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I just had my 3000 th Page View! thanks to all my Readers

Here is an update of Book 6 and a small Snippet!

I got a little behind on my writing this week. I had family visiting and was unable to write more than a few words. The new book is just a tiny bit off schedule and still should be out mostly on time. I don't have a title yet, but I do have artwork that I will post when I get the title. Here is a little taste of things to come.....

“Sir, we have a serious problem!”

“Julius what is it Now? I am very busy here. The Navy is really pushing hard to get those new heavy cruisers allocated. We need tell our contacts to stall as much as possible. The new military budget should but the kibosh on that.”

“Sir, I just got word through our contact in the Colonial office. The Hong Kong system rebelled against Governor Norton and declared independence, per clause 35 in the Empire Charter! They arrested Norton and his aide on charges of mass murder and corruption!”

“WHAT! What did that idiot Norton do this time! How bad is this ?”

“It’s really bad Senator. Norton ordered the ESS to put down a farmer protest. About 20,000 farmers and supporters marched to the Sector Government offices to protest. The ESS opened fire and killed about half odd them. The local Militia shot down the ESS troopships then captured the Station and arrested Norton.”

The Senator sank into his chair. He buried his face in his hands for a moment. “By the Gods, what a cock-up! Tell me he followed orders and locked the sector communication grid down before his arrest.”

His aide pursed his lips and gave a slight shake of his head. “Not exactly sir. Norton locked the system down, but somehow a local news broadcast made it out along with a message from the ‘local’ government to spread the word. We only know about it because one of the ‘groups’ freighter's intercepted the message and sent a courier to us.” He glanced at his boss. Bracing himself he finished, “It is a pretty good bet that it made it out, Sir. I have heard from my contacts that about half the other systems surrounding Hong Kong have recalled their Senators and are protesting Norton’s actions.”

The Senator grew pale. “What a freaking nightmare! Wait….you said that he was arrested? Him and his aide?”

“Yes, Sir. The report I was given was that they were both alive and being held for trial.”

“Damn it! Check in with the ‘Wardens’ they need to know anyway. How much did Norton know?”

“Sir, must I talk to those,..people. Can’t I just send a message?”

“I know that they can be a little frightening but You have done nothing wrong. Everything with them must be done face-to-face.” The Senator paused. “You didn’t answer my question, what did Norton know?”

The aide shivered at the thought of even talking to the ‘Wardens of the Gate’, the protectors of the Cabal. “Sir, Norton was part of the pirate initiate. I think he received the latest updates so he may know everything but the inner files. His aide, Cole Whittier, he knows all the small details. He was the Governors financial aide. He can link the Cabal, to Norton.”

The Senator really hated incompetence. “Get our people on it, target the both of them before it is too late. Be sure to issue the other collateral damage orders too. We need to stay on top of this. Involving the Wardens would be…messy. Get to work!”

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This is what happens when I try to write. Giant Attack cats come and stand on me.

Now I am covered in orange and white hair. This is Merlin the Cat by the way.

Here's a short Snippet From the New Book! Book 6

Not sure of the title yet, But I do Have Artwork that I will post before long. Here is a little taste, this hasn't been sent to the editor yet so excuse me if you catch a typo.

Inspired by Wilson, I put the twins in charge of the flight bays. My sister Minerva, the station head, had assigned a  few maintenance chiefs and some of the older war veteran crew members to give them a hand. The two look-alike young women had gotten a new admiration for the high speed of a fighter pilot. I guess I should thank Wilson for that. He did give them a ride they would not soon forget. It was either that or the swath the two were cutting through the pilots. They both had a hard time saying no to the cocky space jockey’s. They were a couple of little heart breakers.

