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The Book of the Week! Check this one out.


God’s first daughter is going to school. Lord help her…

Jessica McCloud knows first-hand that it’s tough to fit in when you’re God’s only begotten daughter. While she has the power to smite, and she’s privy to most of the juicy gossip in her West Texas town, nobody is knocking on her door with frankincense and myrrh. The Messiah-in-the-making still has to contend with algebra tests, her first crush, and menstrual cramps with the power to spark lightning storms…
As if dealing with her overbearing Father and a scheming preacher wasn’t enough, Jessica must face down the demons that lurk around every corner. No matter what she wants from life, everything seems to lead to a final showdown with the devil. The daughter of God has a choice: face the destiny thrust upon her or find some way to forge her own path…
The Beginning is the first book in the Jessica Christ series of hilarious satire novels. If you like a little blasphemy with your vulgarity, unforgettable characters, and an epic smackdown on the patriarchy, then you’ll love H. Claire Taylor’s fresh take on sexism, religion, and politics.

The BOOK of the week is something new I'm trying on my site. The authors represented will be those i know personally or have met at various conferences or events. 

Snippet Time! Here is #03 from Night of the Unicorn!


“This trip is against my Genevieve rights.”

Cat and I were discussing the logistics of our trip when we heard Fergus. Looking down he was standing on the coffee table looking up at us.

“What rights would those be?”

“The ones against Cruella and punishment. Those rights.” Fergus paced back and forth. I glanced at Cat and we both started laughing.

“The Geneva conventions are rules that take place in time of war. We aren’t at war right now and you’re not a soldier. Technically you are my familiar so where I go you go. Sorry Fergus but Montana is where we’re going whether you like it or not.”

He started jumping up and down. “I can’t go back. Sacrifices don’t ever come back! They won’t believe it’s me.” He stomped over to the edge of the table and jumped off.

“That’s the first time I’ve ever seen him be serious about something.” Cat pointed to the table.

“He has his moments. We talked about this trip a couple of times. Grandmother filled me in on what he told her when I was seven. According to her the Unicorns believe that their ancestors made a pact with humans centuries ago. The deal was that they would protect them from Dragons and the Unicorns would sacrifice themselves for the greater good.”

Cat leaned back in her chair. “Sacrifice how?”

“Not sure. They believe that whenever one of the herd disappears it means they were sacrificed. Since they, according to Fergus, don’t understand human speech they don’t differentiate deaths or being sold. Grandmother believes that someone in the herd must understand human speech though. Where else does the stories come from? Fergus knew quite a bit about the ranch he came from including the proper names for things. How else did he learn that?”

“Interesting. Is he going to help up find the thieves? I mean, they are his people.”

Arching my eyebrow I looked at her. “Maybe. Cat, he hates being tiny and this trip is only going to remind him of it.”

“But you said he would help us, didn’t you?”

“I did. He really won’t have much of a choice. We are going to Montana and we are staying at the Magnus Ranch whether he likes it or not. We’ll get into this during the briefing on the plane.” I glanced over my shoulder out the window. We should be there soon.

Cat winced at me. “We aren’t taking one of those cargo planes again are we?”

“Us, no. Chuck and Ana are driving to Montana. There isn’t a plane big enough on this side of the world that can haul this bus. The rest of us have a plane waiting for us at Otis.”

“Otis Naval Station? That Otis?” Cat’s eyes widened a bit.

“Yeah, why?”

“That’s where the Mer sisters work. You remember Thelma, Molly, and Geia don’t you?” She smiled at me.

The Mer sisters. Oh, boy do I remember them. The FBI Academy for Paranormals accepts all species as long as they can prove some worth to the US Government. Most Americans have no idea the actual number of Paras that exist and we like it that way. The Mer folk are unusual. They only recently came out to the public. A diver off the coast of Nova Scotia in the Dominion of Canada accidentally bumped into a group of them. They were caught on camera as he fled from them. Scientists and others flocked to the area soon after but the Mer were gone. They relocated to warmer waters near Cuba but were once again spotted. The American Witches Council made the announcement at, I’m assuming the World Council’s behest. Mer folk existed. Ambassadors were sent and treaties were made. Imagine my surprise to find three Mermaids and a handful of Tritons at school with me. Humans were very inquisitive and the world was growing digitally. Hiding was becoming harder and harder to do.

