Saturday, October 28, 2017

What I'm reading this week! (When I have time)

I found this author a couple of years ago. He's very prolific and nobody knows who he is! 

Most of his stuff is really short, around 150 pages each. but the main series has 100 books in it! He's been putting out the "origin books" in groups of 4.  A good read but it does get complicated really fast so jumping around is not recommended.  He's in Kindle Unlimited too!  Check it out!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Try a new cookbook and a new story! Take it on the road with Chef Canard.

Travel and cooking - a perfect mix!

This book introduces you to Peter Canard, a disgraced TV chef that is offered a second chance at stardom. His story is the backbone of the series from Taki Drake and TS Paul. 

This initial cookbook introduces you to some of the players in the amusing world of culinary confusion and artistry. Join us for the first episode at the Road Kill Cafe in Alligator Alley. 

Sit down with an Eat and Read cookbook and munch your way through a couple of amusing short stories and a selection of interesting recipes. 

Hungry anyone?

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Snippet Time! Time for another snippet from Book 6 of the Federal Witch series - Invisible Elder. Enjoy.


This so reminds me of something that happened when I was a girl. Maybe If the circumstances were a little better, my life might have been different.

My childhood family estate was on a hill overlooking the city of Sirmium in the province of Pannonia. It’s almost impossible to find now. The civil war that is engulfing the region has destroyed so much. I have kept up my research of the area during my time with the FBI. After computers were invented, it became a lot easier than staring at old books and satellite imagery.

“Father, why are they racing?” We were staring at several teams of chariots chasing each other around the hippodrome.

“It’s for sport. The Emperor has proclaimed a month of games to celebrate a great military victory. This is but one of the many exhibitions that will take place here.” My father pointed to royal box near ours. “That is one of Emperor Trajan's nephews.”

As I watched two of the teams cornered a third and forced him into the wall. I could hear the screams of the horses and the roar of the crowd. I felt a tear roll down my cheek. Horses were some of my favorite animals on the estate. “Why?”

My father looked at me and scowled. “Wipe your tears. This is necessary. The commoners must be appeased with blood. They yearn for it. Better those of gladiators and charioteers than ours. This is a function of government and society. You may not like it, but you will appear to enjoy it or taste my whip at home! Showing weakness to anyone outside of the family is totally unacceptable. Now pay attention to the match.”

I had already reason enough to know, father did not make empty threats. Drying my tears I watched. The crowd was more interesting than the racers. Women and men cheered and jeered the contestants as they shed blood and gave their lives for the them.

“Why do they even care?” I pointed to a group of women congratulating the winning team by throwing themselves at them.

Father looked over at me and smiled. “The ways of men and women are something you will learn about later. Your mother’s brother, your uncle Anthony, will aid you in choosing a husband worthy of our family when the time is right. He will join us in the coming year. As to them.” He pointed. “They wish to encourage the Gods to give them children by the next moon. Seeds of a victory might add to the family line. Do not be surprised when a noblewoman is among them.”

I stared down at the men and women cavorting on the field. Being raised among slaves I knew where babies came from. It was the slave's job to breed both themselves and the estate’s animal population. I just wasn’t ready to see it so blatantly exposed in such a public way.

“Another tournament begins. Pay attention.” Father pointed toward the chariot gate.

Down of the field three groups of chariots were readied. One strange looking one was out in front. “Why is he different?”

“Good eye. He is the ‘rabbit.’ The others are ‘hounds.’ The goal is to catch the rabbit. This rabbit has teeth, and he knows how to use them.”

Father watched me watch the chariots. “This is a military maneuver. Strategy. Much of life is ruled by tactics and geometry. Demetrius says you are a good student in math. You understand the angles of things?”

I nodded.

“Watch and learn then.” Father nodded toward the field.

