Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Snippet Time! Check out a short one from Night of the Unicorn. Here's #01


“Why am I here?” Once again the cave echoed my words.

“Who says you are?”

Spinning around I saw several black clad figures standing in the distance. A faint green glow clung to them like it was painted on them.

“What?” I felt my eyes widen as the figure in the fronts eyes began to glow the same sickly green.

“This place is ours. It always has been and always will be. To get here you must learn of the order and sacrifice to Set and only then will you earn the honor of a chance to join us.” The words dripped from the mouth of the ancient woman standing in front of me.

“Set.” My eyes narrowed in concentration.The word was echoed throughout the cavern, unlike the ancient woman’s words.

The woman stepped out of the shadows followed by a half dozen others. Each drew sacrificial daggers and held them low in tight grips. My ball of light made the blades shine with unholy light. “What say you child of light? Will you join us and fulfill the potential that your family saw in you years ago or will you die? This is your moment of truth. I swear by Set and our Goddess that we will either possess you or kill you!” The women continued to advance toward me faster now.

Mumbling, I cast a freeze spell followed by a several fireballs. None of what I threw at them worked. They moved closer and closer to me. Starting to panic I backed up. Not watching where I was walking my feet hid one of the skeletons causing me to loose my balance and fall backwards. One minute I was backing away the next I was on my ass with a rib cage locked firmly around my ankle. Shaking my leg like a cat with a rubber band I tried to stand. Hearing laughter I looked up.

“So the mighty fall. Get up little Witch. It’s not like you have anywhere to go.” The green-eyed woman waved her hand and torches suddenly lit along the walls of the cave.

Still struggling I kicked the old bones off and forced myself up. The walls all around me were not faintly lit. There were no exits.

“Submit to us Agatha Blackmore. We offer training and power the likes of which this world has never seen.”

Finding my voice at last I yelled my response. “I submit to no one. Not you or your God of chaos. My choices are my own. You may attack me now but you will never break those that stand against you.”

“Pretty words. But we know different don’t we, young Witch. We know of the doubt and hurt that infests your heart. You will belong to us one day. Fate is fickle that way.” She woman raised her arm, tossing the knife she held straight at my head.

Using skill I didn’t know I had I managed to catch the blade. Shocked I stared at it in surprise. All those sessions with Cat and Chuck seemed to have paid off finally.

“Impressive. Try stopping this one.” A green glowing ball of flames headed straight at me.

Screaming I covered my head with my hands. I could feel the heat of the flames as the fireball touched my skin and then nothing.


  1. OMG I hope they are just trying to mess with her in a dream. Yep I'm hooked, ready for the next one. OK just to be honest this tease was just so mean and soooooooo good, way to draw us in.

  2. Lol total agreement here you should know I'm going to borrow M.A.s lawn and garden fairies to to hound you with the death of a thousand cuts untill you produce the book

  3. It's in process. I love snippets BTW. SO much fun. June is going to be a big month. At least 2 new books.