“I remember them. I thought they were going to return to their city. How did they end up here?”

“Funny story. Thelma and Molly liked the world too much. Geia wouldn’t go home without them and neither would the Tritons. So they made another deal. The original plan was for them to patrol the waters off the coast of Florida watching for smugglers and pirates. Now they are officially FBI Sea Scouts. They will work with the Coast Guard to patrol all of our coasts. They are based here at Otis until their command center is constructed in Florida. Too bad Mongo had to quit, they were sweet on him.” Cat laughed.

“You should tell Chuck. They liked him too. Grandmother told me that Mermaids were hardwired to like men, all men. Especially really big men. It’s where the Siren legends come from. Tritons can’t keep up with them, um, sexually.” I felt my cheeks heat up a bit.

Fergus's origin story, was written for an Anthology. It talked about his time at the Ranch and the girl he left behind as well as how Unicorns came to be there. You can Check it out HERE!


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Memoral Day Sale! Get Alpha Class for .99 Cents


(NOT A NEW BOOK - Just one on Sale)
Building a New Empire is supposed to be dangerous, but training the next generation of leaders?

That's not supposed to be dangerous, right?

Follow us as we have the people in the Etheric Empire setting up a special academy to train the first set of teen's on a leadership track. They are supposed to learn about the different groups in the Etheric Empire and areas (including R&D, Weapons, Operations and others). Unfortunately, some of the members of those teaching teams tapped to train the kids don't realize how ... adventurous... the teen's can be.

Especially if the teachers are Team BMW.

Travel with us as we are introduced to Alpha Class, one of the teams in the new Etheric Academy as they merge human's and Wechselbalg (Were's) in a group of five young adults as they learn to become the first cohesive group on their first assignment.

With Team BMW as their teachers, nothing could go wrong, right?

***A Kurtherian Gambit Adventure for Younger Readers.... Or those who are young at heart.***

New Cookbook is finally out.


 Welcome to the Badger Hole Bar - where the bar is alive with the sound of races and dimensions unexplored. Sit for a bit, read the stories, and enjoy this collection of recipes from the Eat and Read collection. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or omnivore, this cheerful cookbook and story collection will provide you with a welcome to a new series!

We will be waiting for you!

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Snippet Time! Check out #02 From Night of the Unicorn


Did you know about the existence of the World Council?”

Ana’s head jerked in my direction. She stared at me for what seemed like half a minute before answering. “That is … We are not…” She stopped. Shaking her head she smiled at me. “Some secrets are very hard to speak of. Yes, I know of the World Council. Its existence is one of the last great mysteries of our world. The humans either don’t know of it or don’t believe in it. How did you learn of it?”

“Grandmother. She told me she is the leader of the Council. It’s why the Witches Council is afraid of her.”

“That explains a few things. The former Director wondered how she had gotten so powerful. I did try and explain to him about Witches and lineage but, well, you remember how dense he was.” Ana shook her head.

“Yes. He did look pretty funny just hanging up in the air like that though. Grandmother didn’t go into very much detail but she did say it was made up of all the races native to this world. What does that mean exactly? Can you tell me?” I had a great deal of questions but grandmother only told me the basics.

Squinting Anastasia leaned back in her chair and rubbed her forehead. “You are of age then. That is why she told you of its existence. Each race has one or more representatives on the Council. Currently there are twelve members. Legend has it that there were once a great deal more. Witches, Weres, Vampires, and Goblins you may already know about. Yes?”

I nodded. Goblin kind was something only mentioned in the texts I had but I wasn’t about to tell her that.

