Sunday, February 28, 2016

New Snippet! Book 2 -Enginnering Murder is set to drop next weekend!

Here is another snippet from Engineering Murder!  Enjoy

The shipyard asteroid base had a large civilian area. I went to the mall and window shopped for a while. I ended my day sitting in a casual bar. A pretty good house band was playing and I enjoyed their music. A nice looking man sat down next to me. I looked closer at him and saw that he was the bands main singer. “Did you enjoy our music?” Telling him I did, he relaxed. “What's your bands name? I came in too late to catch that part.” “We call ourselves the Cavaliers.” “Where are you from?” Saying he was from Hong Kong, we sat and talked a bit. It was nice to talk to someone non-military about regular things. His band mates came up from time to time to introduce themselves and get drinks. They all had very strange musician names like: Pinky, Rawhide, and Perfect Tom. My new friend said his name was Buck. After a little while I excused myself and got up to leave. As I left, I turned to the group and said “ Nice talking with you, I'll come back another time, maybe you should change the name of your band to the Hong Kong Cavaliers. It has a better ring to it.”

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