The rabbit was given a small head start. Four other chariots began to chase him. Ignoring the directional laps the rabbit crossed over the middle more than once to confuse his pursuers. Unlike the chasing chariots, the rabbit’s had six horses instead of four. In addition to more horses he was not alone in the cart. A man armed with a bow stood beside him. Blades and sharp looking spears stuck out in all directions from the vehicle. As I watched, the rabbit eluded his pursuers with ease. Horses can only run for so long though. The teams were forced to slow or lose their advantage of speed.

“Here’s where we see the skill of the driver's.” Father pointed to the hounds.

All three teams slowed to a crawl. The rabbit team allowed one of the hounds to get almost close enough to touch the horses when the archer popped up shooting and killing the lead horse.

Having already heard more than one horse scream today I was prepared for, it but not the sight of an entire team of horses tumbling over the dead body of another. More screams and loud crunching sounds practically echoed off the walls of the hippodrome. The crowd roared and pounded their feet in response. Ignoring my father’s orders I looked away.

“Eyes front, girl. Eyes front. The rabbit has the will of the crowd now. The hounds will stop at nothing to catch him. Glory is at stake now. You must watch to understand the strategy.” Father admonished.

Strategy? I watched the rabbit when I should have been watching the hounds. They herded him. The archer was a pest, but the hounds were careful to not come too close to him. Keeping their armored horses on his flanks, they forced the rabbit away from the center where he could elude them.

As if mirroring my thoughts, father spoke. “Everything was planned. Possibly even the loss of the hound. See how they herd him? He is tired and his horses near faltering. His one chance to elude them by crossing over is gone. Now he must fight or die on the sand.”

True to father’s word the rabbit slowed to a halt. The archer, firing from partial cover continued to shoot at their opponent’s horses.

“He’s doomed isn’t he?” I asked.

Father nodded. “Only so much room in that sort of chariot. His arrows are becoming a precious commodity.”

The rate of fire slowed as the archer hit very few of the hounds chariots or horses. While one chariot charged the stationary rabbit, the other teams attacked on foot. A brief flurry of swordplay and it was over. The lead hound team waved the rabbit’s heads in the air splattering the sand with their blood.

“As I said. Strategy. Life is filled with situations that require that sort of tactics. Understand daughter. I brought you here to learn, not for fun. As a member of my household you will be attacked politically and socially. You must learn when to attack and when to defend. Do not, under any circumstances, become the rabbit. Understand?” My father stared at me with a stern look.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Another new Halloween story. Check out Haunted Hearts.

Love and loss will haunt you, crowding out new love and life.

The stories in this anthology from the talented writers of Phoenix Prime have contributed to this collection of the many ways that you can be shadowed by past experiences and the decisions that you have made. Ranging from the entertaining to tales that raise the hairs on the back of your neck, these stories will fill you with a frisson of fright and the comfort of love found.

Come be entertained, challenged, and immersed.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Time for Halloween. Get your Pumpkin on with Tales from the Pumpkin Patch! Now Available on Amazon.
The pumpkin patch hides many secrets.

These three stories from the accomplished authors in the Federal Witch World examine the strange and amazing things that occur in the harvest field in the dark of the moon.

Be amazed at the depth of the terror and the wonder embedded in these stories.

Be challenged and be afraid!

Monday, October 16, 2017

How about a Snippet from Coven Codex? Check this one out.


Snippet # 04
Coven Codex

It was more than she could bear to stay one minute longer in the library. The talk with the seer had been overwhelming. There was so much to think about and so much to evaluate that Zhanna could not think of anything at all.

The pressure to do something, anything at all, was driving her to MOVE. The young witch was not ready to think in such a long-term perspective or about assuming such horrendous responsibilities.
Zhanna desperately wanted to go back to being a child right now. No responsibilities, Baba telling her everything she needed to know. She had never realized what a horrible weight knowing the future could put on someone. In this very isolated case, she thought ignorance might be bliss.

