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How about a Snippet? Here is a tiny taste of "Ghosts of Noodlemass Past"

I have never understood the need for humans to celebrate a season and an event that didn’t even take place on this planet. They call it Christmas. Which I find funny because actual Christians are a minority here. Within their own religions the people here call it Noodlemass or Yule. It only snows at the planet’s polar regions and those are almost inaccessible to most. Nevertheless, they celebrate the holiday. The colony ships are to blame for the whole thing. When they arrived they were on Earth time inside the ships. None of the colonists took the planets different revolutions around the sun into account when they set up the calendar. Even though it was faster and the days were much longer the clung to the old system. It was only after a hundred years of poor record keeping that they changed it to a much more manageable system. Landing day was the holiday that replaced “Thanksgiving” on the old calendars. The early Chinese colonists called it Westernization and changed it. That puzzl…

Guest Post. The Great Turkey Hunt!

My friends and Editors The D's (Diane and Dorene ) came into my life around book 5 of Athena Lee. They are some of the best parts of my life and my wife and I care very much for them. They are not writers per se but have enriched my life and that of dozens of fellow Authors. They wrote this for a bit of fun.

The Great Turkey Hunt.

November 18, 2016

The sun is out; my grocery list is ready, and this means what? It means I must sally forth and find that perfect sized turkey for sister and me. You know the one, not too big because after all, it's just the two of us, not too small or we won't have any leftovers and the best part - soup from scratch. It means that I must exhibit my butt in the air whilst I hang over the freezer and paw through large frozen turkeys mumbling obscenities. Someone will say “Geesh, lady, stop blocking the aisle.” 

Another may remark “Can’t you hang a warning sign over that thing?” In the meantime, my face will turn red from embarrassment, s…

Short Story of the Week! Cat's Night out Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The first crime scene was a ranch style house in a what appeared to be an upper middle-class neighborhood. Yellow crime scene tape still surrounded the house standing out like a sore thumb among the carefully manicured yards. It was the weekend, so many of the neighbors were watching as we pulled up in the driveway.
Agent Nixon climbed out of the SUV and motioned for me to follow him. We ducked under the tape and stepped up to the porch. The Agent waved at the dark-colored sedan parked in front of the house.
Motioning with his chin, he nodded toward the car. “It’s a local police undercover unit. They have a theory that the Unsub will return to the crime. Someone has been watching too much TV over there.”
“Why let them keep doing it?” I looked at the car. They stuck out in this neighborhood.
“They have been guarding both the house and the scene, so why not? Their police chief won’t listen to reason.” The Agent climbed the steps and onto the porch. The door to the house was secured…

Magical Probi is a Number One book!

Magical Probi is Number one in Teens and Number 10 in Best Selling Paranormal and Urban Fantasy!  Number ten is kind of cool when you consider the company it's keeping!  Thank you everyone.

On the Road

So with Winter fast approaching and Missouri getting colder my wife and I are moving south for awhile. I foresee no major interrupt in my writing. We intend to be in the Pensacola area for a few days and then back up into Alabama. I have family there. My father is lending us his RV so we will be out on the road! I will be taking pictures and posting as we go.
My Dad and his RV

Magical Probi is now Available!

It's out and Available now on Amazon! Get yours here Today!

Snippet 10 of 10

“So how is she doing for real?”

“Far better than all of you thought she would. In fact she has taught me things I didn’t know. You had nothing to worry about.”

“Jack you know that we care about you. That’s all. The FBI has never had an official Witch before so I along with Madeleine was worried for you. Her Magick can be unpredictable at times.” Anastasia and Jack were in her private quarters at the rear of the large forensics truck.

“She saved my ass when we had to go Underhill. How is it I don’t remember the Fae? As much as I’ve seen there must have been at least one case concerning them. Right?”

Anastasia folded her hands in front of her face. “There has been Jack. More than a dozen actually. The higher ups know but you always seem to forget. They instruct my team to sanitize the records each time you forget what happened. Security concerns is what they have always said in the past. I’m happy you remember this time.”

“Over a dozen? For real?” He held his head in his hands moaning.


Happy Veterans Day. Thank you for your Service.

This Weeks ACP Book Review Snapshot features one of my books!

BTW All Chaos Press are the folks doing the Audio books of The Federal Witch series.

Coming soon the Tide!

