Monday, February 29, 2016

New book is almost ready!!

I hope that everyone is ready because the editing process is almost done. I'm getting with one of my editor's tomorrow to hammer out the last edits of  Engineering Murder. Such fun! I really enjoyed writing this one. It should go up on Amazon THIS WEDNESDAY NIGHT! So by Thursday morning It will be ready to read! I hope you enjoy it. Just so you know i started writing Book 3 this afternoon.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

New Snippet! Book 2 -Enginnering Murder is set to drop next weekend!

Here is another snippet from Engineering Murder!  Enjoy

The shipyard asteroid base had a large civilian area. I went to the mall and window shopped for a while. I ended my day sitting in a casual bar. A pretty good house band was playing and I enjoyed their music. A nice looking man sat down next to me. I looked closer at him and saw that he was the bands main singer. “Did you enjoy our music?” Telling him I did, he relaxed. “What's your bands name? I came in too late to catch that part.” “We call ourselves the Cavaliers.” “Where are you from?” Saying he was from Hong Kong, we sat and talked a bit. It was nice to talk to someone non-military about regular things. His band mates came up from time to time to introduce themselves and get drinks. They all had very strange musician names like: Pinky, Rawhide, and Perfect Tom. My new friend said his name was Buck. After a little while I excused myself and got up to leave. As I left, I turned to the group and said “ Nice talking with you, I'll come back another time, maybe you should change the name of your band to the Hong Kong Cavaliers. It has a better ring to it.”

Saturday, February 27, 2016

I just finished the main part of Book 2 Engineering Murder! Now comes the editing for content and proofreading. I hope to have it out and live by next weekend. Stay tuned!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Working with my Cover designer  there is a name for the new book. It will be called Engineering Murder and here is the new cover!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Here's an  update on Book 2.
               8k in word have been written, 6 chapters complete
               About 6 more chapters to go, then the editing process
                Books should be out by the second week of March, I hope.
Ok guy and girls Here is a little snippet from the next book:

“Ensign Lee, my name is Lt Commander Smith, I am the Admiral's legal attache. I regret to inform you that you will stand for formal charges of Mutiny, desertion in the face of the enemy, insubordination, and murder when we dock. Any deals that the Admiral has made with you are now Null and void by order of Governor John Wayne Buckley, sector 12 governor of the Empire of Humanity.” “Commander, can he do that? I'm not in your military. Hell, I was declared dead for the last fifteen years. How does being left alone in a far off sector by your own military become desertion?” “Ensign, the Admiral and I think that this is in retaliation for Captain Buckley's death. The captain was the Governor's nephew. Unless something happens to change things, you are going to stand trial.”
As of this morning:

The Forgotten Engineer -The Chronicles of Athena Lee book 1

 My new book The Forgotten Engineer went live the week on Amazon 
  Ensign Athena Lee was on her first engineering assignment. She was helping to build a secret space station. There was a war on and this new station was vital. When the engineering fleet was attacked and destroyed she was left lost and alone. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. She was going to have to Engineer her way home.