<< Are you done wallowing yet? There’s only so long that you can flop around in the depths of despair and feel sorry for yourself. At some point, you have to decide to get up out of that pit and go on. >>

<< Dascha! That is not fair! What she told me was scary and horrible. What if I do the wrong thing? >>

<< Well… That’s why you have friends and a familiar. We provide additional information. We keep you company in your journey. And we also apply appropriate slashes of our claws when you feel sorry for yourself. >>

<< Ouch! That hurts! >>

<< Duh!?! >>

Limping slightly, Zhanna quickly caught up to Mikhail. If he thought anything unusual about the fact that she had acquired a limp in the last few minutes, he was smart enough not to make a comment. Zhanna kept pace with him for about half a block, before asking him, “Exactly where are we going?”
“We are headed toward the building that I told you about. The one that I scouted earlier. It appears to be a reinforced building that has very controlled access. There are strange signs at the entrances to the building, and I was hoping you could tell me what they say.”

“Whoa, why are they strange or what makes you think they are strange?”

“I guess you’re just going to have to see them and make your own decision.”


The building the Mikhail wanted to visit was about two kilometers away from the library. He and Zhanna walked in companionable silence, with Dascha ranging in front of them to act as a scout part of the time and taking off whenever something of interest caught her attention.

Occasionally, Dascha would come back and drop something in front of Zhanna for the witch’s examination. On one of her exploration loops, the item that she dropped in front of Dascha clinked as it hit the ground. Both Zhanna and Mikhail came to a dead stop, crowding together closely as they bent over to examine Dascha’s find.

The object was obviously metal, but of a substance that Zhanna could not immediately recognize. It was shaped like an open “C” with a metal band extending at right angles to it terminating in another open “C.” The second open curve was smaller than the first.

The entire surface of the metal was covered in patterns that confused the eye. Staring at it left Zhanna with the impression that the carvings were moving ceaselessly and that they were repeating some form of a pattern.

“Mikhail, what do you think of this? Do you see the lines or words moving?”

“I don’t see any words. I just see squiggly lines that are not very distinct, and that appear to be crawling all over the metal.”

<< Dascha, what do you see? Can you see the moving words and the incised images? >>

<< Yes I see all that, but I also see strange-colored threads that go from many places into this piece of metal. The colors are different than uncorrupted elemental magic. I don’t know what the magic is, but I feel like it is important to find out. >>

Zhanna thought for a moment. She knew that Dascha had better instincts when it came to recognizing strange magic. The familiar’s new training in the identification of magical energy raised her skills far beyond those of her witch. If Dascha could not tell what type of magic was involved, then the witch knew that she would be lost.

Dealing with unknown magic was dangerous. It could be potentially powerful, risky, or both. Without some clue as to its nature, they would be at a major disadvantage in using, resisting or fighting the artifact. She certainly was not going to touch it with her bare skin until she knew more about it!

Deciding to do further investigation at a later time, Zhanna reached into her belt bag and brought out some of the precious silk that her Baba had given her for handling unknown magic. Carefully avoiding touching the surface of the metal with her hands, Zhanna wrapped the object up and stored in its own little drawstring bag.

When Zhanna straightened up, she saw Mikhail staring at her with wide eyes. “What is the matter?” she asked.

“I was just thinking that you have progressed an amazing distance in your training. Your abilities are increasing by leaps and bounds.”

Zhanna thought that there wasn’t much of an answer that she could give to that without sounding either like she was asking for approval or bragging, so she contented herself with a nod of acknowledgment. Tucking the drawstring bag into her larger waist pouch, the young witch set off once again in the direction that would take them to the mysterious building.


It’d taken them less than an hour to get to the destination. They could’ve moved faster, but Zhanna was busy building a personal guide to Blagogarsk. Every time that she explored more of the city, she updated a section of her map. The cartographer at the library was helping her learn how to draw and keep decent maps, something that she knew was valuable and rare. Once she got back from this trip, she would make sure to immediately update her central map, including her notes and impressions.
Thinking about how her map was shaping up, Zhanna was lost in satisfied feelings and thoughts of a job well done. She was pulled abruptly from that reverie by a rumbling snarl from Dascha.