“What you don’t know about is Dwarves, Drauger, Dvergr, Gargoyles, Fae, Mer folk, and others. I am a bit out of the loop when it comes to who the others may be. I can tell you that the Were have more than one representative on the Council. They are selected two ways: hereditary and by appointment. If your Grandmother is on the Council you are the next one to take the position unless your mother is able. Is she?”

“Teegan is not fit. Aunt Camilla kept her locked away in that sanitarium for years. They fed her so many pills and other medicines that she barely knows what year it is now. Grandmother and the healers are working with her. When I saw her recently she could barely say my name. She, like Camilla never finished her Magick training. Her power is gone. She won’t ever be as I remember her from childhood.” I hung my head and stared at the floor.

“So that would be no. What about Camilla’s daughters, your cousins?” Anastasia sounded very serious.

“Winter and Autumn are still getting over the loss of their mother and stepfather. As part of the investigation I talked to Winter. Camilla admitted to killing Harrison and all the others. Washington thinks she hired the Missionaries to do it for her. It would explain how she got involved with them in the first place and how none of the murders looked like murders. Trust me when I say the State Police investigated when each one seemed to die. I don’t think they have been told about the Council, even though they are older than me.”

“That sounds like a fun conversation you had.”

I blew out a breath. “Yeah. Fun. The fact that we lost Camilla’s body or she got away didn’t help.”

“She has to be dead. No one could have survived a hit from those fireballs.”

“Maybe. I might have if it was me. There are spells that allow the user to defend against most anything if you know how to use them properly. She could have learned. Regardless, there is an APB out for her and the remaining Missionaries of Death. As you well know.” I motioned toward the computer stations.

“True. So as I was saying. You may be the heir to the Council. Those that are appointed only get that way when a hereditary member has no heirs or is killed unexpectedly. It happens. When I was on…” Ana held up her hands as if to stop me.  “When I was associated with the Vampire rulers in Russia, the representative was an ancient named Clearchus. I have no idea if he survived the Purge or was killed. If he’s still around you need to watch your back. He’s about as trustworthy as your Aunt.”

“You didn’t mention Dragons. Are they on the Council too?”

“No. Dragons are not of this world. They come from somewhere else. Since you are age you were told of the doors to other worlds? Or is that something only the Vampires are aware of?” Ana leaned forward and looked me in the eye. I could feel her at the back of my mind but ignored it. She was just testing me, again.

“Still testing?” I smiled at her.

“A girl’s got to have options. I’m a Vampire, remember? We like to have back up plans. It’s a cultural thing. Check with any Vampire on the planet and they will have at least one way out of any current situation they are in. Even me. It’s how we’re wired.”

“Dragons?” I looked back at her.

“Dragons. They come from another world or universe. Some say many worlds and universes. It depends on who your listen to. I wasn’t really keeping any of this secret from you Agatha but everyone takes certain oaths when they get information such as this. Secrets make the world turn around.”

“And they come through the ways? The hallways of the Universes?” Ana gave me another sharp look

“They do. Portals and doors exist both naturally and artificially. There were several such doorways in our old cities. What has happened to them is a mystery. They might be how the Dragons get here but I think there are many other ways. How do you know about the halls?”

I debated with myself. Should I tell her of my summer adventure? “Grandmother.”

“OK. Does that answer your question about the Council?” Ana looked at me funny. I don’t think she believed me about the Halls.

“So they gather and do what? Negotiate?”

“Yes. They are the ones that make the laws and rules that the Witches Council enforces. They are the real power on this planet.” That statement alone blew me away. Grandmother Blackmore was the Queen of the world!

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Help a New Author out!

Here's a chance to help an Author out and maybe get a free book! Author Ginny Clyde has a new book in the Kindle Scout program. Kindle Scout is reader-powered publishing for new, never-before-published books. It’s a place where readers help decide if a book gets published. Selected books will be published by Kindle Press.