Legation Station was officially assigned one Navy squadron of the newest space fighters. None of the Militia pilots had the advanced skills to pilot one however. We did have a remote control module, that when installed made the fighters un-piloted drones. The Militia had recruited a group of hot shot speed demon air car and taxi drivers to pilot those ships. Using computer interfaces they would ‘pilot’ from the relatively safe confines of the station. My own personal opinion was that if Wilson, my AI could pilot all of them by himself, then these ‘kids’ would be OK. The conversation that Wilson and I had following his admission to the practical joke he had played concerning the fighters was not pretty. I am not sure if he truly believes the threats that I have made to him, but he has been on his best behavior lately. He apologized to the ‘Twins” or the Double D’s as he called them. He laughed when he called them that. There is a joke there somewhere but my knowledge of the 20th century is lacking.

Besides the Navy fighters, we had Minerva’s former squadron quartered on the Station. The Silver Valkyries were made up of surplus Sky Sharks. Although not in command of the squadron anymore, Minerva kept her personal Starfury Mark IV on the station. The Militia had been very lucky to acquire the Sky sharks.The planets other squadron, made up of Fuglies, had returned to patrols on the far side of the planet. One of the tasks laid before Chief Engineer Tad was to build the Militia more fighters. In this corner of the galaxy, new fighters were a rarity, planets had to rely on Fuglies or armed freighters for defense. Pirate attacks were very common out here. Our intelligence group had uncovered the fact that the pirate attacks were not random, but part of an organization called the Cabal’s plan. This and other bits of information had helped to further the resolve of our planet’s leaders. This planet would no longer stand with the Empire. We would dissolve our relationship and go it alone, sort of.

The Revolution that I helped to start on Hong Kong, had spread to several of our surrounding neighboring systems. Many, agricultural planets like ours, were suffering under the yoke of corrupt and criminal Sector Governors.

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I'm not Crazy. Canadians and FSM do go together!

Is worshiping a Flying Spaghetti Monster a religion? That's the $16,000 question

The Quebec government has spent more than $16,000 to determine if wearing a strainer on your head while dressing like a pirate and worshiping a giant Flying Spaghetti Monster is a religion.
On October 22, 2015 the Quebec Transport Ministry commissioned a study to determine if the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster or Pastafarianism is a justifiable request for religious accommodation.
The contract was given to UQAM professor Louis Rousseau at the request of Quebec Justice Minister Stéphanie Vallée.
Nathalie Roy, CAQ MNA for Montarville, was not impressed.
"Paying $16,000 for a study looking at whether wearing a pirate costume is a religion is simply irresponsible, and it is another waste of public funds" Roy said.
The study is part of a story that dates back to the summer of 2014.
Montrealer Isabelle Narayana took the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) to court after she was told she could not wear a pasta strainer or pirate hat in her driver's license photo. She claimed to belong to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and should be afforded the same rights and exceptions that apply to Muslim women.
Not only was Narayana denied in Superior Court, but Judge Stéphane Sansfaçon called the lawsuit a waste of time and court resources.
"The worst part of all this, is that the government commissioned this nonsensical study after the Superior Court had already noted the obvious frivolity of the case" Roy said.
The Minister of Transport defended the study, saying had the court not decided the case was a joke the Ministry had no defence, which would have led to pirate hats in driver's license photos across the province.
Roy still blames the government for not setting proper guidelines on religious accommodation, adding not long after the incident at the SAAQ the same woman was allowed to renew her Medi-Care card at the CLSC in Ville-Émard in her pirate costume.
Roy noted that it was Justice Minister Stéphanie Vallée who tabled the government's religious neutrality bill in June of 2015, but it has been left on the back burner and deemed low priority.
Pastafarianism is a recognized religion in Poland, the Netherlands and in New Zealand, where Pastafarian officiants are even allowed to perform weddings. The first legally recognized Pastafarian wedding took place on April 16, in New Zealand complete with a Lady and the Tramp styled first kiss.
On April 12, a US Federal Court ruled that the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is not a real religion.

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Check out the last snippet before the New Book comes out later this week!

My new book Insurrection will be out on Amazon later this week. Check out the last snippet before launch.

“Sir, we are picking up a broadcast from the planetary government.”

