Wednesday, December 7, 2016

How about a Snippet? Here is one from Ghosts of Noodlemass Past

“Bob I thought I told you to take care of this?” Old man Dickens waved his tablet at his lawyer.

“I shut down any effort that Colonel Lee had and the Governor’s office sent her a cease and desist notice. What is it now?”

“I don’t know, you deal with it.” The elderly man threw the tablet at the younger man.

The flying tablet just missed his head. If Bob didn’t know better he would think he was aiming at him. “This is a request from the Martian Government to lease the property.”

“They do? How much are they offering?”

“According to this, nothing. They are calling on you as an Alliance citizen to assist the war effort. They have promised to not damage the property and make good use of it.”

“Free? Why by all the Gods would I do something crazy like that? How does that even help me pay for the fraking thing? Stupid politicians. They just want more money as all. I’m going home.” Charles grabbed his hat and coat.

“Sir, about the rest of the day. Would it be possible for me to leave too? I need to get the kids ready for church and the annual Noodlemass feast starts before I would normally leave.”

The old man scowled over the collar of his coat. “Leave? If you leave early I will dock your pay. Which would you prefer less credits or less time. Finish your work it will build your future. In my day work was more important than frivolous things like dinners and church things.” He put his had on his head and hobbled out the door still grumbling.

“Cranky old man.” Bob sat weighing the issue. He desperately needed the credits to help support the family, but he wanted to go to mass and see his kids performance in the church feast ritual. Screw it he thought to himself. Putting everything away he locked the doors and went home.

Silently the office robot janitor came to life in the storage bay and entered the offices. The console computers flickered to life as programs were accessed and files copied. The companies firewalls didn’t stand a chance against the AI onslaught.

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