<< What is wrong, Dascha? Why are you snarling? >>

<< The road and the sidewalks, the buildings and even the gutters are threaded with strange lines of magic. Some of them look and smell like the ones on the metal piece that I found, but others have a color that pulses an evil rotten green. >>

Quickly, Dascha told Mikhail what Dascha had said. She did not even finish the first sentence before his weapons were in his hands. Glancing around he said, “I wish I could see it. I knew before when I came this way that I felt like something was watching me the whole time. And the closer I got to the building, the more I felt like I was going to be attacked. Nothing happened, but I was uneasy the whole time.”

“Do you feel that again? Has anything changed?”

“I feel it again, but it doesn’t seem to be as strong this time. On the other hand, there are more of us together instead of just me. Perhaps that affects how I’m feeling.”

Out of the corner of her eye, Zhanna noticed that Dascha was creeping forward as if she were on the hunt. Eyes gleaming, the tip of her tail twitching, the cat was slinking smoothly toward one of the gutters. Breathlessly, Zhanna waited to see what would happen.

So suddenly that Zhanna jumped even though she had been expecting it, Dascha pounced on something in the gutter hidden in the debris. Instantly, her familiar was in full battle mode, fighting against something that was only partially materialized.

Zhanna moved to the right, knowing that Mikhail would move to the left. Their time in the Badger Hole Bar and the battles there had taught them to automatically cover each other.

With a clear area of fire, Zhanna should have been able to come to the aid of her familiar. But she couldn’t quite focus on what it was that Dascha was fighting. She could hear Mikhail yelling that he couldn’t see anything either.

Desperate to understand what it was that they were battling, Zhanna slipped into the semi-state that would allow her to see through Dascha’s eyes without interfering with the familiar’s actions. They had only practiced it twice, but she couldn’t think of anything else that would get her the information that she desperately needed.

The witch certainly wasn’t going to yell and ask questions of her familiar when Dascha was in the middle of a fight. And Dascha wouldn’t answer anyway. They had been trained better than that.
There was a moment of disorientation as her eyes adjusted to a different depth of field and color spectrum. Swallowing the spurt of nausea that seemed to accompany the transfer, Zhanna took a deep breath and focused through Dascha’s eyes. The cat was intent on the creature that she was fighting. The image burned itself into Zhanna’s brain with the force of a firelance.

The sight of the enemy was so startling that Zhanna involuntarily took a quick step back, catching her heel on the uneven pavement and falling backward. Mikhail dove to soften her fall, but was unable to catch her. Zhanna landed too quickly for him to succeed, falling away from him with speed accelerated by her instinctual disgust.

The slamming of her body into the ground and curb broke Zhanna’s attention and focus. Now she was only seeing through her own eyes. But the image that had seared into her brain and memory would not easily go away again.

Filled with horror, Zhanna scrambled her feet and ran toward her embattled familiar, screaming instructions to Mikhail as she ran.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Time for a Short Story. Check out Chooser of the Slain in Prime Peek #1

Something new from the World of the Federal Witch. 

Here's a small taste of things to come. 


 “Let me go! Let me go!” The man looked to be burned over half his body but the scars while still heavily inflamed were old and mostly healed. The psych ward was full and he was considered overflow.

“I’m sorry corporal, I can’t do that. Those are there for the safety of both you and the rest of the patients. Do you remember why you’re here?” I glanced down at the notes.

“No. Maybe.” He stopped trying to pull free and glared at me.

“Will you tell me?”

He paused and looked away. His room didn’t have a window but he stared at the wall like it had one. “I had a fight with Margie, my wife.”

“Do you remember what it was about?”

“Yes. She threw away my things.” He said it as almost a growl.

“Did she have a reason to do that?” I made a note on his file. According to the board he was previously non communicative.

