Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Book 2 of Jack Dalton, Monster Hunter is now available

The world changed. Those that were hidden can now be seen, and humanity is frightened.

The year is 1959, and Jack Dalton is the new Director of the FBI’s Magical Division. It’s his job to police the new breed of Paranormals loose inside the United States. But how is a lone human going to do that? What sort of moxie does it take to load your guns and charge into battle against creatures that even the Gods fear?

If it bleeds, it dies. Prepare yourself for the universe’s newest action hero.

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Haven't read part one yet? Get it HERE

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Book Two of the Badger Hole Bar by Taki Drake is now Available

Chaos and confusion. The tidal wave of tension before release.

The Badger Hole Bar is having its Grand Opening. Madrik and his new team have been frantic. Trying to get everything ready in time is hard enough, but there are problems. 

Of course, it might help if the BHB would stop rearranging the architecture, or no new emergencies came up. Since that would be an impossible situation, they will just have to do what they can and leave the rest to fate, luck, or whatever. 

That just leaves one main worry...

What if no one comes?

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There will be many more to come.......

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

It's time for Free Wednesday!

Free Fiction on the 3rd Wednesday of the Month. 

Free Fiction to read every Month on the 3rd Wednesday. 

Did you Miss it? It's Still for sale everywhere. You can get it HERE. 

 Each month there will be another Serial Issue released on the First of the Month for Sale and for free, here on the third Wednesday.  Ten books in all are planned. 

Book Two is in pre-order but can be purchased HERE

Snippet time! Here's a little something from Taki Drake.

<<Unedited>>  This is from a soon to be released part of the Badger Hole Bar

Agatha watched Fergus as he danced around on the floor, darting among the boots of spacemen and the softer shoes of the nonmilitary types that were drinking in the Badger Hole Bar. At first, she had no idea why he was traveling such a labyrinth pathway but then realized something. Shadowing him and carefully staying about three feet away was the spiderkat. The creature seemed obsessed with Fergus. And her Familiar knew it.
Even knowing that Fergus could not be permanently harmed by the creature, Agatha had started to rise from her chair to go to his rescue when the short, Mongolian-looking man sitting next to her put his hand lightly on her forearm.
“No harm will come to your partner. Clingon is interested and intrigued. He will do no harm although I think they are both playing a game.”
Agatha stopped moving and looked at the man, saying, “All right, I guess I can stop worrying. It is just that I’m not used to him running around in a crowd of people like this.”
“Perhaps, it is that he feels the same sense of safety here that most of us feel.”
“He has been safe before and hasn’t acted like this. I was just worried about why he was acting so strangely.”
The man made a tight, twisted grimace that the young witch could not interpret and settled a bit deeper into his seat. Cocking his head and looking carefully at Agatha, he said, “Some of it also may be a difference in perceptions and acceptance. Here, he is not an oddity but simply his own being. He is not the weirdest or most outrageous being in the room, so he does not stand out. Also, he sees that all that come here are accepted as who they are without judgment.”
Agatha had opened her mouth to say something and stopped. Thinking about what the man had said, she realized that Fergus was always “her” familiar. Very seldom was he treated as his own person. A flash of guilt ran through her as she realized that in some ways she treated Fergus as if he was only an extension of her rather than a fully separate being. It is too easy to start thinking that way, she thought to herself.
Turning her eyes back to the unicorn, she saw that he was now up on the game table next to one of the card players. The table had been full of card players for the entire time that Agatha and Fergus had been in the bar, rotating people as they came and went. It was in a shadowed back corner, an island of ordered interaction that seemed to absorb any attempt to disrupt it.
Barely visible in the subtle lighting, the spiderkat clung to the wall less than six feet from the table. His glowing eyes tracked the blue-maned unicorn, and his tail twitched with every movement that Fergus made.
Fergus was intently watching the hand of one of the players, silent but alert. That in itself was weird enough that Agatha started once more to go check on him. The gentle hand on her forearm stopped her again.
Looking from the hand up to its owner’s face, she asked the short, yellow-skinned man, “Is it something that you wanted?”
Desperately praying that he was not hitting on her, Agatha was surprised when he said, “Yes. I understand that you are here partially to explore some options for training and education, just like your friend Zhanna.”
Relieved, Agatha responded, “Yes, my responsibilities at home are changing, and it has been very made very plain to me that while I have good power in my magic and have been trained in certain areas of knowledge, that I need more of both. If I am to not let my team down, I need to develop different skills and also train my magic use for different tactical solutions.”
“Then I am correct in that your objectives are to broaden your understanding of strategy and increase your skills of field command. Yes?”
“Yes, mostly. I am not in a mercenary position, nor am I really dealing with large strategic battles. However, I need to understand how to manage and deploy my team in conflict situations, and I don’t think that I am the best I can be right now.”
Just then the cheerful waitress zoomed over to the table and flashed them a big smile.
Agatha couldn’t help smiling back at her, and she noticed that her companion was also responding with a small grin. The warmth and caring that radiated off the waitress was something that no one seemed to resist. Agatha felt her body relaxing for the first time in a long time, and she took a deep breath.
The waitress asked, “Time for refills?”
When both Agatha and her companion nodded their heads in agreement, the waitress, whose name was Wynn, asked, “Same thing for both of you?”
Once again, Wynn got their nods of acceptance, and with the speed of a darting bee, the woman was off at a run back to the bar for their drinks. Calling ahead to the bartender as she moved, the woman announced, “Brechal, I need a refill on white wine and a tankard of Arkhi!”
Agatha still had a smile on her face when she turned back to her companion. It suddenly occurred to her that she didn’t even know the man’s name. Unsure about how to ask him tactfully, the young witch just bumbled through it, face red in embarrassment. “I am terribly sorry, but I don’t know your name. My name is Agatha
The man smiled, and said, “Most of my friends call me Subu or Wardog. You may choose what you prefer.”

