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Happy New Year! Here is a Surprise Release for your Enjoyment! Cat's Night Out!

Catherine Moore, Cat to her friends, trained with her friend Agatha Blackmore to be the best FBI Agents to ever graduate from the Academy. When Agatha left for her Probi assignment Cat had one of her own. A serial killer stalked the South. Sometimes it takes a Monster to catch a Monster.

Read this and other Tales from the Federal Witch Universe today!

Personal Update. What I'm working on for the new year and beyond.

Time for an Update of what I'm working on at the moment.

My part of the Etheric Academy book is done and has been passed to the Editors and Michael Anderle to finish. With luck it will be ready and published by the end of December. I have the third part of Grandmother Blackmore almost finished for this weeks short story. I intend to begin writing Book 3 of the Federal Witch Series  - Special Agent in Charge, this weekend. It should be done mid to late January as already predicted. After that is the second Etheric Academy book which should take less time now that a system has been set up. Writing is hard by itself without even including another author in the mix.

   There are more Agatha books on the horizon. I just ordered four more book covers from my artist extraordinaire Heather Senter. This will be a busy year for me with four series to work on. Expect lots and lots of new books to read.

On a personal front I'm in the middle of a move to Florida for a change. We are sayi…

It's time for a Snippet from the Etheric Academy! Check out Number 04!

The Author's house was dark and the windows were still boarded up. Last time he gave me a gift. Would he do it again? I carefully climbed the steps and knocked on the door. Silence greeted me. I peered at the garage but it unlike last time was closed up and dark as well. As I stared at the house a light appeared in the window! Tossing a rock, I tried to gain the Author's attention but broke his window instead! The Author pulled up the window, but I noticed it got stuck…A couple of more shoves and I heard more glass tinkling and a pane fell out and shattered on the driveway. Oops? The Author stuck his head out of the window and found me soon enough, his eyes rolling in his head. “Seriously Scott?” He leaned out of the window and pointed to his right, “I mean, it isn’t like the fence isn’t that way?” He shut the window and I figured, why not? I made my way around the side of the house and went through the gate hoping the pixies would be nice.


Time for a Snippet! Who's Ready? Here is Snippet #03 from The Etheric Academy

I approached the door with a bit of apprehension this time. Last time the author barely spoke. The house looked different. The windows were covered and a new "TS PAUL WE DON'T LIVE HERE" sign graced the front door. The Author wouldn't keep me out for long this way! I peaked under the garage door, it was open a tiny crack.

There sat the Author's fancy car. He went nowhere without it and rumor was that it whispered sweet nothings to him while he drove.  I didn't care anything about that I just needed a snippet. The hordes knew where I lived now and climbing over the fence was out of the question. I jumped up on the porch and rang the doorbell. No Courage, No Results!

I heard a buzz, like a small battery operated motor was running. I looked down and saw the mail slot open, and a snippet connected to a plastic robot hand come out. The two pincers opened, the snippet dropped onto my foot. Reaching down, I grabbed the snippet and was about to turn away when the ma…

Time for a Snippet! Here is Snippet number 02 from the Etheric Academy!


The Etheric Academy Alpha Class  Snippet 02

Checking the list carefully Tina placed each item in the bag.
She really didn’t need to check. When her mom told her about her acceptance into the Etheric Academy she studied the information completely. The Etheric Academy was the brainchild of Queen Bethany Anne, Marcus, and two sisters that were rescued by the Guard several years ago. Her mom had introduced her to them at one of the regular dinners those inside the inner circle had occasionally. They had worked to overcome Michael’s mental suggestions to forget the battle they had been a part of, which was pretty miraculous for regular non-upgraded humans.
“Tina I don’t want you to go,” her brother admitted, playing with a pencil she had on a her desk. “You’ll get an invite too, Todd. We took the same tests together.” Tina’s brother was only now starting to come around to the fact that this was it.
Their future was in space.
He looked up to her, “I’ll miss you.”
Smiling at her brother, …

More Ghost of Noodlemass Past

Ghosts of Noodlemass Past Is now Available! Get it for .99 cents. Availible in Kindle Unlimited too!

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The War with Earth looms over everything. It is overshadowing even Noodlemass, the Holiday Celebration of Athena Lee's planet. Refugees have no where to go and children are trapped out in the cold without shelter. The best solution is to use local Hotels to put them up for the winter. One problem with that. The owner won't sell or even lease.

What will Wilson and his gang of cybernetic heroes do to help?

 Wilson provides his unusual spin on a Christmas Classic!

How about a Snippet? Here is one from Ghosts of Noodlemass Past

“Bob I thought I told you to take care of this?” Old man Dickens waved his tablet at his lawyer.

“I shut down any effort that Colonel Lee had and the Governor’s office sent her a cease and desist notice. What is it now?”

“I don’t know, you deal with it.” The elderly man threw the tablet at the younger man.

The flying tablet just missed his head. If Bob didn’t know better he would think he was aiming at him. “This is a request from the Martian Government to lease the property.”

“They do? How much are they offering?”

“According to this, nothing. They are calling on you as an Alliance citizen to assist the war effort. They have promised to not damage the property and make good use of it.”

“Free? Why by all the Gods would I do something crazy like that? How does that even help me pay for the fraking thing? Stupid politicians. They just want more money as all. I’m going home.” Charles grabbed his hat and coat.

“Sir, about the rest of the day. Would it be possible for me to leave too? I need to g…

Are you Ready of the Tide? Get yours today!

Sometimes regret can burn brighter than the stars…

After watching as her world crumbled beneath her, Kearyn could only guess at what might come next. And she’s not alone. With an undetectable virus, one that spread across the planet’s surface, now making its way aboard the spacecraft meant to carry her into the unknown depths of space, Kearyn finds that the key to the knowledge of her uncertain future lies in the hands of an old acquaintance.

Join the fun as twenty-one Sci-fi authors take on the Chapter Relay Challenge. With each author contributing a single chapter, they take the dare to work together to create an intriguing, full-fledged novel with masterful precision.

Just in time for the Holidays. Now you can get The Federal Witch Books 0-2 in a single volume.

Now available the Prequel and books 1 & 2 of the Federal Witch in a single volume! 

This is not a New book in the Series. It is a Box Set.

As Promised! Here is the first Snippet for the Etheric Academy! Fresh from the Kutherian Master himself. Michael Anderle!

Alpha Class – Etheric Academy 01 – Snippet 01 of …Posted on December 5, 2016Author UNEDITED
QBBS Merideth Reynolds
Bethany Anne was eating in the common Cafeteria.  Her area was a little offset from most, allowing a few feet of extra space for her guards to react. Marcus, however,  wasn’t frisked before he approached her table, “My Queen,” she glared at him, “I mean Bethany Anne, may I have a moment?” Marcus Cambridge was a bit frantic, which got her attention right away.

She raised an eyebrow and set her tablet aside, “Marcus, what’s wrong?” She tried to avoid reading the minds of her oldest friends.

“What is this memo I just received about teaching a class?” He was holding out his tablet, shaking it, “I asked Bobcat but he was laughing too hard to tell me. Since it came from your office I came to you first.”

Smiling, she decided to break it to him ever so gently. “That is a reminder about the Etheric Academy. You are slated to be one of the primary instructors.”


Just in Time for the Holidays.

Big doings in the Kutherian Universe.

As I have stated a few times and listed in the new books, I'm Co-writing a new series with fellow Author Michael Anderle called The Etheric Academy Alpha Class book 1

The New Cover for it is now out for all to see. (there might be a few small changes to it but the artwork itself is done.)

Author Craig Martelle is working on a book with Michael too and his new cover was released today. Check it out.