Monday, March 28, 2016

Armload of Cat

So I'm trying to write. Our Cat, Merlin thinks I'm a warm place to sleep so he jumps up on my chest and curls up. Now I am covered in Cat hair.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Time for another snippet from the new book -Revolutions

Here is another short snippet from the new book in the works  Book 4 Revolutions. Don't forget to check back later this week for the second installment of Wilson Wednesday! Enjoy....

The space industry around the planet had grown since I was last here. The massive Legation Station the headquarters of the sector governor was new. It was almost as large as Fleet HQ’s station back in New Reno. I could see several shipyards and what looked like an asteroid mining facility in the distance. It seems that big industry was changing my sleepy little planet. I thanked Captain Gorshin for allowing me on the bridge and returned to engineering. When the James Cook entered the system all mail and communications had been updated. My link notified me of several messages from my family and one from the local government .

My family, after so many years I was both excited and anxious about seeing them. We had not parted on good terms. My Father was the head of the Planetary Militia; Colonel Alexander Lee. At last count I have two brothers and a sister. Our mother had died early in our lives. Hong Kong is a hard planet to adapt to for an off-worlder. Mother was from Mars. Mars has been colonized longer than any planet in the galaxy but not yet Terra-formed. Some progress has been made but full life support is needed to leave any city or hab. The gravity on Mars is 38% of that of Earth and 50% of Hong Kong.  A combination of a heavier gravity and unfiltered air killed our mother. Her immune system could not handle the impact that our planet cause upon her. Growing up without my mother was very difficult. My older siblings helped to raise me. Father was too busy with a militia to run to take care of a small child. We were like tiny recruits to him. His legacy and that of our family defined my early childhood. As soon as I was of age over the protests of my father I left. I wanted a career in space, not in the militia. Only one of my siblings had not joined up. Breaking from tradition  David’s goal in life was to be that of a farmer. He was the gentlest man that I knew. He had been the first one that I had called after getting ‘rescued’. I can only imagine my families surprise to have me come back from the dead. Like a ‘hungry ghost’ I have reappeared in there lives. Trouble can only follow.

As I had expected David’s message was an invitation to stay with him and his family. All I could do was smile. I was so looking forward to meeting his wife and children. I quickly sent him a thank you and gave him a roundabout time of arrival. The local Government message was in legalese. Wilson told me that it was basically a “hey, your not dead! Here is your tax form,” kind of message. Death and taxes, there is no escape. My big sister Minerva, called Min by just about everyone, was now a Major with the Militia Fighter Command. Her message was short and sweet. “Glad you are alive, come and see me when you get in.” That was Min always to the point. My oldest brother Hannibal was also a Major in the Militia his message was tacked on to my Father’s “come home.” Taking a deep breath I quickly typed out a short message and sent it to my family.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Last day of the Countdown Deal

Just one more day of the Countdown Sale for The Forgotten Engineer. Thank to all of those that bought it I hope you liked it. Book 4 - Revolutions is coming along I have 10k in words written(thats about 3-4 chapters) I am shooting for 45k on words so much longer this time. I do listen to the comments. The next Wilson Wednesday is coming up. Look for that story on March 30th.  I plan to snippet the new book sometime this weekend so check back for that. Have a Great weekend.   -Scott

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Recap for the week

Sales have been really good on the countdown deal of book 1 The Forgotten engineer. Haven't got it yet? Then go get it. Over 500 people have read the book so far. The new book #4 Revolutions is coming along strong. I will start the editing process soon on it. Check back here tomorrow for the first in my Wilson Wednesday series. Every week I will post a short to medium story about the crazy AI and his adventures with Athena Lee.

Still searching for something it read? You could check out my friend Michael Anderle's books if you like. He is on Kindle unlimited also. Not quite the same stuff that I write but it is sort of military sci fi. With vampires. Check it out.