If you go to Ginny's Author Website you have a chance for a Free Copy of this one if it wins. Pretty Cool. Ginny is one of my many Mentees. That is my only relationship to her.  

Feel free to check out some of her other work Too. 





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Book of the Week.

Book of the Week!

 Killers. Thieves. Pirates. Family.

Mercy Kincaid is a fugitive from her own family. Her dangerous telepathic gifts make her a target. So is anyone she gets close to. When her best friend is captured and tortured, Mercy’s only hope is to reunite with the family that tried to murder her as a child. She trusts few among her blood relatives, but finds herself intrigued by an enigmatic and dangerous killer.

Reaper has spent a lifetime watching his people die. He's vowed to kill anyone who jeopardizes their survival. Mercy’s gifts are the biggest threat they’ve faced in eleven years, since a biological weapon nearly annihilated the pirate colonies. But Reaper realizes her talents can either destroy them, or save them. He must decide if he’s fallen victim to her power, or if he can truly trust the beautiful woman and her compelling abilities. If he makes the wrong choice, everyone dies.

Pirate Nemesis is the first book in an ongoing space opera series. If you like compelling world-building, fantastic characters, and romantic adventure, then you'll love Carysa Locke's new twist on an old genre.

Check here Each week for New and Exciting books from Both Authors I know and Mentees. 

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New Mug, Unicorn Gangsta!

Someone mentioned to me that Fergus was like a Unicorn Gangster. I just had to do it. You can get this one and lots more like it HERE!

PIMP Fergus's Barn.

I want you to Pimp Fergus's Barn for him. Everyone that enters gets a nifty Bumper Sticker suitable for your car or laptop. Randomly selected entrants get stuff from my Merchandise site. 
Please write legibly because Unicorns don't read all that well. 

Snippet Time! Check out a short one from Night of the Unicorn. Here's #01


“Why am I here?” Once again the cave echoed my words.

“Who says you are?”

Spinning around I saw several black clad figures standing in the distance. A faint green glow clung to them like it was painted on them.

“What?” I felt my eyes widen as the figure in the fronts eyes began to glow the same sickly green.

“This place is ours. It always has been and always will be. To get here you must learn of the order and sacrifice to Set and only then will you earn the honor of a chance to join us.” The words dripped from the mouth of the ancient woman standing in front of me.

“Set.” My eyes narrowed in concentration.The word was echoed throughout the cavern, unlike the ancient woman’s words.

The woman stepped out of the shadows followed by a half dozen others. Each drew sacrificial daggers and held them low in tight grips. My ball of light made the blades shine with unholy light. “What say you child of light? Will you join us and fulfill the potential that your family saw in you years ago or will you die? This is your moment of truth. I swear by Set and our Goddess that we will either possess you or kill you!” The women continued to advance toward me faster now.

Mumbling, I cast a freeze spell followed by a several fireballs. None of what I threw at them worked. They moved closer and closer to me. Starting to panic I backed up. Not watching where I was walking my feet hid one of the skeletons causing me to loose my balance and fall backwards. One minute I was backing away the next I was on my ass with a rib cage locked firmly around my ankle. Shaking my leg like a cat with a rubber band I tried to stand. Hearing laughter I looked up.

“So the mighty fall. Get up little Witch. It’s not like you have anywhere to go.” The green-eyed woman waved her hand and torches suddenly lit along the walls of the cave.

Still struggling I kicked the old bones off and forced myself up. The walls all around me were not faintly lit. There were no exits.

“Submit to us Agatha Blackmore. We offer training and power the likes of which this world has never seen.”

Finding my voice at last I yelled my response. “I submit to no one. Not you or your God of chaos. My choices are my own. You may attack me now but you will never break those that stand against you.”

“Pretty words. But we know different don’t we, young Witch. We know of the doubt and hurt that infests your heart. You will belong to us one day. Fate is fickle that way.” She woman raised her arm, tossing the knife she held straight at my head.