“The planetary government? Not the Sector one?”

“Yes, sir. It is directed to any outbound ships with a request to rebroadcast if possible.”

“Can you put on screen? Lets see this broadcast. The planetary government doesn’t do anything.”

Looking at the main screen the captain watched a planetary newscast of farmers with their families peacefully marching to oppose the new government taxes. The sheer amount of people in the march was shocking to him. Were there really that many people even on the planet to begin with? The screen had those officers on the bridge’s undivided attention. When the ESS troops opened fire, Captain Pigot jerked back in shock. They watched in horror as thousand of unarmed civilians were cut down and killed. The slaughter, for that was what it was, continued for over 30 minutes. The images of that heroic man trying to protect the children would stay with him his whole life.

 The newscast switched to a written message begging for anyone receiving this to rebroadcast it so the truth would be known. The broadcast claimed that the Sector government was locking down the satellites preventing messages from going out.

“Communications? Start scanning all frequencies. Try and find some government response to this or any official new if you can.”

“Yes, sir, right away sir.”

The captain closed his eyes, deep in his thoughts, he missed the brief conversation between the XO, navigation and weapons officers.

“Excuse me, sir? Communications has found a Government Broadcast.” The XO touched the captain on his arm waking him up.

Opening his eyes, the captain jerked awake. “Sorry XO I guess I dozed off. What was it you were saying?”

“Captain, we received a Government broadcast.”

“Excellent. Put it on screen, please.”

Once again the screen lit up and different newscasters were seen. This news report was very different from the previous one. According to Government sources, the protest was a violent insurrection that has touched off a civil war on the planet Hong Kong. Rebel forces opposing the government killed the brave ESS troops that tried to prevent mobs or protesters from killing innocent children. The video showed a space battle with local forces shooting down ESS troopships. The Sector Government was calling for all navy ships to return to base to help to put down this insurrection.

“Did we receive any navy messages to return to base?” Captain Pigot asked the communication officer.

“No, sir. Not that we can find. Nothing official. There are some personal mail messages and the usual navigational beacon changes. One brief message mentions the satellite network going down for repairs. Nothing else, sir.”

“Thank you commander. Go ahead and log those messages. Notify me if you find anything else. I will be in my Ready Room XO you have the conn.” The captain got up from his chair and left the bridge.

....Glad you enjoyed the new Snippet from book 5 Insurrection.  Don't forget to catch the New Wilson Wednesday short story this Wednesday.  4/20/16

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Here is a little taste of the new, upcoming Book 5 -Insurrection

New Snippet! Here is a small taste of Insurrection. Look for it Next Week!

 Kneeling before him were two ‘cowards’ who ran from the enemy. Both men were clutching their bleeding hands tightly against their chests. “Next time, if there is a next time, I will cut off something a little lower for my collection. Get out of my sight and back to work!”

He looked at his navigator ‘Lieutenant’  Allendale. “Allen-a-dale, how far until we reach Legation Station?”

“We should be in communication range in 12 hours and within sight of the the station in 24 sir.”

“Good, good. So far things are going to plan. What do you say about that Jenna?” He looked toward the woman at the weapons station.

Jenna the Butcher was wanted on at least ten worlds. She was a known  cannibal having been caught by local authorities ‘feeding the homeless to the hungry’ at her husband’s butcher shop. Of the husband nothing was ever found. Tried and convicted of mass murder she had been sent to the prison world on Rustof 3 to serve a life sentence. En route to the prison the ship carrying her and 350 others was waylaid by pirates. Since her release she had been spotted on various worlds buying spices and cooking utensils.

“I still say we should keep this ship, park it on a moon somewhere and have a big barbecue.” She smiled, her sharp pointed teeth, gleamed in the dim light.

“Jenna, Jenna, you know who is boss here right? This job will bring us closer to this sector governor. With him backing us we can do anything! Get away with anything. You can practice your culinary delights without fear of prosecution. Won’t that be fun? Now, put the caps back on your teeth, I think you are scaring young Carson here.” Alvin patted the young looking ‘ensign’ on his back. “So, Carson? Have you broken into the captain’s computer system yet?”