Or check out some of the other authors I have listed under links you can't live without. Until tomorrow.......Scott

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Saturday, March 19, 2016

New Book going up on Amazon today!

I have decided to release all three books in a one volume trilogy. I had a New KICK-ASS cover made up and it looks killer. At a price of $7.99 it is a $2 savings when buying all 3 books. It will be on Kindle Unlimited to read for those who belong to KU.

Friday, March 18, 2016

As Promised here is a snippet from Book 4 - Revolutionary due late April

Of course it's a Wilson story.  Enjoy :

As I keyed in my room code I could  hear the music. There was a rhythmic thumping emanating from my quarters. As the door opened I was greeted by flashing red lights and waves of color and sound.  “Wilson! Wilson! What in the hell are you doing in here!” I yelled at him. Wilson was in my head, as he was a computer AI. Me just yelling made me feel more effective. Moving across the floor before me doing a bump and grind, were my two prototype droids. Wilson had set up disco lights using all parts and equipment he found here and there.

“Hey, is that my new control panel for engineering? We have been looking all over for that thing! “ The panel in question had become a strobe light and was painting the room with red and white flashes. Now the droids were spinning in circles to the music and waving their repair arms in the air. I reached over the panel of lights and threw the main power switch. Everything died. Even the emergency lights, they had been subverted and were now spotlights. Using the flashlight that I keep by the door I lit up the room. The droids had stopped moving and were now ‘watching’ me. “Wilson, get out of those droids and talk to me, right now!”

“You know that you are no fun right?” Wilson was back in my head.

“What the hell Wilson? Disco in my quarters?” This was not the first time he had done this. “I don’t care if you listen to music or whatever it is you are doing…. “, but please don’t take parts and equipment from engineering. I had my crew searching every trash compartment on the ship looking for that panel.” I pointed at the now dark control panel. “Do you know what the inside of a trash compacter looks like?” I shined my light into the mirror so he could see out my eyes. “If you ever, and I mean EVER steal a component from engineering again, I will lock you in a box and toss you into one of those! UNDERSTAND!”

“Yes, Athena. Sorry.” He was using his little boy voice.

He just makes me feel bad when he did this. Not falling for it this time. “Wilson, use a bigger voice please."

Got some writing done, started the new book.

It was chilly in the house when I woke up this morning. 58 degrees in the house. We had the AC on yesterday and I had to turn on the heat this morning. Missouri is just crazy when it comes to weather. You can get sunburn and frostbite in the same week. 
  I got started on Book 4, Revolutionary, this morning. I plan to post a snippet this evening so check back. So far so good. This book looks to be a bit longer than the previous ones.   Later, Scott

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

As Promised the Re-write of Book 2, Engineering Murder is now completed.

I posted the new 3rd edition of Engineering Murder a few Minutes ago. I won't really know for at least 12 hours how many pages it added, but it should be several. I did add a small amount of new content also. Just to fill in some needed details.  Check it out tomorrow.
Now for some better news!   An Amazon Countdown deal kicks off  on Sunday March 20. Making my first book, Engineering Murder .99 cents for a short time. Get it while its hot!
Also, pay attention to THIS blog for an Upcoming short story serial all about that crazy but love able AI, Wilson! I should be posting the first one of those next week. Check back for more stuff regularly. 

Thanks        -Scott

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Rewrite of Book 1, The Forgotten Engineer is complete

The Rewrite of book 1 is done. (it takes about 4 hours to reset)   The Forgotten Engineer is a much better book now, 60 pages instead of 31.  Check it out on Kindle Unlimited if you don't believe me.  Book 2 is next but mainly for the formatting.  I will start writing book 4 -Revolutionary.  Either tonight or tomorrow. The first chapter (still in my head) is already started. I will tease it soon.   

