Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Snippet Time! Check out this Snippet from the Upcoming book, The Wild Hunt.


“Before you fall asleep tell me about this hunt thing?”

Gramps cocked one eye in my direction. “Fine, but I want another serving.”

“How about you wait until morning and then you can have some more.” His stomach must have been a never-ending pit if he thought he could fit more inside of it right now.

“One more tonight, and two more in the morning.”

The damn little pixie knew that he had me where he wanted me, but that didn’t mean I had to give in completely. “On one condition.” I poked him gently in the belly. “You don’t sleep in the necklace tonight.”

“But why?”

“Every time you fart, the damn thing vibrates and wakes me up. If you eat any more, we both know what we are in for.”

Gramps sighed. “Yeah, but it’s so worth it.”

Maybe it was worth it for him. For me the smell and the vibrations made it a deal breaker. “So, do we have a deal?”

“A bargain has been struck,” Gramps intoned.

I started working on his next offering as he tried to roll onto his side. After a few unsuccessful attempts, he gave up and just lay there. “So I ask you again, and you’ve sworn to divulge the truth. What’s the deal with this hunt he was talking about?”

“It’s not this hunt or that hunt. It is the wild hunt. The hunt is the most important thing that happens for our people outside the confines of Tir Na Nog. Every hundred years the masters are given one night to hunt. If they don’t complete their task by the dawn’s light they return in failure and all our people suffer.”

There was something tickling in the back of my mind, but it couldn’t be that wild hunt. That was just a myth. Sure it was a myth shared by a lot of cultures in different countries, but it was still just a myth. Or was it?

“Gramps, are you trying to tell me a death omen has been cast over my city?”

The little pixie waved one hand lazily as if he were trying to banish a bad idea. “That’s just something those humans made up. Blame the fairies for all that death. How about take a shower and don’t let the rats into your homes. Of course not, let’s blame the magical beings that live in another realm. Typical. You know how many humans we saved by intervening?”

“Gramps, you’re getting off track.” The sugar must have really been getting to him, he was never this forthcoming with information. I hoped the next bowl didn’t send him into diabetic overload. I still had more questions.

I set his newest offering down in front of him. He looked at the bowl and smiled but still couldn’t manage to stand up. His wings beat weakly against the counter and then he fell back down in exhaustion.

“The wild hunt doesn’t come to spread death. It’s just the opposite really. The wild hunt exists to bring new life.”

I nudged the bowl closer to where Gramps was lying on the counter. “So there isn’t anything to worry about.”

“Not as long as you stay out of their way. The hunt master will not appreciate it if you interfere.” Gramps made it to his feet, but his giant brownie belly made him stagger from side to side like a drunk.

“Why do they call it a hunt then if they don’t kill anything?”

“You humans are always so literal. There are all kinds of ways to hunt that don’t end in death. Plus killing is the last thing they want to do; they are here to take something back to Tir Na Nog. So killing would defeat their purpose.”

I pulled the bowl back from Gramps forcing him to stagger forward a few more steps before he could grab the edge with his hand. “Just get to the point already. Why are they here?”

“For the children of course.” Gramps started to pull himself up the side of the bowl.

“The children!” I knocked Gramps off the bowl and pulled it away from him. “That’s a huge problem, Gramps. We can’t let them come to Salem and steal people’s kids.”

“Why not?” Gramps looked completely confused by my outburst. “It’s not like we could stop the hunt even if we tried.” Gramps eyed the bowl full of dessert that I was now clutching against my chest.

“What do you mean why not? It’s wrong to take someone else children.”

Gramps looked up at me unsure of how to handle my outburst. “Something humans have done to each other for thousands of years. In fact, it’s a practice still going on today.” Gramps gave me the look that said I was about to get a history lecture but then he stopped himself and continued speaking.
“It’s the way it’s always been done, child.” A subtle reminder that Gramps was older and wiser than I was. “There are only so many fairies in Tir Na Nog, and they are at war with one another. We need the human stock to replenish our family lines. Otherwise our entire race would fall, or worse yet we might end up like those banjo guys.”

What in the hell was he talking about now? “Banjo Guys?”

“You know, like that movie we saw.” He strummed his fingers and imitated someone playing banjo. “Anyways, we needed to introduce new blood into our lines. Otherwise we would all be someone’s brother, sister, or cousin.”

Monday, January 29, 2018

Book of the Week. A new one from Author McKenzie Hunter

Two women. Two lives. One goal—survive.

Aspen and Emma live on the cusp of two worlds. One side is a soul-sucking drag filled with micro-managing bosses and insomnia. On the other, life unfolds on a razor's edge as they discover they are more than what they seem, marked by the Fae and bound to the Shadows.

One night while each is out escaping her troubles, they’re abducted to the Shadows. Turned into unwilling pawns of the Fae’s creation, they are forced to participate in the Wild Hunt. Pitted against each other, they must choose: work together and possibly end the Hunt forever—or each play her own game of survival and win at all costs.

