Friday, December 2, 2016

Time for a Snippet. Another tiny taste from Ghosts of Noodlemass Past

“Athena I’m sorry that it didn’t work. Dickens has some serious contacts with the government here. I may run the military but everything else goes through the Governor’s office. They shot it down and sent Me a strongly worded message to not try an end run around them again.” Minerva stared at the image of her sister through the monitor. She looked sad at the news.

“Thanks Min. I’ll tell Dar.” Shaking her head Athena almost cried. “Doesn’t anyone here understand what is going on out there? They mean to erase us from the galaxy and all they can think about is tourism and profits!”

“They aren’t on the front lines, Athena. The previous wars weren’t like this one. You were in the last one and should know that. How is your fund-raising coming?”

“Slowly. We are a farming community. Not a lot of extra money is available. I have gotten many of the larger farms promise to take some of the older refugees as farm hands. They promise to add them to the ‘family’ of workers they already use.”

“That’s something at least.” Min signed a tablet one of her aides handed her.

“Every little bit helps. It’s the displaced children that need the most help.”

“I’ve talked to the Academy and they have promised me to take at least a hundred off your hands. We could use some new blood in our military.”

“Thanks again Min. We will struggle on. That hotel complex is still the best option we have. I’ve got a few feelers out on New Texas and Mars as well. Talk to you later.” The screen went black.

“Ma’am?” Minerva turned to look at her new technical expert.

“Yes Lina?” The young Ensign jumped at the use of her first name.

“I could dig into that man’s computers and find something that would help if you like. It’s not all that hard.”

Minerva shook her head. “We can’t do that Lina. Both the Senate and now the Governors office have me under the microscope over this mess now. Besides, what did I say to you about that sort of thing?”

The young girl hung her head. “This is the Military not a street gang. We don’t do things illegally unless its special operations.”

“Exactly, and even those people have rules. Oversight is everywhere. Now is you project complete?”

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