Monday, March 14, 2016

Updates and Trivia

In all of my books I like to put some 'pop culture' references or funny things. The whole Wilson character started in book one, The Forgotten Engineer. I thought while writing it wouldn't it be nice to at least have someone to talk to, other than yourself. If you have seen the movie 'Cast Away" Tom Hanks Character goes a little crazy, spending years talking to himself in the personification of a Volleyball. I thought Why not? only my Wilson talks back. For real. and hes goofy. If you feel adventurous try googling some of the names, places and ships. In some cases you might get a surprise. So far I very rarely have Killed a fan or family member in the books. Not tempting yet...
Enjoy the new book.   Just as an Update: Book 1's rewrite is almost finished, I will be sending the last chapters to the "editors" today. Book 2 will be reedited and maybe some formatting  done to it. My wife is already on my case to get started on Book 4 -Revolutionary. Look for that one in late April.
Check back here from time to time. I have some other surprises planned.  Later.... Scott
The Cat is always trying to help when I write.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Saturday, March 12, 2016

So I bought the Scrivener Program to use to write my books with.

 Scrivener. Everyone uses it. Except me. Well I went and got a copy of it. If you have never used this it can be Really confusing. I spent all day today messing with it and my book still kept coming out wonky.  Finally my wife was like look on Youtube.  and guess what ?  I fixed it. I felt like He Man master of the universe conquering the printed word. Until my wife did her job and shot me down....

Friday, March 11, 2016

It's time for another snippet from Ghost ships of Terra, enjoy ...

Calling this the lower depths of Hell was being kind. It was bad, really bad. As the hatch opened smoke and ash from the fires boiled into the shuttle. With smoke rolling around the bay we could see scorched and burned crewmen trying to put out one of the fires. My suit sensors said that oxygen was down to 18% and falling. We had to move fast.

My team looked to me for guidance. On the flight over I had made crewman Bartleby a temporary Midshipman, by the XO's orders. “Bartleby, take half the group and make your way to engineering. Shut down that fusion engine. Short of ejecting it, stop it anyway you can. Call me if you run into trouble. The rest of you with me. Life support is failing, we need to get it fixed.” I led my team past the hospital and over to the ship’s access panels.

On these older ships there is conduit access that runs the length of the ship. The life support panel is supposed to be located at the center of the conduit. It can also be accessed via engineering through a heavily shielded hatch. This, is a shortcut.” I opened up the tube and climbed in.

The tube was very tight and we were at close quarters. We came to a T-junction.
Pointing to the right I said “ in that direction is medical.” I pointed the other way, “the armory, and weapons controls should be down there.”

Smoke and ash began to drift into the tube, making little swirls of dust. Life support was still functioning, if only barely. We reached a series of hatches on either side of the tube. One of these should be life support.
I could see a fire ahead of us in the direction of engineering.

Jacobs, attach a heat sensor to the right hatch before you open it. Lets check for fire.” I watched as my crew gave Jacobs a little room. The sensor lit up with a red blinking light. “Crap. I sure hope that's not the room we need.” Motioning my crew to one side I checked the door. No lights. Jacobs gave the hatch a pull, it was either stuck or locked tight.

Lieutenant Lee? We don't have access tools with us. I could go back and try to find some.” Jacobs looked worried.

Peering into the dimly lit room I said, “and here we are, life support.”
Ma'am?” Jacobs and the other two team members looked puzzled. “How is it that YOU know the codes and all of that information about these ships?”

I sensed a teaching moment coming on. “Why don't you know these things? You knew what kind of ships we were approaching a full ten minutes before we docked. All of the schematics and codes for most civ ships are located in our data banks. You just have to look them up.”

I finished writing Book 3 Ghost ships of Terra

I had to pull an all nighter but I finished all 19 chapters of the Ghost ships of Terra. Now it gets sent off to the editing team to take a look then proofread the whole thing. March 20th is my target date for publishing this one watch for updates here or on my Facebook page.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Trying to get book 3 finished

I'm trying to get Book 3, Ghost Ships of Terra finished. The Cat is trying to help

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

New snippet from the Ghost ships of Terra

Here is another snippet from the upcoming new book

Lieutenant, assume command of your engineer group. You will be group one. I'm sending you in with the initial rescue team. Saving lives is the order of the day. Do what you have to do. Understand?” At that he turned back to another group.