“No, sir. Not yet. He has the newer military protections on it. I did get into the communication system back up system, though. He did send some kind of message from that satellite. It is using a protocol I have never seen before.”

“Keep working on it Carson. We need whatever leverage we can get against this Governor Norton. Make sure you have something tangible before we get there or I will let Jenna here take you out for lunch.”  He smiled at the computer wonk. “Someone find McCoy and tell him to take over here. I’m going to see what is going on with the navy.”

Alvin gathered his bodyguards and left the bridge.

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Here is the first Snippet of the upcoming Book 5 of the Athena Lee Series! Insurrection

Check out the first new snippet from Book 5, Insurrection.    Due out later this month!


The three old friend and shipmates met for dinner in the Captains private dinning room. Commander Tadeusz Kościuszko the Chief Engineer was the first to arrive. Know as Tad to his friends, the commander was a large strapping man in his mid 50’s. He was a proud graduate of the Kraków school on planet Warsaw. He and the Captain had been on the old Jupiter. Dr Zack Smith was a curmudgeonly older man with short thinning hair. He gave as good as he got and was the one that you wanted with you when the fire was the hottest. On the Jupiter, the three of them had all been just starting out their careers. The Jupiter was an old Gemini class cruiser. The twelfth to be built. The three officers had participated in many adventures before the war. Fate had put them together on this ship. Well that and a case of scotch to the personnel clerk at HQ.

“This dinner is a bit out of the blue, Hugh,” remarked Commander Kościuszko.

“I agree with that, I’m not complaining. But just why did you bring us here tonight?” The Dr. turned and looked at his old friend.

The Captain stroked his mustache and looked to his old friends. “Have either of you noticed anything funny or unusual about out new crew replacements?”

“Funny ha ha or funny strange? Is that what you mean?” The old engineer was now focused on the Captain. “If you mean funny strange I agree with you. Something is not right about the crew that we picked up. They know how to do their jobs but something is off.”

The Dr looked at his old friends. “Fine. Yes there is something. I have run a few physicals and treated a few for minor injuries. I have noticed some things. Tattoo’s. They seem to all have quite a few. While not unusual they try to hide them. That alone makes them unusual. The other thing would be scars. They have lots of them too. Far too many for some of their ages and ranks. One crewman, a member of the hanger crew I think, had a colony prison implant. He explained it away saying it was from a juvenile offense. Since him though, none of the new crew has been to see me.”

“Just between the three of us and the walls. By the way I scanned the room for bugs.” He had their attention now. “I sent a covert message to fleet during the recent course change. While the orders to change the crew came from the fleet, I am starting to not believe it.” He watched the faces of his oldest friends. “Other than you two, I really only trust Lieutenant Mutai our marine commander. He and his men have been with us before all of the changes.”

“Hugh, let’s get that marine up here then. Why waste time?”

The Captain stepped out of the room and whispered to his lone security guard. “Can you have your lieutenant come up here to a private meeting? Is there a way so it does not go out on the radio?”

The marine guard looked at the captain sharply and then nodded. He held up one finger in acknowledgment. Tapping the radio communicator at his collar the marine muttered a few word and letters to his security net “duty nco to lima tango RFI zoomie charlie delta romeo possible QRF.” The marine cocked his head to one side as if listening. He then said “wilco.” Turning to the captain he held up two fingers. Two minutes. The Captain went back into the dining room.

Almost exactly two minutes had passed when after a faint knock the door reopened. The marine Lieutenant Kinno Mutai entered the room. Sir’s he said coming to attention.

“At easy lieutenant. Thank you for your prompt response.”

“How could I not with that really smart message you sent. I take it this meeting is about the mercenary company that we have on board?”  The marine lieutenant looked at the officers speculatively.