Using skill I didn’t know I had I managed to catch the blade. Shocked I stared at it in surprise. All those sessions with Cat and Chuck seemed to have paid off finally.

“Impressive. Try stopping this one.” A green glowing ball of flames headed straight at me.

Screaming I covered my head with my hands. I could feel the heat of the flames as the fireball touched my skin and then nothing.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Status Update. What I'm up to.

I though I might Update everyone as to what i have in the works for the next couple of months.

I'm writing the next Federal Witch book 5 -Night of the Unicorn. Darkness Revealed is also in the works. This is the story of what happened to Camilla at the end of Book 4. The new spin off series beginning with Shade of Honor is complete and has been passed off to the editors to play with. I expect to see the completed manuscript any day now. I'm the publisher so as soon as I get my hands on it you will too.

Sometime this summer I have a new mini-Series of mysteries coming out. They will be about Mongo, the WerePolarBear from the FBI Academy. You might remember him from Cat's night out. He was sort of responsible for allowing the Jackalopes to escape. I recently wrote an introduction to him in an Anthology of Mystery stories. It's out in June so expect notification of it then. Mongo's first book will be called Jamaican Karma.  Also out in June is the Expanding Universe Book 2. 23 authors got together to put out some awesome Science Fiction. The story I wrote is something completely different for me and for you.

Beyond that the horizon is wide open. I have several more Cookbooks coming out as well as more in the current series.

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Check it out! Author Craig Martelle has a brand New Space Anthology with something New from me in it!

The Expanding Universe book 2 is now in Pre-Order! Check out the awesome stories it contains. Mine is something completely different! 
Twenty-three talented authors. Twenty-three remarkable stories. One incredible science fiction collection.

The universe is expanding and these are some of its stories. Twenty-three bestselling and debut authors have created worlds where invasions are apocalyptic and space empires are in peril. The universe is beyond our understanding...and sometimes, what we don't know can kill us.

From gruesome alien invasions to epic space battles, the second volume of The Expanding Universe will expand your imagination. Explore the possibilities that our infinite universe holds with psychic hunters, brave soldiers who battle vicious invaders, and brilliant engineers who must act quickly to save their crewmembers. And only in The Expanding Universe will you find mercenary nuns.

Chivalry in space, pirates versus drones, a starship teetering on the edge of a gravity well, and space marines doing what they do best--kicking ass--will have you on the edge of your seat, turning pages long into the night to find out what happens next. And only in The Expanding Universe will you find mercenary nuns.

When we discover we're not alone in the universe, will you be prepared? Grab your copy of The Expanding Universe Volume 2 today and explore the worlds that these talented authors have created.

Defense of the Deep Space Denali by Craig Martelle
Self-Perspective by Amy DuBoff
Peyton's Legacy by S.M. Schmitz
Cassowary Raid by Drew A. Avera
Fox Hunt by Carysa Locke
Honor Duel by Kevin O. McLaughlin
A Prayer for the Faithless by David Bruns
Margolis Space Rescue by P. Joseph Cherubino
Venusian Uprising by M. D. Cooper
Destroy the Planet by T.J. Ryan
Boarded by Dale Furse
Space Colony One: Night of Flames by J.J. Green
Pirates vs. Drones by J.L. Hendricks and S.R. Witt
Space Cadets: Acid Slime by H.J. Lawson
Nun Shall Pass by Barry Hutchison
Intuition (A Galactic Warriors Prequel) by Monica Leonelle
Panic Button by Sam Maguire
Motherlode by Bill Patterson
Emergence by E.R. Starling
Mara's Honor by Taki Drake
The Drone Pilot by Brian J. Walton
Operation Solid Iron by James Osiris Baldwin
Dead in Space by T.S. Paul

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Something to read

An author friend of mine has a new book out this week. Its an extended edition of his first two Aeon 14 novels. A good deal and cheap too at .99 cents! You can get your copy HERE!  I already got mine.