Don't forget to pick up the first book in the series as well.

Now's your chance to get Double Cross for $0.99!

Smuggling isn’t for everyone. 

The crew of the Rossi are some of the best smugglers around, able to move almost anything a client could imagine. Only this time, they’ve accepted a job from a mysterious, unknown client. Risky? Yes. Worth it? They hope so!
In a universe fraught with danger and war, what could possibly go wrong? Just about everything. A crew member’s been kidnapped and everyone they encounter seems to be their enemy. 

Will Captain Dodge and her crew survive their latest mission?

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

The New Jack Dalton is up in Pre-order

The world changed. Those that were hidden can now be seen, and humanity is frightened.

The year is 1959, and Jack Dalton is the new Director of the FBI’s Magical Division. It’s his job to police the new breed of Paranormals loose inside the United States. But how is a lone human going to do that? What sort of moxie does it take to load your guns and charge into battle against creatures that even the Gods fear?

If it bleeds, it dies. Prepare yourself for the universe’s newest action hero.

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and don't forget about Book 1 in the series. 

Saturday, February 17, 2018

New Book of the Week. Cupcakes, Cauldrons, & Cadavers

Naomi is one of my Mentees. She's a part of the Phoenix Prime writing group and a friend. We met for the first time recently in Las Vegas. this is one of her first Mysteries. But she has numerous planned for the genre. Check it out. 

Tired of living her life in the broom closet, Nova Bell left her old life behind. She's hoping that life in the charming town of Temperance, RI will let her live out her witchy ways in peace. Life was great until a man turned up dead at her favorite bakery.

Now, she has nowhere to satisfy her sweet tooth and a cupcake might be the culprit! The local police are getting nowhere. Nova has no choice but to dust off her cauldron and solve the case. With her brave dog by her side, Nova is willing to risk it all to reopen the Bewitching Bakery.

Enjoy the first book in the Witchy Bakery series!

Get it on Amazon HERE!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Get the newest book in the Smuggle Life series today!

Politics can complicate ANYTHING.

Rea and the crew of the Rossi are reeling from their last mission. This next one is supposed to be simple, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. One thing after another goes wrong.

