Thursday, October 5, 2017

Snippet Time! Here is Snippet #01 from Invisible Elder


“If you were a Vampire on the run from the FBI,  where would you hide?”

“What sort of resources do I have?” Mongo’s voice came through the phone.

“Unknown. Assume unlimited.” Agatha stated.

“May I ask who this poor creature is that is on the run? Most of the Vamps I’ve encountered have been, for the most part, law-abiding. They don’t want another purge, you know.”

Agatha shook her head at the phone. “Be serious Mongo. You know as well as I do that was a complete accident on the part of the Allied magicians.”

“You may say that but we weren’t there. We both know that history is written by the victors. It might have  been a whole lot different if America had entered the war.Mongo replied.

“Not this argument again. Mongo, I’m serious here. History just happens. Ask my grandmother. She’s pushing two hundred and can tell you stories that will curl your hair. And it’s all true! Now please answer the question.”

“I will when you tell me who this is. Come on Agatha. I’m trustworthy. Who would I tell here in Madison?” Mongo looked away from the phone at the empty restaurant. It was Monday and nobody seemed to want any barbeque today.


“Is she helping you? That’s who you should ask about this. It would take a Vamp to understand a Vamp. So who are you chasing?”

Agatha sighed. “No, Mongo. It’s Ana we’re hunting.”

“You’re kidding.”

Agatha was completely silent on the phone.

“You’re not kidding. OK. You do know she’s been with the FBI since the 1940s and knows every technique they use. Hell, she probably wrote the manual! What did she do?” Mongo asked.

Agatha sighed. “It’s complicated. It concerns the World Species Council.”

“Whoa! Agatha are you crazy this is an open line!”

“Mongo, it’s fine. I’m a Witch, remember? Plus, my grandmother is the leader of that group. I doubt they will come after me.”

“If you say so. My parents told me to never, ever, mention THEM to anyone. Especially a mundane. They are the major leagues in our world.” Mongo remarked.

“Trust me. It’s safe.”

“So what did she do to THEM?” Mongo asked.

“The Vampire representative demanded that she present herself to them. They have questions as to her lineage and history. According to them she doesn’t exist.” Agatha sighed again.

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