Destiny Rising is an extended edition of Outsystem and A Path in the Darknes, the first two books in The Intrepid Saga. It is re-structured and re-edited and contains over 100 pages of new content, including a new opening to the series.

The Sol Space Federation has stood for a over thousand years, controlling every world within Sol's heliopause.

Lieutenant Colonel Tanis Richards has given her life for the Terran Space Force time and time again. But now, deep within the hollowed out core of the Toro asteroid, the military has asked too much.

Commander Joseph Evens has flown starfighters in the deep black for years, but when he is sent on a mission to blockade a federation member’s capital world, he wonders what he has put his faith in.

The Sol Space Federation has bound the worlds and habitats of the Sol System together since the end of the second Solar War, but that was long ago, and the old alliances, which were forged with the Phobos Accords, are now all but forgotten. 

Beyond Sol’s heliopause, the Future Generation Terraformers create new worlds for humanity to spread to, and back home, the Generation Ship Service commissions great colony ships to reach those worlds. 

One such ship is the GSS Intrepid, and it is on this ship that Joseph and Tanis meet after deciding that they wish to leave humanity’s home system and see what future there is amongst the stars.

They may have picked the wrong ship. From eco-terrorists, to rival colony ships, to corporations and governments. No one wants the Intrepid to ever leave the Sol System. It will fall to Tanis and Joe to save the Intrepid and earn their place on its roster in their struggle to get outsystem.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Snippet Time! Check out #04 from Shade of Honor


Zhanna could not remember being more scared in her entire life. Walking deliberately into a situation that could get her hurt or killed was not something she thought she would ever have to do. She simply could not think of a different way of carrying out the rescue. Making herself a mental promise to freak out later, Zhanna straightened her back and walked forward. Right into a blow that knocked her against the wall.

As the black spots rapidly covered her conscious mind with shades of forgetfulness, she dimly heard a voice through the ringing in her ears. “Now, you will pay, suka.”


Everything hurt. That was the first feeling, the first impression, that pierced the deadened veil around her mind. Where she was, what had happened? She couldn’t remember, couldn’t think.

Her jaw hurt worst of all, so she tried to raise her hand toward her face. There was a clink of metal, and her fingers were stopped short of her cheek. A small moan escaped her mouth, reflecting the pain and confusion that she was frantically trying to get past.

“Shush, it will be ok. Just finish waking up before you move.”

It was a voice that she knew, that she trusted. Believing the voice, she waited for a few minutes as her vision cleared and her memory returned. She had been walking into the school. It was supposed to be part of the plan to rescue the children. She had agreed to come in and negotiate, leaving all weapons and her familiar behind her.

<<The door! Then a blow!!>> Zhanna remembered now. Someone had struck her as soon as she had gone out of the sight of the rest of her allies. And there had been a voice… Someone she knew.

“Do you feel well enough to drink a little water, Zhanna?”

The young woman opened her eyes and blearily focused on the older woman addressing her. It was Yana, the main teacher of mathematics in the school. As Zhanna’s vision cleared, she could see that the woman was bedraggled and tired-looking. She was also only partially dressed. Ignoring that for a moment, the mage asked, “Where am I and what is happened? And, please, where are the children?”

The teacher looked Zhanna in the face and responded, as tears ran down her cheeks, “I could not save all of them, please forgive me.” 

Dropping her head onto her hands, Yana began to sob broken-heartedly. Without thinking, Zhanna stretched her hand out in comfort only to be brought up short and to the sound of clinking metal. A short chain attached manacles on each of her wrists together, and a longer chain ran from the center of that down to each ankle. She would have difficulty moving, and it would be almost impossible to move quickly.

Staring wide-eyed at the massive metal chains, Zhanna swore in a low fervent voice, “Dishonorable pigs! Ask for negotiation and hide behind that to violate their honor! Ublyudki i duraki!”

