Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Snippet Time! Here is #03 from Night of the Unicorn!


“This trip is against my Genevieve rights.”

Cat and I were discussing the logistics of our trip when we heard Fergus. Looking down he was standing on the coffee table looking up at us.

“What rights would those be?”

“The ones against Cruella and punishment. Those rights.” Fergus paced back and forth. I glanced at Cat and we both started laughing.

“The Geneva conventions are rules that take place in time of war. We aren’t at war right now and you’re not a soldier. Technically you are my familiar so where I go you go. Sorry Fergus but Montana is where we’re going whether you like it or not.”

He started jumping up and down. “I can’t go back. Sacrifices don’t ever come back! They won’t believe it’s me.” He stomped over to the edge of the table and jumped off.

“That’s the first time I’ve ever seen him be serious about something.” Cat pointed to the table.

“He has his moments. We talked about this trip a couple of times. Grandmother filled me in on what he told her when I was seven. According to her the Unicorns believe that their ancestors made a pact with humans centuries ago. The deal was that they would protect them from Dragons and the Unicorns would sacrifice themselves for the greater good.”

Cat leaned back in her chair. “Sacrifice how?”

“Not sure. They believe that whenever one of the herd disappears it means they were sacrificed. Since they, according to Fergus, don’t understand human speech they don’t differentiate deaths or being sold. Grandmother believes that someone in the herd must understand human speech though. Where else does the stories come from? Fergus knew quite a bit about the ranch he came from including the proper names for things. How else did he learn that?”

“Interesting. Is he going to help up find the thieves? I mean, they are his people.”

Arching my eyebrow I looked at her. “Maybe. Cat, he hates being tiny and this trip is only going to remind him of it.”

“But you said he would help us, didn’t you?”

“I did. He really won’t have much of a choice. We are going to Montana and we are staying at the Magnus Ranch whether he likes it or not. We’ll get into this during the briefing on the plane.” I glanced over my shoulder out the window. We should be there soon.

Cat winced at me. “We aren’t taking one of those cargo planes again are we?”

“Us, no. Chuck and Ana are driving to Montana. There isn’t a plane big enough on this side of the world that can haul this bus. The rest of us have a plane waiting for us at Otis.”

“Otis Naval Station? That Otis?” Cat’s eyes widened a bit.

“Yeah, why?”

“That’s where the Mer sisters work. You remember Thelma, Molly, and Geia don’t you?” She smiled at me.

The Mer sisters. Oh, boy do I remember them. The FBI Academy for Paranormals accepts all species as long as they can prove some worth to the US Government. Most Americans have no idea the actual number of Paras that exist and we like it that way. The Mer folk are unusual. They only recently came out to the public. A diver off the coast of Nova Scotia in the Dominion of Canada accidentally bumped into a group of them. They were caught on camera as he fled from them. Scientists and others flocked to the area soon after but the Mer were gone. They relocated to warmer waters near Cuba but were once again spotted. The American Witches Council made the announcement at, I’m assuming the World Council’s behest. Mer folk existed. Ambassadors were sent and treaties were made. Imagine my surprise to find three Mermaids and a handful of Tritons at school with me. Humans were very inquisitive and the world was growing digitally. Hiding was becoming harder and harder to do.

“I remember them. I thought they were going to return to their city. How did they end up here?”

“Funny story. Thelma and Molly liked the world too much. Geia wouldn’t go home without them and neither would the Tritons. So they made another deal. The original plan was for them to patrol the waters off the coast of Florida watching for smugglers and pirates. Now they are officially FBI Sea Scouts. They will work with the Coast Guard to patrol all of our coasts. They are based here at Otis until their command center is constructed in Florida. Too bad Mongo had to quit, they were sweet on him.” Cat laughed.

“You should tell Chuck. They liked him too. Grandmother told me that Mermaids were hardwired to like men, all men. Especially really big men. It’s where the Siren legends come from. Tritons can’t keep up with them, um, sexually.” I felt my cheeks heat up a bit.

Fergus's origin story, was written for an Anthology. It talked about his time at the Ranch and the girl he left behind as well as how Unicorns came to be there. You can Check it out HERE!


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