“It was my war stuff. She didn’t have the right! That stuff is there is hell me remember those I lost.” The former corporal barked the words at me.

“I see. You do know the war has been over for a long time, right?” And it had been. What is being called the Demon War by historians was over and done for thirty years now.

“Not for me. I relieve the attack every. Single. Day. All I can see is my squad dying in fire. How I survived is the question I keep asking myself every day. Margie had no right to do what she did! I use that stuff to remember what my men looked like.” Essen hung his head, closing his eyes.

“Did you tell Dr Sirius that story? He can help you if you do.” I flipped the page of his records to check for myself.

“Doctors. They don’t know what’s really wrong. You had to be there when the Demons charged the line to truly understand what I feel. Do you understand me?”

“I don’t have that experience, sorry. I can’t undo the bonds until the doctor signs off on it.” Essen opened his mouth to shout at me and I shut him down.

“But. I will make note of what you told me here and pass it along to him. Just so you know, Doctor Sirius is a veteran like yourself. He has a picture on his office wall of his National Guard unit. According to him they got caught up in the San Joaquin evacuation and were pinned down. You and he might have had similar experiences back then.” I pointed my finger at Essen.

“Interesting.” Essen closed his mouth and returned his gaze toward the walls for just a moment. Part of me for just a moment wondered what he was really seeing.

“Now. Are you going to calm down and wait for the doctor? It’s late but he should be making his rounds early tomorrow. Someone might have mentioned that Memorial Day is coming up. I promise I’ll bring his attention to you. OK?”

Essen nodded. “I’ll be good. It’s just that… All I can see is the flames and my men’s bodies twisting in the heart of the fire. You really have no idea. But I’ll talk to the doc. Thank you.” 

“Good. Try and get some rest.” Setting the file down I filled in the progress notes about the conversation and made a recommendation that the doctor speak to Essen as soon as possible. Looked back at the former corporal I could see he had fallen asleep. Sometimes they only wanted to talk.

As I predicted, the moment I left twenty-five the other room started calling on me. The rest of my shift was filled with hand holding, medical alerts, and one very sad code blue. Too many of those that served our country with honor were dying of the effects of a war that no one could ever believe would happen. It was easy to believe that the Gods themselves had given up on humanity.

A cold hand on the back of my neck gave me shivers and caused me to blot upright in my desk chair. “I’m awake!”

Laughing, Doctor Charles Norton removed his hand and spoke to me. “That is a unique way of catching up on paperwork, Gen. I’ll have to try it.”

“Funny. We were a bit short last night. Christine pulled a no-show on us again. You are going to have to reprimand her this time, Doctor Norton. She won’t listen to me anymore.” Turning my chair I stared up at the tall doctor.

Norton ran his hand over his hair like he was grooming himself. “We’re so short handed on night shift. I’ve got a couple of applicants. Let me do a few interviews and see what I can do. The hospital just can’t afford to get rid of trained personnel right now. You know that, Gen.”

“I do but I have to try.” The paperwork still loomed in front of me. “I’ll work on this tonight and get caught up. It’s a holiday so we shouldn’t get too many new patients. At least not on the Demon wing. Is that OK with you, sir?”

“Charles. I keep telling you to call me Charles, Gen. You’re an RN not a candy striper.”The tall doctor pointed out.

I turned away from him and mumbled under my breath. “They make more money.”

“I’m sorry. Did you say something?” Doctor Norton tapped me on my shoulder.

“Just clearing my throat. Have a good shift. My Thor protect and keep you.” Pulling out a key I grabbed my purse from the desk drawer.

“Do you really believe all that? Thor and Odin? I never understood that about you.”

“Faith is something personal. There is no crime in believing in a higher power especially one that has demonstrated it’s existence. You only have to ask the men back on the fourth floor. It gives me a cushion against the darkness. Have a nice day.” The Doctor was a one of the good ones but he could be like a bulldog sometimes.

