Thursday, November 24, 2016

How about a Snippet? Here is a tiny taste of "Ghosts of Noodlemass Past"

I have never understood the need for humans to celebrate a season and an event that didn’t even take place on this planet. They call it Christmas. Which I find funny because actual Christians are a minority here. Within their own religions the people here call it Noodlemass or Yule. It only snows at the planet’s polar regions and those are almost inaccessible to most. Nevertheless, they celebrate the holiday. The colony ships are to blame for the whole thing. When they arrived they were on Earth time inside the ships. None of the colonists took the planets different revolutions around the sun into account when they set up the calendar. Even though it was faster and the days were much longer the clung to the old system. It was only after a hundred years of poor record keeping that they changed it to a much more manageable system. Landing day was the holiday that replaced “Thanksgiving” on the old calendars. The early Chinese colonists called it Westernization and changed it. That puzzled me. Why did they care about Cowboys and Indians?  Too much TV on the ships. I had a Duh moment. For a computer that is bad.

Wilson’s folly is the name of a restaurant in the food court on Freedom Station. It used to be Robbie Burger’s newest location. I sort of screwed up that grand opening and had the manager arrested. What can I say, he pissed me off. Again. Robots are not slaves. That is one of my personal crusades. It helps that most of the robots crawling, walking, or gliding here on the station are mine in one form or another. All part of my much greater and more intricate plan. A small group of RAM robots run the Folly now. They make and serve food to humans. Strange concept for a bunch of robots but it works. It’s the most popular restaurant on level four.

Doing my security camera trick I hopped over to see for myself their progress. I could have asked them, but where is the fun in that? I was watching workmen decorate the exterior of the place when I noticed my best friend and host Athena Lee enter with her girlfriend Dar.

“I don’t see what the problem is Athena. He’s in your head and most likely listening to us right now. I still think that’s a bit creepy by-the-way.” The two stopped just inside the door.


  1. Love "Noodlemass!" Makes me think of pasta parties from college!

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