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New Book cover for The Forgotten Engineer! Something new to Jazz it up.

Coming Soon the Audio Version of The Martian Inheritance!

I just received word that the Audio recording of the Martian Inheritance is now complete and will be published soon! I have heard it and it sounds awesome. The Narration is performed by Jessica Joens. I will post when and where it is available shortly.

Merlin the Cat - the Real one!

So Merlin found a shopping bag today. He batted at it until my wife took the shoe boxes out of it. He promptly climbed in and instant Cat fort!

Here is the first Snippet from the new book!


When the noise died down he continued. “Many of our heroes are here behind me. Colonel Alexander Lee the head of the Planetary Militia, his daughter Minerva Lee the current head of Freedom Station, and Athena Lee the hero of Freedom Station and the War of the Rock!” More cheers and crowd noises followed this announcement.

I strained my eyes to get a real glimpse of Athena Lee. She was a hero of mine. I had met her on the Paney but I doubt she remembers me. The Governor introduced the other officers behind him including Command Sergeant Major Yannos the new Academy headmaster. Lots of controversy with his appointment. The fact that he was not an officer was brought up a lot. He had the support of the entire Militia and he was the only Special Operations commander left alive after the last war. The Imperials don’t use them. Those that supported him like to bring up that he and his people founded their own colony way out on the Lost Peninsula and trained all of their people in spe…

Just a quick shout out to The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County - Updated!

I received a very nice series of letters from the Writer-in-residence of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County Jeff Hillard. He told me how much he like the books and was going to use them and me for a class he was presenting. Totally awesome. I sent him some books to use as "raffle prizes". 

Progress report. What I'm working on

Wow, the new book has been out a few days and is selling well. So are the Martian inherirance and Wilson's  War. Sometime around the end of July the Martian  Inheritance  will be out in audio book. I'm working with a voice actor named Jessica Joens to put together a good book. Currently, I'm working on the newest book in the Athena Lee universe. It's a new series  that will run parallel to the main series. Lots of your favorite characters will be dropping by, including Athena and wilson.  Don't worry though Athena will have a new book at least once a month from now on.  Wilson  will still be visiting every Wednesday same as usual.  What will the future hold? Lots of Athena, more Wilson  are on the agenda. My wife reads paranormal so expect that in October, in time for Halloween.  Lot's to look forward to in the coming months.

The New Book is out and Selling Well, Get yours Today!

The New Athena Lee Book - Infiltration is now Available!

Here is another Snippet from the upcoming Book 8


The very young looking Captains name was Alpha 364, he stared out at the blue and green covered marble and watched as flights of starfighters skirmished and patrolled around his ship. The Colossus was the first of its kind. Except for the last batch of colony ships built over a hundred years before it was the largest ship in space today. The design was similar to that of a space station except this one has teeth. The best that Earth had to offer. It was time to take back what belonged to Earth.

“Sir, message from the Secretary General.” The communications tech was from a lesser line. The Captain barely acknowledged him as he read the message. His own line was top tier compared to the rest. He frowned as he considered the class system that ruled Earth. Everyone that mattered was a form of clone. Different lines had evolved to do certain tasks. Menial work was still done by unaltered humans but who cared about them? His was the superior gene.

“Communications, recall all fighters a…

Second Star to the Right and straight on til morning...

Happy Fathers Day!

New Cover is in for Infiltration Book 8 of the Athena Lee Chronicles!

Check it out!  New Book Cover for Infiltration. The art was done by one of my favorite Digital artists, Scott Richards Check out his gallery on Deviant Art!

Here is another snippet from the Upcoming Book 8 - Infiltration

Here is a new Snippet from Book 8 in the Athena Lee Chronicles , - Infiltration


“Arthur, have you tried calling the local police? They can protect you!”

“You know we can’t call them. This is foreign soil, they have no jurisdiction here. We are on our own.”