At the last phrase, the mage was startled to hear a small giggle in the corner of the room. Looking up, Zhanna saw the gleam of three pairs of small eyes. Glancing at the still sobbing teacher, the mage said in her gentlest voice, “Could you please come and hug the teacher? It seems I cannot do that right now and she really needs a hug.”

For a moment, Zhanna did not think the children would come out of the corner. Finally, one of the bravest, a fine-boned little girl with black hair and violet eyes crept out. The girl’s eyes darted fearfully between the mage and the area behind her. Being careful not to make any sudden movements or loud noises, the young woman smiled approvingly at the little girl.

The child was dressed in a motley of different clothes. Zhanna now knew where the teacher’s extra garments had gone. The room was cold and damp feeling, with a disquieting sense of danger. Even with one of the teacher’s blouses covering her own clothing, the little girl looked chilled.

As the little one touched the shoulder of the sobbing older woman, a sound in the hallway could be heard. Instantly, Yana transformed from grief to protective fury. Snatching up the child, she flung her body back into the shadows, cradling the little one against her chest. It was as if she had disappeared. There was no sound, no indication that anyone was in the cell other than Zhanna.

Burying her fear deep below the surface of her mind, Zhanna reined her rebellious thoughts under control. Concentrating on her hard-earned skills, she drew energy into her core, dissipating the lingering sense of pain and shoring up the weakness of her bruised body. A part of her was thankful for the pain-filled lessons of the last few months. The skills that she had learned in the battles with first the Vrxa and then the soul-sucking plants had taught her how to power her magic even without her familiar by her side. She had even learned how to work around the metal contact that would have kept other mages from being able to cast spells.

If the faceless ones, these dishonorable wizards, thought that they were going to win through their treachery, they had a new lesson coming. The light of battle in her eyes, Zhanna turned to face what came next.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Snippet Time! Check out snippet #03 from Shade of Honor!


“I refuse to accept that as legitimate!”

“That is just the way things are done, Zhanna.”

“You have no honor! Your actions are those of an unthinking and brainless idiot. How can you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning and not want to shun your own behavior?”

“You know damn well that we have kept our families fed and the village maintained. There is no way of making money here, and it is every man for himself.”

“So you prostitute yourself, act like a shlyukha, and try to make it seemed like you have to do it for your family.”

“We do the best we can. Would you have my parents starve? Would you have Igor’s children go without clothing?”

“Krava, I am telling you that there is a different way. There has to be a different way. Our history, our traditions, go beyond what we are doing now. It is like we have lost our way.”

The tall witch grimaced and answered sarcastically, “Until something miraculous happens, Zhanna, we will just have to continue our mercenary ways. I am sorry that you do not approve, but that is the harsh reality. Even now your grandmother has repairs on her home that need to be done. How are you going to pay for that? Your brother is now dead, there is no more money for you or her.”

“I’m certainly not going to be forced into marrying you! That would be a different type of selling, and one that neither of us would enjoy. I would make certain of that.”

<<As would I,>> added a deadly-sounding voice in both witch’s head.

Krava snorted in annoyance. “Of all the witches in our village that it could have gotten a familiar, it had to be you, Zhanna. You have no mercenary skills, and we would not allow you to work outside the village anyway. What good is a familiar if you can’t work your magic?”

“Understand me clearly, Krava. I will work where I choose to work, I will do what I choose to do. No one else will tell me what I am allowed or not allowed to do, especially you.”

Infuriated, the bulky man in mercenary garb raised his arm and stepped toward the defiant small woman. Unseen by Krava, the palm of Zhanna’s right hand began to glow a peculiar dull red. She was fully prepared to fight the man who had just proposed to her. His overbearing and bullying ways had bothered her since they were both small children. His attitude and the sense of personal danger she felt when he was around had been the impetus for her immediate and untactful refusal. If she had thought about it, she would’ve known that he would not have taken any refusal well.