Get It here!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

New Jack Dalton book is up in Pre-Order

As I discussed in the author notes in the back of Book 7, Blood on the Moon, I'm starting a monthly series. A serial called Jack Dalton, Monster Hunter. This will chronicle the life and career of Agatha's trainer and mentor. It's a period series set in the later 1950s through the 1970s. Each month I will release the new book on the 1st. Then, on the third Wednesday of the month it will be available to be read for FREE here on this website. But only for one day and only here. After that it will be available for purchase. And it's not exclusive to Amazon only. Readers can find THIS series on Kobo, Apple, Smashwords, and other places. Should be a lot of fun. Expect cameos from many well known Federal Witch characters. 

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Book of the Week. Justin Sloan has a new Boxset!

What starts as one man's quest into the afterlife to be reunited with the love of his life quickly turns into a war of the supernatural. 

Rohan Evans never thought he be the hero to save the world, but when a betrayal and near-death experience leave him with mysterious powers, it's up to him to stop a man with dark magic from opening a portal to the dead.

This three book boxset includes the following:

Death Marked
Death Bound

Death Crowned

Get the Box Set HERE! 

Friday, January 19, 2018

Blood on the Moon is now Available! Get book seven today.

Working short is never good!

The Magical Division team is back in business but two Agents short. Anastasia is still in the Vampire Nation and Bill is in the hospital. A suspect rogue Werewolf is loose in Tennessee and the team is ordered to capture or kill it. 

The only problem is that it may be hiding out in Jackson and the last time Agatha was there she almost burned the place down! Can they catch the killer before it kills again, or will they be killed by the Moon Pack of Jackson?

Life is always interesting around the Federal Witch!

Get it HERE

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Here's a Sneak Peek at Double Cross, part of the Smuggle Life series set inside the Athena Lee Universe!


The ships alarms blared as Stephen rinsed his face in his quarters. “Just one morning of peace and quiet is all I want,” Steve said to himself.

The alarms continued to blare as Steve did his best to ignore them. He knew that made him a bad Marine. Not that he was one anymore and hadn’t for a while. But, still, it pained him just a little to ignore them. For the most part, on the Rossi, alarms meant little. Not like his days as a Marine. He was a smuggler now, and warnings were an everyday occurrence.

Doing his best to ignore them, Steve went about his regular routine. Even though he wasn’t a Marine, he kept to the standards. The Marine was in great shape and had just finished his morning workout. Now, he was just finishing up his shave, his face smooth and fresh.

The one good thing about being a smuggler versus a Marine was that he got to pick his own uniform. Not that he didn’t like the one that was chosen for him, but it got old wearing the same thing over and over. On the Rossi, Steve’s uniform consisted of cargo pants that let him move easily and a t-shirt. It allowed for ease of movement.

“Kane,” sounded through his room. Steve didn’t like it when the captain of the crew used his last name. She did it to annoy him.

Steve hit his own communications in the room. “Yes, Rea.”

That was her first name, and she hated it when Steve used that. Like him, she was the only other member of the crew who had served. She had been in the Navy for several years but didn’t get the shaft like Steve.

“Kane, you know I don’t like that.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Steve continued to dress. “What do you want, Dodge?”

“We have a ship inbound, and it’s flagging us.”

Steve groaned. This wasn’t something they needed him for. It wasn’t like they didn’t have ships inbound all the time. That was the life on this vessel, always running scared and avoiding both pirates and the Navy.

“You don’t need me.” Steve ran his fingers through his short hair. The last thing he wanted to do was deal with a ship, though it might be a nice break from the boredom on the ship recently. The last real action, Steve missed. That angered him, and it had cost them a ship mate. It had only been a month, but it was a long month since Taylor went missing, since the kidnapping.

“Get up here,” Captain Dodge said.

“Fine. In five.” Steve shut off the communications. He would make it up to the bridge in no time but didn’t see the need. She and the others could handle it.

Out in the hallway, the alarms continued. It wasn’t like every person on the ship didn’t already know. The crew wasn’t large. Including Steve and Rea, there were seven, and that was including the CATT and droid.

Speaking of the CATT, a robotic cat walked down the hall. Steve turned to it. “Nicole.”

The CATT stopped. “Yes?”

“Can you tell me what is going on?”

Nicole stopped and started to lick her tail. Steve gave up trying to understand Nicole a long time ago. She never could tell him why she did that. It was just so strange to see a robotic cat doing things a real one would do. Nicole reminded Steve of a Turkish Angora.

Once done, she looked back up at him. “I know but can’t tell you.”

Steve groaned. She was loyal to the captain and someone or something else. Steve was sure about it. He’d tried once to get it out of her. That ended badly for him. His alarm in the room had gone off at all hours of the night for a month.

Making his way through the ship, Steve ran into another of the crew members. She barely noticed his and his hulking frame. Parker was the youngest member. At first, it troubled Steve that she was here since she was so young, just seventeen, but he had grown used to her. Her blonde hair was short. She was petite and able to fit into small paces. That made her extremely useful. Today, the kid wore jeans and a sweatshirt. Her wardrobe constantly shifted, never the same for long.

