more of a science geek meets industrial espionage story. There are 4 books available now. The author is more well known for his Elle Donsai series but this one is good too. Check it out here.

This is one of my GO-To books for Fantasy and Paranormal. Its a series and it's not for the kiddies. The LGBT crowd would enjoy this one but it has lots of vamps, weres, fae, and demons in it. …

Let's try someting new. Here is Chapter one of Space Cadets.

New idea in the form of an experiment. I am going to attempt to write the next Athena Lee Universe Novel in the form of 1 chapter segments in place of the short stories each week. When i get 10 chapters I'll finish the book.


Space Cadets; Book 2 of the Athena Lee Universe
Chapter 1

“Stay calm. Stay calm.”  Lieutenant Deanna Faber muttered to herself under her breath. If anyone was even listening they chose to not comment. Deanna, Dean to her friends, was a tall, striking, brunette. She was new to Freedom Station and a recent graduate of the Officers Candidate school.

She gripped her carry bag even tighter as she passed a group of Engineering ensigns. Nodding to them she smiled. They returned her smile and started to straighten up to attention. A small wave from her and they stood down. Dean’s uniform tabs showed that she was a bridge officer. It was the tabs themselves that made this task so hard. She was about to betray everything she swore an oath to not …

The Forgotten Engineer is a Year old!

If you live in the United States here is your chance for a free Book. Only 40 are available! 

Unfortunately, the Giveaway is now over. Here is a list of the winners. I hope everyone enjoyed the book! 

Loretta OwensTom ElrodTracie TravoliLoriSarahRebecca WodickaSean PrestonRobert S BarronKimberlee SmithJohn J Merlinojames kuriharaDenise ClementsC.D. Martin-RiveraJonandrewTabitha A DicksTheresa BarberThavy LiburdWheatonjohnWayne TrippBonnie MallenRobert BlackburnladawnFaricha LewingDean AgnewLinda CulbersonDebbie NelsonJack W McCoyMarilyn HastingsChristopher ForresterROBERT GONZALEZSeth KuykendallgwenElizabeth Brightwelldianakellie thomasLisa Mitchelljoseph mollKat LindRobertRobert Hobson JrNipa JhaveriAngela BaileyDoug McMillanDeirdrea MaciasJerry RoosDaveMacStewart LaughlinCarol Ann Duffy Deady

Conjuring Quantico is now Available in Audio!

Fergus has an Origin story!

Ever wonder where he came from or the life he lived before getting involved with Witches? There is a new Anthology that answers that very question. He had a life and a love before it was all snatched away. This answers those burning questions and more!

Check Cupids Bow out here!

New Barn for Fergus

Everyone love the little Unicorn and I am constantly looking for inspiration at toy stores and flea markets. Barn's that Moo are a thing of the past. My mother threw mine away a long time ago, so I've been looking for one. The original company that made them doesn't anymore. But I did find this Barn at a local store the other day. I found what I can use as a Fergus (Armor is removable) a few weeks ago, too. Together they make a good model of the Mini Unicorn from my books.

My wife thinks I'm insane for having it on my desk but it gives me inspiration.