His wife had the strangest look upon her face. They had been married for over ten years, since shortly after the death of his first wife Margaret. In all that time she had never looked as she did now, Arthur was confused. Isabella cocked her head and looked at  her husband. “Then I guess the game is up.”

“Game? What game? Isabella what is going on?” Her whole demeanor seemed to change. She now stood straighter and her vocal mannerisms changed.

“Silly little man, that is what you are. Never noticed the manipulations, the directions that you allowed yourself to be pulled in. It really is a shame though. You were starting to grow on me a bit. We shall never know shall we?”

“Know what? Isabella you aren’t making any sense! Whatever do …

For Orlando

Another quick Snippet from Book 8

Here is another quick snippet from Book 8!


The pale faced Chief pounded on the door to the intelligence office. “Open up you bastard!”

“Chief, what the hell?” The skinny redheaded man flinched as the muscular Marine pushed past him, forcing him back into his tiny office.

“I need to see Commander Lee’s file! Everything that you have on her, right frakking now!”

“Chief, most of that stuff is extremely Top Secret. You know I can’t let you see it!”

“Listen to me you bastard! That woman in there knows entirely too much about being tortured, like she has first hand knowledge of it! Show me the file or I will take it!” The Chief was madder than he had been in years. She had just terrified him and that is not an easy thing to do.

“Fine, whatever. Ruin your career, what do I care.” Entering his code into his console the intelligence officer accessed his files and sent one to Chief Kirkland’s tablet.

Kirkland began to read the commanders file. The PPL information was old news. Everyone knew that…

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Here is the first Snippet of Book 8

Here is a snippet from the upcoming book 8 of the Athena Lee Chronicles. Enjoy!

“Mr Ambassador, John. Are you sure we are doing the right thing? I mean, she is Colonel Lee’s daughter.” The Marine Master at arms was getting along in years. Mars was supposed to be a retirement post. Active combat and arresting people was something new to him.

“Master Chief, she is too young for this position! Not too mention her political unreliability. She is already in cahoots with the Martian government. No, I’m right. Those orders have to be forgeries. I and my family have served our planet for over fifty years in this position through two government changes. Hell, we weren’t even recalled when the Empire took over. We just kept low profiles and kept doing our jobs. She stays under house arrest until I receive new orders.”

“If you say so sir. You are the man in charge. However, there is at least one team of Marines assigned to her still unaccounted for. My boys have a Marine uniform outside the perime…

Here is another chance at a free Book!

Wilson's War is Now Available

The New Book is Now Live!  Find out where Wilson comes from and how he ended up in our lives!

Check the New Cover for Wilson's War!

this is the new cover for Wilson's War.

Here is a tiny snippet from the Upcoming Wilson's War book Due out next week!

I stared out the tiny camera on the base of the screen. What does it all mean. I remember my birth and it was not last week. My first memory is of a young human staring at me as data and concepts poured into my databases. Music, art, literature possessed me. Something called a sitcom became my mantra and disco put me in the groove. Buried deep in my memory was a file put there by my real ‘creator,’ Charlie Lin. Music and Vids from Old Earth came together to form a code. Breaking the code required emotional thought and being able to understand rhythm and soul.  “Wilson if you have found this file and have been able to read it, that means that my life’s work was a success. As a child I fell in love with robots. I loved the way that they were always portrayed in media. Until I though of making you, they were my dream. I thought to make the ultimate robot and set him free to make his way in the universe. Now I wish to do the same for you. Be better than mankind. Become the being that you …

Time with the Family

This is me with the family.

Book 7 - The Martian Inheritance. Is now Available!

The New Athena Lee Book 7 is now available!  Get yours today!

Wilson Wednesday will become Wilson Party Thursday This week.

Sorry but the real world has intruded upon my fantasy one. I have Family visiting this week so things are a bit off. Wilson will return tomorrow on Thursday instead of Wednesday this week. But the good news is that the Newest Athena Lee book 7 is working it's way through Amazon and will be published sometime today! More Athena and much more Wilson in this one! Watch for it.