Despite how horrible he had been as a snarky little boy, as a man he had gotten worse. Much worse. Every time he had gone away for a job, he came back more like a dictator, like someone who would demand that others perform as he chose. Zhanna knew that even his parents dreaded their son’s homecoming.

When being within a few feet of him made her skin crawl and small hairs to stand up, marriage would be horrible torture. She would find a different way to take care of her grandmother. A way that would leave her with honor and pride, not a shameful sacrifice, a pozornaya zhertva.

Her thoughts had interrupted her movement and distracted her at a dangerous point. Krava’s close-handed blow knocked her off her feet and slammed her into the table. Shaking her head in an attempt to clear it, Zhanna tried to scramble to her feet. She was too focused to feel fear, too intent for indecision.

Drawing a deep breath as she stood up, the young witch started to pull in her energy for a defensive shield. She knew she had a few seconds before Krava would attempt to hurt her again since she knew that he liked to “play” with his victims. Centering herself, Zhanna prepared to fight.

The mercenary witch advanced closer to her with a cruel smile on his face, the light of anticipation in his eyes. That look changed to complete shock when he was rudely interrupted. It wasn’t just Zhanna that had been lost in the moment. Krava had also lost situational awareness. Or perhaps he had just discounted the small black cat.

The familiar.

Bad mistake.

VERY bad mistake.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Something new in Paranormal - A new author to check out

This Author is a friend of a friend that is just starting out. She has a couple of new books this year. Mostly PNR (paranormal Romance) but I have been told it ranks a 3 on a scale of 10 of how racy it is. Check out To Catch a Spirit Here!  Take a look at her other books below.  Thanks!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Snippet Time! Check out #02 from Shade of Honor! Coming soon!


All that Zhanna could hear in the stunned silence was the dripping of water. Water dripping everywhere. Plunk, plunk, plunk. Her hair was plastered to her face, and she reached up a hand to clear her vision. The cavern was now decorated with dripping water, fragments of vegetation, and one very pissed off familiar.

<<Oh, oh! This is going to be bad,>> she thought to herself.

The usually elegant Russian Blue cat looked like a skinny black drowned rat. Her eyes seem to have doubled in size, glaring beams of green flame at the sodden witch. Slowly, ever so slowly, the cat raised first one front paw and shook it, and then the other. A sharp ripping sound started to emanate from its chest, and the familiar appeared to grow in size.

A nimbus of green flame had surrounded the form of the feline before a swirl of invisible wind encircled it. Instead of a 15 pound, normal-looking cat, the creature that stretched and arched its back before deliberately pacing over toward Zhanna was the size of a cat seen last on the Earth a millennium before.

If sabertooth tigers had come in black, this is what they would’ve looked like. Dascha had totally transformed into her alternate shape. Her dense coat had a subtle striping to it with blue, black, and dark gray forming stripes that ran along the body. Easily measuring 12 feet from her nose to the end of her tail, Dascha’s head now came up to Zhanna’s shoulder. What had been a very upset small cat now was a whole lot more infuriated feline.

At last, Dascha found her voice, producing a thundering roar in Zhanna’s head and an earsplitting caterwaul that echoed around the cavern.

<<What on earth were you thinking of? That was not the spell that you were going to try!>>

<<I just wanted to see if it would work. It seemed like it would be a logical thing to do after the spells we been practicing all morning.>>

<<If your goal was to translocate a large body of water up onto that walls, rip vegetation apart, and assaulted me with water, the spell worked. Otherwise, I would say it was some sort of epic failure.>>

<<I am truly sorry, Dascha. I knew I was tired and just wanted to try one more thing.>>

The cat looked around the cavern, noting broken stalactites, translocated fish that were gasping their last breath, and the continued dripping of water. Pinning her green-eyed gaze on her witch, the familiar summed up her opinion succinctly, <<I would say that this one counts as a failure.>>

Softening both her mental tone and audible snarling, the familiar continued,<<Let’s go home, Zhanna. You’re tired, and we will continue another day. After all, such learning is hard to do by yourself.>>