He scratched his head and stared at me for a moment. Then the doctor nodded. “I understand. Have a good rest. Before I forget, there is a special patient coming in tonight. It isn’t listed on the delivery schedule but expect the bus sometime after midnight. The new patient will be reporting to your floor and Doctor Sirius.”

Something sounded off about that. “Why the secrecy? Who’s the patient?”

Doctor Norton stepped closer to me. “Floyd Kraven.”

I nearly dropped my purse in surprise. “Kraven? Why are the bringing the Eris killer here? I thought they had him in central lockup under military guard?”

Norton ran his hand through his hair again. “You remember the case then. Turns our Kraven’s a veteran. He was in the California National guard in 1945. Just joined actually. He and his unit got trapped in Santa Barbara.”

“He should be dead, then. I’m surprised the Demons didn’t eat him.” Floyd Kraven was one of the most notorious serial killers in modern American history. His body count was over fifty, mostly young college co-eds. His military service was never mentioned during his recent trial.

“No accounting for taste. He’ll have guards with him but try to keep everyone away from him. Including the press. I’ve assigned him to the high security room. You will have to give him his evening meds but try to keep other interactions with him to a minimum. OK?”

Doctor Norton flinched away from me. “No. It’s not OK. Why is he here? Doesn’t the prison have a medical unit? Just having him here puts all of our regular patients at risk.”

 “You know how it works, Gen. I do what the hospital administrator tells me to do. Do you really think I want him here? According to legal Kraven’s lawyers are claiming he was under demonic control when he killed those girls. This hospital is the only facility that deals with that sort of ‘illness.’ It is what it is. We just have to deal with it. Night shift won’t have to do much, I promise. Go home. Get some rest.” Norton turned and walked away.

I barely acknowledged my co-workers as I left the building. By the Gods of earth and sky how could they do this to us? If. If he was telling the truth that he was under demonic control, Kraven’s very presence could set the treatment back of every man and woman on my floor if they had any interaction with him. Damn demons. As far as I could tell there hasn’t been a public sighting of one since the 1950s. The only reason I know of that one was we got a few of the patients here at the hospital. Death Valley, California used to have a small Indian population. Apparently they preserved several of the smaller demonic entities as pets after the main incursion in forty-five. It was only after the disappearance of half the tribe that they notified the government. No one has officially seen a demon since then.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Snippet Time! Here's #02 from Invisible Elder


The van that Ivan purchased was older than I like, but he at least followed my instructions and bought it from a non-local seller using cash. He ‘forgot’ to change the plates or title and per my instructions would sell it the same way tomorrow. That was one of the nice things about America, everyone takes cash.

“Is the power and water on?” I asked.

“Yes Mistress, according to the email I was sent. Everything has been taken care of and paid for. Do you need help to get out?” Ivan appeared at the door.

Pushing him out of the way I hopped out of the van into the night. “That would be no.”

The beach house was one of several ideas I had for bug out houses. I actually have four properties in my name, but I think the FBI knows about all of them. My one in California near Conception, is still occupied by the Army. Stupid Demons and their war. They just had to ruin it for me. I loved J Edgar to death, but I still resented him drafting me for the FBI. Hide or die was just not an option for me.

“Mistress, this is a nice place.” Ivan set the first group of bags down in the entryway.

I glanced at the furnishings, there were stairs off to one side. “I bought it in the 1950s. This place was just starting to boom. The military has a big base over that way.” I waved behind me. “Don’t be surprised if a jet flies over at the crack of dawn.”

As if to punctuate this, there was the drone of a helicopter in the distance.

“A management company keeps this up for me. They rent it out to only very select customers. The neighbors around here are used to different people living here so don’t worry about them. Just smile and nod at them. It will be fine. Just play nice with these people.” I grabbed my small valise and began climbing the stairs.