I found Ensign Porter and six crewman sitting on pallets at the back of the room. No equipment or personal protection gear in sight. Seeing me coming, one of the crewman called for attention.

Ensign Porter is your team ready to go?” I inquired. He just stared at me. “I don't see any equipment, did you think that this was a drill of some kind? No? THEN GET OFF YOUR ASS! FIND OUR EQUIPMENT AND GEAR AND GET BACK HERE!” The little idiot jumped to his feet, nearly falling, and ran off. I sent half the crewmen after him as help. All around us heads turned in our direction.

Lowering my voice, I asked the remaining crew “does anyone here have experience with something like this?” The three crewman just shook their head no. “All righty then. Here's the plan. When Ensign Porter and the rest of the crew get back, suit up. According to the XO, we go in with the first group. He wants us to focus on saving lives first. We will concentrate on life support and power. Use common sense, unless you hear different from me. “

Ensign Porter returned carrying his personal gear. The crewman were loaded down like pack mules trying to drag a repair cart.
I lost all respect, if any, that I had for Porter. Crewman were not slaves. I hurried over and took some of the load off the crew.

Ensign Porter, help drag that cart over here. Crewman Bartleby, start distributing the equipment and gear. Give everyone equal amounts of gear. Take only what you are sure that you need. Remember, the ship is right here. It can always send something to you. Porter! Are you listening to me! Help with that cart!” He was starting to really piss me off.

I don't have to listen to you.” Porter looked smug as he tried to tell me off. “Commander Arthur says you're not a real engineer anyway.”

Got my new cover for the Ghost ships of Terra

Here is the new Cover for my upcoming Book 3 The Ghost ships of Terra.  Check it out

Monday, March 7, 2016

Engineering Murder is now a #1 Best selling book in Young Adult

Wow. Both the Forgotten Engineer and Engineering Murder are now #1 books!!

Engineering Murder


I am still working on Book 3 The Ghost Ships of Terra

 Still working on the new book. I have about half written and passed off  to the editing team. My cover artist has the image I want to use. Looking at a target date of on or around  March 20th as a release date. Keep watching my blog for snippets and other announcements. Thanks for reading

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Time for another Snippet from The Ghost Ships of Terra


We arrived at the restaurant and had to wait, even though we had a reservation. It was a small establishment and we were just a bit early. The lobby was very comfortable.  A loud murmuring broke out on the other side of the room. Vid screens were set up running the interstellar news. Several other patrons were clustered around the screens. I pulled up the news on my link, protests had broken out on several worlds. Students had begun to demonstrate against corruption and unfair laws. At the capital, the protesters had occupied a few government buildings and had demanded reforms. The protest had been put down, hard. Special operation units of the ESS had stormed the buildings using stunners and knock out gas. Resisters were beaten rather badly. All were arrested and tried with capital crimes. The pictures the newsies were showing were all rather graphic. I switched them off my link, no reason to ruin our dinner. I noticed the maĆ®tre d waving at us, our table was ready.
The inside of Roadhouse was simply breathtaking. The room was circular with tables spiraling out to the center of the room. A bar area occupied the middle of the room. The kitchen must have been below with wait staff bringing the food up lifts. Our table, while not the closest to the window, was right in front of it. Everything was perfect. The view from the top of the station was just awesome. I was watching the lifts when I felt a soft tap on my arm. Turning I noticed my date smirking at me.

Oops. I smiled and said “ sorry about that I had an engineer moment. The lift system looked kind of cool and I got mesmerized watching it.”

Music Videos I like

My wife suggested I post a few of the groups that I listen to while writing. So here are some of my favorites.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Want a Soda?