“Oh, sorry,” she said as she nearly ran into him.

“No worries.”

She continued on. Now, Steve was intrigued. What could be going on?

Friday, January 12, 2018

This Weekend Only. Get Shade of Honor for $0.99!

Bereft of their elders in magic, hired out to strangers to feed their families. Survival was a constant battle for the Russian Witches. Despised by other witches for their rigid focus on contracts, they were without a moral compass, honor-less. That was not good enough for some. For the young witch, Zhanna, life was not worth living without honor – or her magic. Could she find both in her homeland? Would her desire and drive be enough to locate her shade of honor?

Get it here for $0.99

Read the Familiar Magic series...

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Book of the Week. Boyd Craven has a new book out and it looks really good

My buddy Boyd Craven has book 2 of his Rune Sight Chronicles out!  He just made my book of the Week.

My name is Thomas Wright. I've been in more near-death experiences than Houdini or Evel Knievel. Rose has kept me on task and bugs me about my love life constantly. I think she truly enjoys needling me about... well... everything. My pack has grown and working together, we were able to put the smack down on some pretty epic beings with some expert help and a bit of luck. 

It still isn't enough. I have to throw in with the Council of Mages to go after Vassago and save Vivian's life. When I find myself head of the Taskforce searching for Vassago, it becomes clear that there's more than one mole in the Council of Mages. Somebody is out for my head, and I have to survive backstabbers, demonic beings, and the occasional zombie outbreak before I can start finding the truth and track down Vassago.

I'm just one more betrayal away from going crazy.

Get this one HERE. 

and if you haven't gotten it yet, Buy book one as well.

Get it here. 

Monday, January 8, 2018

Here's my Status Update for January, 2018

Status Update.

 Welcome to January 2018. So much is happening this year I cannot contain it. For starters I've got Book 7, Blood on the Moon halfway done! It will be followed by a new Mini-Series and then Book 8, Child of Darkness. Which by the way will be Way cool. Heather Hamilton-Senter has done a Marvelous job so far on the covers and there are more to come. Taki Drake, my original Co-writer just released the long awaited Badger Hole Bar book. Expect Book 2 as well as some other BHB stuff real soon. (They've been in the works) She is also hard at work on the third part of the Familiar Magic series. Bradford Bates is about 3/4 of the way through The Wild Hunt and I expect to see that manuscript soon. I will add my portion to it and send it off to the editors. With luck look for it end of January, fingers crossed. On the Science Fiction side we have a new series set inside The Athena Lee Universe. Smuggle Life. (like Thug life only better) The first book in it will be called Double Cross. Author Nathan Howe will be joining us for that series. I also have a Secret Project in the works with Author Blaze Ward. It doesn't kick off until early summer but I will keep everyone updated on that. I have a couple of Book Signings scheduled soon. The first is here in Tallahassee with the other in Thomasville, Ga. I plan to have a few more in other places as well as some meet ups. Much of that is still in the planning stages, but I'm looking at one in St Petersburg, Fl in September that will be other authors as well. My wife broke out the her planner and mapped out all my projects this year. Less short and more books is the plan. Should be fun. Here's a peak at the upcoming Wild Hunt cover. It's really cool. Later. Scott

Friday, January 5, 2018

Taki Drake has a new book out

My Co-Writer, Taki Drake, has a new book out. It's a completely new Universe called The Badger Hole Bar. Check it out.

Desolation and grief can leave you floating, unable to find a new shape to your existence. 

Who knew that it was possible to be shocked out of the morass of sorrow by a well-timed push?!

Madrik was reeling from the loss of his family and unable to find his way into the new reality. Then something happened that sent him further than he ever thought to travel. A new life, in a new dimension!

This is a place where problems are solved, and life is continually changing. Come in, put your feet up, and join the crew that Madrik is collecting in this shared universe. 

Be amused and challenged, touched and enthralled.

Welcome to the Badger Hole Bar!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Monday, January 1, 2018

Starting the New Year off right. My friend and Cover designer has a new book out.

Heather Hamilton-Senter is the cover creator of both the Athena Lee books and The Federal Witch. She writes as well as designs. Check out her latest book 2 in her Bad Luck Witch Chronicles.


It took losing everything for Truly Mason to discover she was so much more than she'd ever imagined. But being a witch has its own pitfalls, including becoming a target for every other ambitious supernatural in the country! When forces combine to try to strip her of her newfound powers and her position as the Lady, Truly must balance her own safety with that of her friends, and the half-shifter she is powerfully drawn to, as she tries to solve the murder of a beautiful demon.

But just like her guardian cat Baal, Truly has learned to land on her feet, and a little DIY magic might be the key!
Dive into the thrilling and romantic sequel to THE BAD LUCK WITCH!

Writing as Heather Hamilton-Senter, Heather Hamilton is the author of the Amazon best-seller BOUND IN BLUE: Book One of the Sword of Elements, and its sequels.