“Damn. I never thought of that. Mercs, are you sure Kinno?”

“Yes sir. One of my guys spotted a tattoo on one of the replacements and brought it to my attention. It was a round disc with a man’s profile on it and the letters BP on the bottom.”

The captain slumped his shoulders and sighed. “Really? Someone doesn’t like us. That is the symbol of the Bad Penny Clan.”

“Who are the bad pennies?” The Dr  asked.

The engineer mouthed to the lieutenant, “what’s a penny?”

“The Bad Pennies are a pirate gang.” Nodding his head slowly/ “That explains how they know how to operate ships but don’t know navy procedure or terminology.  I can’t believe that fleet put them on board us.”

“Could the orders have been faked?” asked the lieutenant.

“No they had the authentication that they were genuine.” Thinking for a moment. “All of our orders go through the Sector Government first. I must be someone in those offices that changed the orders.”

“Sir, I think they intend to take the ship.”

Thoughts, Comments, or additions you might like?

I'm looking for YOUR input for the Wilson Wednesday stories. While I have a great many of them planned I can alway use a new idea or three. Is there some situation or event that YOU  think would be funny. Maybe  a favorite Pop-culture refrence that you would like to see in a book or story? I am open to suggestions. My wife thinks I am insane most of the time. When I write I will sometimes start "giggling" in the middle of a paragraph. Help me out.  Drop me a line by commnenting on this post, signing up to this blog (over there on the right column)  or catching me on facebook.

Just as an  Update book 5 is already under way I am just about done with chapter 2.
  Later   ~ Scott

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One last Snippet before the New Book comes out later this week

Here is a little taste to hold you over until later this week. Look for the new book, Revolutionary to be out mid week.  Check this out.....

The ‘base’ already had anti-terrorism defensive measures like explosive barriers and blast shielding. His men had dug in some machine gun nests and put snipers up at key locations. The rear of the base was a sheer cliff with impassable ravines on all sides. There was no possible way for troops or vehicles to attack from that direction. His biggest worry was a frontal attack or an air assault.

“Sir, our spotters on the road have detected a column of vehicles approaching. They should be within range of us in about an hour.” Thanking his troop the Captain went to the makeshift command center they had created. The map on the wall showed where the vehicles had been spotted. Thankfully the local militia only had small arms and fighter aircraft. Empire law forbid heavy weapons like artillery and tanks. He and his men should have no problems holding this spot until the station could send help.

It was the explosion that changed that idea. A very large BOOM came from inside the compound. Rushing outside the Captain witnessed his two anti-aircraft batteries blowing up scattering flaming debris and live ammo everywhere.

The Captain began yelling to his troops, “we are under attack! Get into position.” There must be advance troops out there that the spotters missed. His men came running out of the barracks and jumped into the defensive trenches they had dug. The trench on the left exploded into flame, several of his men staggered out of the inferno on fire. They tried to crawl to safety but the combination of diesel fuel and thermite melted their bodies as it they had been made of wax. Horrified by what had happened to his men he missed the fact that the fuel truck was out of position and close to the gate. When it blew, the gate was shredded and now burning fuel had turned his defenses into cinders. The rest of his men, too afraid to use the trenches were taking up position inside the barracks and other buildings.

High above the ESS troops,  up on the water tower, sat Sergeant Yannos. His group had infiltrated the compound and taken up position. All it had taken was a few pounds of explosive to freak those boys out.

Check out the New Cover for Book 4 ~ Revolutionary

I just got my new book cover back from the designer. The artwork was done by this really cool Digital artist named Scott Richard Check out his stuff on Deviant Art .   

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A shout out of Thanks to my International Readers

All three of my books are now on the Best Seller lists. I want to thank everyone who has read the books and liked it. I get lots of visits from people all over the world. It is a wonderful thing that Science Fiction is universal in any language. Thank you

Je vous remercie 
go raibh maith agat, 

 Dziękuję Ci
 hvala ti
 If I got a language wrong I apologize I use the power of Google