What I didn’t tell Ivan was this was the first time I’ve EVER been here. I stupidly told Agatha last month that Vampires make plans. Lots of them. Why I told her of my ‘back-up’ plans is lost to me. But since I knew the FBI so well, I had planned around it. A couple of my other properties are handled in a similar way.

My house was actually round! It was a fad in the 1950s which might explain the price I paid for it. I could see out the giant windows right out to sea. It was dark but my vampire senses allowed me to see as if it were daylight. A fifty foot catamaran was out there with at least four young humans on it. I could almost hear the blood coursing through their veins from here. That thought reminded me of something.

“Ivan, have you finished unloading?” I called behind me.

His voice echoed up the stairs. “Yes, Mistress.”

I smiled and sat down on a comfortable looking divan. “Can you lock up and come up stairs? I need your assistance for something.”


Nothing beats a nighttime snack. That is my one regret working with the first FBI Witch. Snacking on my co-workers has always been one of the benefits of the job. Even J Edgar would allow me a few drops. Not that he really had a choice in the matter. I made it a point to set triggers with anyone I came into contact with. Only Witches and certain Magickal humans were exempt from that. Witches. I’ve really only had contact with a half dozen of those creatures. Most of them avoid us vampires whenever they can.

I really did have to laugh. I make friends with two Witches in my life and both are Blackmore Witches. Not that I would tell Agatha that, like ever. Verity Blackmore knew me as a completely different name and person at that time. I just can’t be sure that she didn’t write about me somewhere. Witches always keep track of data points. Best to not poke that bear with a stick and pop up on her grandmother’s radar.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Snippet Time! Here is Snippet #01 from Invisible Elder


“If you were a Vampire on the run from the FBI,  where would you hide?”

“What sort of resources do I have?” Mongo’s voice came through the phone.

“Unknown. Assume unlimited.” Agatha stated.

“May I ask who this poor creature is that is on the run? Most of the Vamps I’ve encountered have been, for the most part, law-abiding. They don’t want another purge, you know.”

Agatha shook her head at the phone. “Be serious Mongo. You know as well as I do that was a complete accident on the part of the Allied magicians.”

“You may say that but we weren’t there. We both know that history is written by the victors. It might have  been a whole lot different if America had entered the war.Mongo replied.

“Not this argument again. Mongo, I’m serious here. History just happens. Ask my grandmother. She’s pushing two hundred and can tell you stories that will curl your hair. And it’s all true! Now please answer the question.”

“I will when you tell me who this is. Come on Agatha. I’m trustworthy. Who would I tell here in Madison?” Mongo looked away from the phone at the empty restaurant. It was Monday and nobody seemed to want any barbeque today.


“Is she helping you? That’s who you should ask about this. It would take a Vamp to understand a Vamp. So who are you chasing?”

Agatha sighed. “No, Mongo. It’s Ana we’re hunting.”

“You’re kidding.”

Agatha was completely silent on the phone.

“You’re not kidding. OK. You do know she’s been with the FBI since the 1940s and knows every technique they use. Hell, she probably wrote the manual! What did she do?” Mongo asked.

Agatha sighed. “It’s complicated. It concerns the World Species Council.”

“Whoa! Agatha are you crazy this is an open line!”

“Mongo, it’s fine. I’m a Witch, remember? Plus, my grandmother is the leader of that group. I doubt they will come after me.”

“If you say so. My parents told me to never, ever, mention THEM to anyone. Especially a mundane. They are the major leagues in our world.” Mongo remarked.

“Trust me. It’s safe.”

“So what did she do to THEM?” Mongo asked.

“The Vampire representative demanded that she present herself to them. They have questions as to her lineage and history. According to them she doesn’t exist.” Agatha sighed again.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Pics from NINC. Find your favorite author

At the table with Boyd Craven, Annabelle Chase, Amanda Lee, Lindsey Hall, Franklin Horton, Dan from D2D, Leigh Ann Dobbs, and many others.  There was a Pigeon in the restaurant too.