Friday, April 15, 2016

Here is a little taste of the new, upcoming Book 5 -Insurrection

New Snippet! Here is a small taste of Insurrection. Look for it Next Week!

 Kneeling before him were two ‘cowards’ who ran from the enemy. Both men were clutching their bleeding hands tightly against their chests. “Next time, if there is a next time, I will cut off something a little lower for my collection. Get out of my sight and back to work!”

He looked at his navigator ‘Lieutenant’  Allendale. “Allen-a-dale, how far until we reach Legation Station?”

“We should be in communication range in 12 hours and within sight of the the station in 24 sir.”

“Good, good. So far things are going to plan. What do you say about that Jenna?” He looked toward the woman at the weapons station.

Jenna the Butcher was wanted on at least ten worlds. She was a known  cannibal having been caught by local authorities ‘feeding the homeless to the hungry’ at her husband’s butcher shop. Of the husband nothing was ever found. Tried and convicted of mass murder she had been sent to the prison world on Rustof 3 to serve a life sentence. En route to the prison the ship carrying her and 350 others was waylaid by pirates. Since her release she had been spotted on various worlds buying spices and cooking utensils.

“I still say we should keep this ship, park it on a moon somewhere and have a big barbecue.” She smiled, her sharp pointed teeth, gleamed in the dim light.

“Jenna, Jenna, you know who is boss here right? This job will bring us closer to this sector governor. With him backing us we can do anything! Get away with anything. You can practice your culinary delights without fear of prosecution. Won’t that be fun? Now, put the caps back on your teeth, I think you are scaring young Carson here.” Alvin patted the young looking ‘ensign’ on his back. “So, Carson? Have you broken into the captain’s computer system yet?”

“No, sir. Not yet. He has the newer military protections on it. I did get into the communication system back up system, though. He did send some kind of message from that satellite. It is using a protocol I have never seen before.”

“Keep working on it Carson. We need whatever leverage we can get against this Governor Norton. Make sure you have something tangible before we get there or I will let Jenna here take you out for lunch.”  He smiled at the computer wonk. “Someone find McCoy and tell him to take over here. I’m going to see what is going on with the navy.”

Alvin gathered his bodyguards and left the bridge.

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