Monday, October 9, 2017

Snippet Time! Here's #02 from Invisible Elder


The van that Ivan purchased was older than I like, but he at least followed my instructions and bought it from a non-local seller using cash. He ‘forgot’ to change the plates or title and per my instructions would sell it the same way tomorrow. That was one of the nice things about America, everyone takes cash.

“Is the power and water on?” I asked.

“Yes Mistress, according to the email I was sent. Everything has been taken care of and paid for. Do you need help to get out?” Ivan appeared at the door.

Pushing him out of the way I hopped out of the van into the night. “That would be no.”

The beach house was one of several ideas I had for bug out houses. I actually have four properties in my name, but I think the FBI knows about all of them. My one in California near Conception, is still occupied by the Army. Stupid Demons and their war. They just had to ruin it for me. I loved J Edgar to death, but I still resented him drafting me for the FBI. Hide or die was just not an option for me.

“Mistress, this is a nice place.” Ivan set the first group of bags down in the entryway.

I glanced at the furnishings, there were stairs off to one side. “I bought it in the 1950s. This place was just starting to boom. The military has a big base over that way.” I waved behind me. “Don’t be surprised if a jet flies over at the crack of dawn.”

As if to punctuate this, there was the drone of a helicopter in the distance.

“A management company keeps this up for me. They rent it out to only very select customers. The neighbors around here are used to different people living here so don’t worry about them. Just smile and nod at them. It will be fine. Just play nice with these people.” I grabbed my small valise and began climbing the stairs.

What I didn’t tell Ivan was this was the first time I’ve EVER been here. I stupidly told Agatha last month that Vampires make plans. Lots of them. Why I told her of my ‘back-up’ plans is lost to me. But since I knew the FBI so well, I had planned around it. A couple of my other properties are handled in a similar way.

My house was actually round! It was a fad in the 1950s which might explain the price I paid for it. I could see out the giant windows right out to sea. It was dark but my vampire senses allowed me to see as if it were daylight. A fifty foot catamaran was out there with at least four young humans on it. I could almost hear the blood coursing through their veins from here. That thought reminded me of something.

“Ivan, have you finished unloading?” I called behind me.

His voice echoed up the stairs. “Yes, Mistress.”

I smiled and sat down on a comfortable looking divan. “Can you lock up and come up stairs? I need your assistance for something.”


Nothing beats a nighttime snack. That is my one regret working with the first FBI Witch. Snacking on my co-workers has always been one of the benefits of the job. Even J Edgar would allow me a few drops. Not that he really had a choice in the matter. I made it a point to set triggers with anyone I came into contact with. Only Witches and certain Magickal humans were exempt from that. Witches. I’ve really only had contact with a half dozen of those creatures. Most of them avoid us vampires whenever they can.

I really did have to laugh. I make friends with two Witches in my life and both are Blackmore Witches. Not that I would tell Agatha that, like ever. Verity Blackmore knew me as a completely different name and person at that time. I just can’t be sure that she didn’t write about me somewhere. Witches always keep track of data points. Best to not poke that bear with a stick and pop up on her grandmother’s radar.