Dirty politics and sleazy people get in their way no matter where they turn. Facing injustice and witnessing abuse is just the tip of the iceberg of corruption that they must fight.

Will Rea and the Rossi get off New Philly in one piece?

Or will they be stuck there forever?

Get it today on Amazon!  

And don't forget Book 1 if you haven't read it yet! 

Sunday, February 4, 2018

New book out in the Familiar Magic series!

Home is where they have to take you in. Right?

After the drama and danger of her experience at the Familiar Trials, the White Persian, Princess TT is reluctantly heading for home. Dreading the reception that her no longer flawless form will invoke from her perfectionist witch, the cat is unsure of her welcome and frightened beyond measure.

Will her Witch surprise her? Or will the rejection that she fears pile more scars on her already battered 

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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Book of the Week. Fans Write! Fan fiction has a new venue

A multitude of Kurtherian Gambit Fans. Eight stories. One amazing book.

The Kurtherian fans have come together to create a book by the fans - for the fans. Step inside and take a peek at stories inspired by the wonderful world of the KGU. 
The Kurtherian Universe Expands, by Micky Cocker
A poem to kick introduce our collection of stories
Holi’s Savior, by N.D. Roberts
On the alien world Castellegia, brave young Holi fights for the survival of her ragged band of orphans. Who will save them from the green-eyed mutants who stalk the night? Justice calls upon Castellegia at the moment all is lost for Holi.
A story of strength, determination, and the softer side of everybody's favorite benevolent dictator.  
Last Adventure First, by S.E. Weir 
Phina just wants to be a spy and use her self-taught hacker skills to help the Etheric Empire. 
She embarks on one last adventure to try and make her best friend's wish come true. All it takes is a little B&E and some access pass forgery- no big deal for Phina's skills. 
But with a mystery man talking in her head and tracking her every move, and a confrontation with leaders of the Etheric Empire, Phina might get more than she bargained for.
Renegade,by Erika Everest
I am one of the Drakis, the enhanced warriors of our race. Our Gods have sent us to fight ignorance and injustice in the universe, and to bring peace and enlightenment instead.
On the planet I am assigned to, I meet a native who is not grateful for our help. In fact, she despises us for our interference. Her attitude challenges my entire worldview. Is my cause truly as noble as I have always believed? Or is it something more sinister?
And what are the God’s real intentions for the Drakis?
Sarah Jennifer’s First Samhain, By N.D. Roberts
How do you survive an eternity alone?
Sarah Jennifer Walton had it all. A family, a purpose, a husband. Not anymore. Loss has shaped her into a true nomad, wandering the country in a bid to outrun her pain. A chance encounter and a little magic could be the answer to Sarah Jennifer's prayers.
Set on the foundation of The Terry Henry Walton Chronicles this reconciles the past with the future, and a hidden destiny.
The Terrorist Within, by James Gartside
The Meredith Reynolds is a beacon of hope to many in the federation, but to one young girl it is a symbol of everything she wants to destroy.
Dark Savior, by Ian Nicholson
What will you do for the one you love?
How will you face your worst nightmares?
Something sinister is lurking in the dark of New York City, preying on those abandoned by society. Young runaway Adam tries to rescue his best friend, but he ends up caught as well. They have little time and no hope left. Because when monsters are real who can step up to fight them and set things right?
Till The End Comes, by James Gartside
The Kurtherians created them to fulfill a need. What happens if they are no longer needed? Do they face obliteration or freedom?

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Jack Dalton, Monster Hunter Book 1 is now available

The first book in a new Federal Witch serial series. 

In 1914 the world as we know it changed. Races of creatures came to be known as Paranormals were found to be living side-by-side among regular humans. Magic is real an Vampires do exist.

After four long years of grueling work, Cadet Jack Dalton is graduating from the FBI Academy. He unsuspectingly is called before not the superintendent of the school but J Edgar Hoover himself! His new Assignment? Take over and run the new Magical Division of the FBI. It sounds like a big job and major commitment. Too bad he only has one Agent under his command and that Agent is himself! 

Read the newest addition to the Federal Witch Universe of books. Jack Dalton, Monster Hunter.

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