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What I'm reading this week! (When I have time)

I found this author a couple of years ago. He's very prolific and nobody knows who he is! 

Most of his stuff is really short, around 150 pages each. but the main series has 100 books in it! He's been putting out the "origin books" in groups of 4.  A good read but it does get complicated really fast so jumping around is not recommended.  He's in Kindle Unlimited too!  Check it out!

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Snippet time. Check out the newest Snippet from Invisible Elder.

Try a new cookbook and a new story! Take it on the road with Chef Canard.

Travel and cooking - a perfect mix!
This book introduces you to Peter Canard, a disgraced TV chef that is offered a second chance at stardom. His story is the backbone of the series from Taki Drake and TS Paul. 

This initial cookbook introduces you to some of the players in the amusing world of culinary confusion and artistry. Join us for the first episode at the Road Kill Cafe in Alligator Alley. 

Sit down with an Eat and Read cookbook and munch your way through a couple of amusing short stories and a selection of interesting recipes. 

Hungry anyone?

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Snippet Time! Time for another snippet from Book 6 of the Federal Witch series - Invisible Elder. Enjoy.


This so reminds me of something that happened when I was a girl. Maybe If the circumstances were a little better, my life might have been different.
My childhood family estate was on a hill overlooking the city of Sirmium in the province of Pannonia. It’s almost impossible to find now. The civil war that is engulfing the region has destroyed so much. I have kept up my research of the area during my time with the FBI. After computers were invented, it became a lot easier than staring at old books and satellite imagery.
“Father, why are they racing?” We were staring at several teams of chariots chasing each other around the hippodrome.
“It’s for sport. The Emperor has proclaimed a month of games to celebrate a great military victory. This is but one of the many exhibitions that will take place here.” My father pointed to royal box near ours. “That is one of Emperor Trajan's nephews.”
As I watched two of the teams cornered a third and forced him into the wall. I could…

Another new Halloween story. Check out Haunted Hearts.

Love and loss will haunt you, crowding out new love and life.

The stories in this anthology from the talented writers of Phoenix Prime have contributed to this collection of the many ways that you can be shadowed by past experiences and the decisions that you have made. Ranging from the entertaining to tales that raise the hairs on the back of your neck, these stories will fill you with a frisson of fright and the comfort of love found.

Come be entertained, challenged, and immersed.

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Time for Halloween. Get your Pumpkin on with Tales from the Pumpkin Patch! Now Available on Amazon.

The pumpkin patch hides many secrets.

These three stories from the accomplished authors in the Federal Witch World examine the strange and amazing things that occur in the harvest field in the dark of the moon.

Be amazed at the depth of the terror and the wonder embedded in these stories.

Be challenged and be afraid!

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How about a Snippet from Coven Codex? Check this one out.


Snippet # 04
Coven Codex

It was more than she could bear to stay one minute longer in the library. The talk with the seer had been overwhelming. There was so much to think about and so much to evaluate that Zhanna could not think of anything at all.

The pressure to do something, anything at all, was driving her to MOVE. The young witch was not ready to think in such a long-term perspective or about assuming such horrendous responsibilities.
Zhanna desperately wanted to go back to being a child right now. No responsibilities, Baba telling her everything she needed to know. She had never realized what a horrible weight knowing the future could put on someone. In this very isolated case, she thought ignorance might be bliss.

<< Are you done wallowing yet? There’s only so long that you can flop around in the depths of despair and feel sorry for yourself. At some point, you have to decide to get up out of that pit and go on. >>

<< Dascha! That is not fai…

Time for a Short Story. Check out Chooser of the Slain in Prime Peek #1

Something new from the World of the Federal Witch.

Here's a small taste of things to come. 


 “Let me go! Let me go!” The man looked to be burned over half his body but the scars while still heavily inflamed were old and mostly healed. The psych ward was full and he was considered overflow.

“I’m sorry corporal, I can’t do that. Those are there for the safety of both you and the rest of the patients. Do you remember why you’re here?” I glanced down at the notes.

“No. Maybe.” He stopped trying to pull free and glared at me.

“Will you tell me?”

He paused and looked away. His room didn’t have a window but he stared at the wall like it had one. “I had a fight with Margie, my wife.”

“Do you remember what it was about?”

“Yes. She threw away my things.” He said it as almost a growl.

“Did she have a reason to do that?” I made a note on his file. According to the board he was previously non communicative.

“It was my war stuff. She didn’t have the right! That stuff is there is hell m…

Snippet Time! Here's #02 from Invisible Elder


The van that Ivan purchased was older than I like, but he at least followed my instructions and bought it from a non-local seller using cash. He ‘forgot’ to change the plates or title and per my instructions would sell it the same way tomorrow. That was one of the nice things about America, everyone takes cash.
“Is the power and water on?” I asked.
“Yes Mistress, according to the email I was sent. Everything has been taken care of and paid for. Do you need help to get out?” Ivan appeared at the door.
Pushing him out of the way I hopped out of the van into the night. “That would be no.”
The beach house was one of several ideas I had for bug out houses. I actually have four properties in my name, but I think the FBI knows about all of them. My one in California near Conception, is still occupied by the Army. Stupid Demons and their war. They just had to ruin it for me. I loved J Edgar to death, but I still resented him drafting me for the FBI. Hide or die was just not an …

Snippet Time! Here is Snippet #01 from Invisible Elder


“If you were a Vampire on the run from the FBI,  where would you hide?”
“What sort of resources do I have?” Mongo’s voice came through the phone.
“Unknown. Assume unlimited.” Agatha stated.
“May I ask who this poor creature is that is on the run? Most of the Vamps I’ve encountered have been, for the most part, law-abiding. They don’t want another purge, you know.”
Agatha shook her head at the phone. “Be serious Mongo. You know as well as I do that was a complete accident on the part of the Allied magicians.”
“You may say that but we weren’t there. We both know that history is written by the victors. It might have  been a whole lot different if America had entered the war.“ Mongo replied.
“Not this argument again. Mongo, I’m serious here. History just happens. Ask my grandmother. She’s pushing two hundred and can tell you stories that will curl your hair. And it’s all true! Now please answer the question.”
“I will when you tell me who this is. Come on Agatha. I’m trustworthy…

Pics from NINC. Find your favorite author

At the table with Boyd Craven, Annabelle Chase, Amanda Lee, Lindsey Hall, Franklin Horton, Dan from D2D, Leigh Ann Dobbs, and many others.  There was a Pigeon in the restaurant too.