Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Try a new cookbook and a new story! Take it on the road with Chef Canard.

Travel and cooking - a perfect mix!

This book introduces you to Peter Canard, a disgraced TV chef that is offered a second chance at stardom. His story is the backbone of the series from Taki Drake and TS Paul. 

This initial cookbook introduces you to some of the players in the amusing world of culinary confusion and artistry. Join us for the first episode at the Road Kill Cafe in Alligator Alley. 

Sit down with an Eat and Read cookbook and munch your way through a couple of amusing short stories and a selection of interesting recipes. 

Hungry anyone?


  1. Loved the recipes and short stories, as usual. But the main dish section needs a little attention. The blurb for the pork chop recipe talks about spaghetti and cheese. The ribs recipe talks about lasagna. The chicken recipe talks about leeks. Doesn't seem to be missing recipes based upon table of contents, but these just don't line up. Thought you might want a look at it before too many folks bought it.

  2. an updated edition was send to Amazon but they are having issues with one of their databases and everything is in slow motion according to my Co-writer who is in that business.