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Snippet Time! Here is #04 from Witness Enchantment.


“It’s about time you got in here! Did you forget to feed the Unicorn?” Fergus was standing on the dashboard of the RV staring at me as I put on my seat belt.

“I didn’t forget. You’re getting a bit pudgy around the middle. I moved your feeding times up a couple of hours.” I gave his flank a light poke.

“That is all muscle. I’ve been working out.” Fergus danced out of reach of my hands.

“Sure it is. Did you get all that muscle lifting pizza slices up to your mouth. It’s Unicorn chow from now on boyo.” Putting the RV in gear I set off after the rest of the team.

“That’s not fair! Pizza is pure energy to me. I need it to power my muscles.” He flexed and made bowing motions causing Cat to start laughing.

“Any more of that Muscle energy and you will be wearing your barn like a turtle wears a shell. Time for a diet Fergus.”

My mini Unicorn paced back and forth across the dashboard glaring at me. He was starting to become more annoying than usual. “Do you need help getting down?”


Alpha Class book 1 is now in Audio!

Snippet Time! Here's #03 from the Upcoming Witness Enchantment. (book4)


Nicolas Craven carefully threaded his way around the various Marshals and offices workers in the main building of what many in law enforcement called WITSEC. The real name was the US Federal Witness Protection Program. Most officers in uniform wore patches using the acronym FWPP. Confusion was part of Government life. Almost everyone in the building wore black armbands or something over their badges. Half a dozen of their own were melted just yesterday. His men wanted revenge for what happened to their friends and brothers in arms and he was about to see the man who could make that happen.

“No. Forget it Nick.” Special Director John Calvin held up his hand as soon as he saw Craven.

“Sir, we can get these guys! Witnesses at the scene said it was either Geovanni Orlando or someone who looked just like him. He’s the key to all of this. Let me take some of the Marshals and …”

“Damn it, Nicky! No. What does this mean?” The director held up a plaque with the programs name on…

Get the first Cookbook in the Federal Witch series : Marcella's Garden Cookbook

If you owned the World’s largest sentient Garden and pathway to other Universes what would you eat?

Marcella Blackmore, the matriarch of the family, was many things; Witch, mother, and community leader. But cook was her favorite role. Digging in, feeling the soil, and cooking from the heart was the only way she knew to treat the bounty of the land. Marcella is a true Vegetarian, and that is how she cooks.

Take a peek inside her cookbook at her most favorite recipes and what she feeds her friends and family. Even the Cat. You will enjoy Vegan, Vegetarian, and Gluten- free recipes. Agatha may be the Federal Witch, but Marcella is the true Garden Witch.

Join Marcella, Agatha, and even Fergus inside for fun and adventurous Vegetarian exploration.

Enjoy the stories of the Garden while you eat the wonderful recipes that Marcella has provided for you!

Snippet Time! Here is Snippet #2 from the Upcoming Witness Enchantment book 4


“True. However not one Coven member over the rank of under boss or Capo has ever been turned. Anytime they try both the Agents and the snitch die. The Dons and their Masters are believed to be beyond law enforcement until this week. One of our Bureau offices has a man in custody that can identify both a Don and some of the members of the Commission.” I heard glass break and looked toward Bill. He sat there with his mouth open in shock.

“Bill are you OK?” He shook himself and reached to pick up the shards of glass. “Leave it. I’ll get it later. What’s wrong?”

“The Commission? We have a link to the freaking Commission? How?”

“Agatha what’s the Commission?” Cat and Chuck both spoke at once.

“Bill?” I looked to him to explain.

“The Commission is the holiest of holy's when it comes to all things Mafia. Most wise guys will tell you it’s a council of Dons that get together to discuss territory and profits. That movie, uh… what was its name? The man from Corleone. He was on…

Coming soon! Marcella's Garden Cookbook. The First Federal Witch Cookbook!

I'll post more details when it's available. But it should be out this week.

How about a Snippet? Check out the First Snippet from Witness Enchantment


Alpha Class Book 2 is OUT!! Get it Now!

Please ignore the VERY WRONG AMAZON TITLE and DESCRIPTION I downloaded it my self and checked. It is BOOK 2.
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