Too late. There is now a Giant cat in the box. This is Merlin the Cat. We live with him. It's his house we just buy the food. If you have read my New Second book check the credit in the front. He's in it.
Merlin was a Rescue Cat. We saved him from kitty jail. Now he owns us.   LOL

Hard at work on The Ghost ships of Terra

 For the Christmas holiday my wife bought me a Samsung Tab A tablet. She knew that I needed one. I was using an old Acer A500 10inch. It still worked, just really slow. That was before I started writing. I got a keyboard for it and a mouse and used it to write about half of the books. Tonight, I was in a Starbucks writing. Jamming out to the group "In this Moment".

Friday, March 4, 2016

The Forgotten Engineer is Still #1 in Short Reads and in Young Adult

 The Forgotten Engineer is still the Number one book in Short read and Young adult. The sequel book Engineering Murder is climbing the charts at #12 for Young Adult. I am a first time writer and these are my first books! Book 3 is on the way and we should see it by the end of March, this month! Wow! The new book will be called  The Ghost Ships of Terra!  See the previous post for a snippet and watch this site and my Facebook page for more snippets.

Gotta love Tom Hank! and Wilson, don't forget Wilson!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

I'm Writing Book 3 at the moment It will be called The Ghost ships of Terra!!

Here is a little snippet to hold you over.  I will post more in the future, sign up here to keep informed!

Inside my quarters I had spent a small fortune building my own personal small scale machine shop. The chief engineer really didn't want me to work on my own projects in “his” space, so I did from here. Heaven help the next officer they try and stick in here with me. The small room was simply filled with half built machinery that sparked and sputtered. In the area where a second officer would sleep was several more half built repair drones and a butler drone. Strange almost alien-like specialized tools covered one wall just inside the door. The other wall was a floor to ceiling white board covered with mechanical scribbling and mathematical equations. A small very expensive looking 3d printer sat on the table printing a complex circuit board . Hard-copy blueprints and tech manuals littered the floor. Basically it was fantasy-land for an engineer. 
Eyes still on the room looking for danger in every corner, the commander resumed speaking to me. “ The uh, reason I came to see you is to inquire, into your training.” 
The droid I had been working on jerked and moved, making the commander jump. 
I received a schedule from Admiral Kane, this morning. She wishes for you to resume the non-engineering training that was laid out for you 2 years ago.” 
Groaning I looked down at my feet. 
I see that you remember that list. After your shuttle craft adventure we will be skipping flight training. We marked you down as completed for that assignment. Next on the list is weapons and gunnery. You will be seconded to Lt Commander Ney for basic weapons history and technology.” 
At that the commander left, nearly tripping over an broken coffee maker. 
Gods above and Below! As if I don't have enough work to do. “Athena, I do not see a problem with this assignment. You have me. I can help with aiming and weapons tech research.” 
“Duh.” I had completely forgotten all about Wilson! My own personal cheat sheet. Focus Athena, Focus, I keep telling myself. Wilson had been keeping a low profile since we came aboard the James Cook. I'm not sure if the records of his existence were shared with my current captain or not. I could ask the admiral, but, I won't. I have kept the ball of mischief that is Wilson, out of trouble so far. He has been helping me to build my new maintenance droids. The navy uses piloted drones for that function. My idea was to use autonomous 'droids' (stupid movie night) to effect repairs without any human oversight. Wilson has been doing all the programming for me. I just can't, quite, get the power source to work properly though. The droid starts up, moves forward a foot, then catches on fire! I think I need to fire-proof my quarters, again. Its a work in progress.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Forgotten Engineer is #1 for Science fiction in short reads

Very cool for all my readers. My first book The Forgotten Engineer I not a #1 book in both Science fiction and in Young adult for short (45min) reads! 
My Second book    Engineering Murder is doing well for only being out a day.  Thanks to all my readers and reviewers!  Book 3 is in process. I will blog a bit about that in a few days.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016