I got involved in an interesting little concept book a few months ago. The idea was very similar to a game played as children. One person would start a book and then pass it to the next person. No central plot was decided upon before hand. Total freedom to take the story in any direction you wished and kill off whoever. 21 authors participated. Author's whose names you might recognize: Hayley Lawson, Craig Martelle, Michael Anderle, T J Ryan, J L Hendricks, Adam Kayce, Emma Right, J M Sloan, Martha Carr, Sarah Dalton, Kat Lind, Katherine Hayton, R J Crayton, E E Isherwood, Dale Furse, KS Brooks, Debbie Cassidy, and James Aaron. 

We all come together to create The Tide. It took a SF direction but contains a bit of horror, romance, action, and other surprises. Even I don't know how it ended. The last author is the one responsible for publication so she (Hayley Lawson) didn't tell us. I only know that it will become available at or around the end of November. I will of course…

Snippet 09 of 10 Just a taste

It was the beeping and the sudden jerk that woke me up.

Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep. The RV shook and then the front lifted up. In my dreams I was driving a garbage truck backwards.

“What the hell?” I rolled out of bed and looked down the hall toward the cockpit. A tow truck just backed up and hooked us up. Grabbing my gun and credentials I hid the door running.

“Stop! Federal Agent!” The tow truck driver froze in mid lift. Having a gun pointed at your head will do that.

“Why are you doing this? There are people in this thing.”

Flipping my badge open I waved it in his face. “Who told you to move this?”

“Lady, I work on consignment for the FBI. They tell me to move it, I move it. I got the order to move this from the local office this morning.”

“Where are you supposed to take it?’

“My orders say the police impound yard.”

“I’m telling you to forget your orders. This RV is still in operation.”

“Let me see those orders, please.” Jack was now along side of me staring at the driver. They were quic…

My work

I get asked all the time how is the next book coming along and when will it be out?
  It's funny that question. I was just talking about myself to a guy trying to sell me something Very expensive this afternoon. I haven't slowed down at all this year. My sickness, the first in two years by the way, was the longest 'vacation' I've had since February. It put me a bit behind on my own schedule. As of last night I have about 42,000 words written and 13 chapters. I intend for Magical Probi to be around 70,000 words so I'm almost there. The success of both the prequel and the first book has totally blown me away. I sure didn't plan for it.

I have signed a contract with a company to put out Audio book versions of The Federal Witch series. They are supposed to send me some voice samples early this coming week. I'm going to try and have the book finished by next weekend, I hope. The next big project will be a new series that I am Co-Writing with Michael Anderle.…

Time for a snippet! Here is number 08

“We can’t really talk about an open case, even to you Miss Kelly. We represent Magical Crimes for the FBI. We will do everything in our power to find it. Do you have any rabid fans or enemies who would take it?”

She pulled her sunglasses down away from her eyes. I could see even in this low light they were a deep blue color. “Max my butler can give you the list of fans my people have compiled. Enemies are something that I have very few of Agents. When I was younger I had a few but they should be long gone by now.” She straightened her glasses.

“Can you give us any specifics?” Jack stared at her his eyes not leaving her face.

“Can I trust you not to share anything I tell you? I ask because I like both my privacy and my secrets.”

“You can trust us. If something leaks, it won’t come from the two of us. Higher than us? I can’t say.”

The actress leaned back in her chair and clasped her hands together. She rested her chin upon her joined hands and thought for a long moment. She let out a si…

Shout out to Speculative Fiction Showcase

Here's a special shout out to our friends over at Speculative Fiction Showcase! War to the Knife is highlighted as well as several other books by Authors I know. Check it out Here!

New Month New Snippet! Here's 07

“Agent Reynolds, did you locate the Chef’s residence?”

“Yes, Sir. It is on the second floor of the restaurant.”

“Good. Did you request a warrant and search it yet?”

Agent Sims answered for Reynolds who looked a bit confused. “I called it in to Judge Winston but they are dragging their feet for some reason.”

“Thank you Agent Sims. I will take care of it. Since you know the local lay of the land I am going to leave you in charge of Reynolds and Jackson when he gets finished moving the body. I want the entire kitchen processed along with the Chef’s apartment. Leave both the cooler and the freezer alone. They contain illegal substances that the Chef stole from the people that killed him. Agent Blackmore has secured them for now.”

Agent Sims had a gleam in her eye. “Is it drugs? Is that what went down in there? A drug deal?”

“It wasn’t drugs. But it may have been a business deal gone bad. Hold down the fort do your assignment and do not talk to the press. Understand? No news conferences and no…