Friday, March 10, 2017

Snippets! Who doesn't like Snippets? Check out Snippet #02 from Alpha Class 2


“On your left!” Yana jerked her pod to the left to avoid a missile that seemed to come from nowhere. It was getting pretty hot out here! There was an alien craft on her tail firing nuclear missiles at her.

“Yana! Jink left and I’ll take him.” Maxim’s deep voice sounded in her ears. Checking her readouts, Yana could see her teammate’s pod coming up on her six. The alien ship was gaining on her and drawing closer and closer. Trust Maxim to shake his own opponent and come to save her.

Just as she went left a large explosion rocked her ship. Momentarily shaken she allowed the Electronic Intelligence full control of the pod. A big mistake in combat. Flying these things was a give and take of control. Losing that control in a combat situation was very bad. Sensors on her screen started screaming as multiple missiles appeared in the space surrounding her.

Countermeasures.” Speaking the voice commands Yana authorized the E.I. to take over defense while she resumed control. Micro puck defenses shot out from all sides destroying six of the incoming eight missiles. Explosions shook her pod once more as the enemy opened fire with kinetic weapons. The first missile hit her pod on the rear section. The gravitic shields took the brunt of the explosion, but the shockwave tossed the pod into a temporary spin. She could almost feel the engines as they fought to retain balance and control of the small pod.

“Yana, you still have one after you. I can’t get to you!” Checking her screen, she could see Maxim fighting off two of the invaders.

Fingers scrambling across the screen Yana regained control of the pod. “Chuck, where is that missile?”

The E.I. never got to answer as a nuclear explosion rocked her ship. Bright light flooded her cockpit as she closed her eyes. This was the end.

“You are dead! Good job Yana. I think we lose this one.” Ron’s voice penetrated her thoughts. The pod simulators were so real!

The rear access port opened, and light from the outside room streamed in. Ron and Tina stood in the hatchway smiling at her.

Yana had to smile. It was her own fault for even climbing into the thing in the first place. “How is Maxim doing?”

“He’s great. Those two chasing him were surprised when he used your death as a distraction and zapped them from the rear. We just fell off the top spot in the rankings. Our class dropped to third after your death.” Ron grabbed Yana’s hands and helped her out.

“Third? Why?” Yana grimaced as she fully stood up. The simulators were a tiny bit cramped inside.

“Bravo and Foxtrot moved up. They are doing way better than us at this scenario.” Ron pointed his class leader toward the ranking board.

“What about Charlie, they had pods and fighters last term? They should be kicking ass all over the place.” Yana peered at the ranking it read:

Bravo Class 28 kills vs 3 deaths
Foxtrot Class 26 kills vs 2 deaths
Alpha Class 24 kills vs 3 deaths
Charlie Class 20 kills vs 4 deaths
Echo Class 15 kills vs 2 deaths
Delta Class 13 kills vs 3 deaths

“Their leader, Daniel, had surgery last week. His appendix burst unexpectedly.” Tina pulled up the notice on her tablet.

Looking closer at the smaller girl’s tablet, Yana replied. “Is that why we all got notices to check with medical before the term starts?”

“It was Dr. Running Wolf’s idea. According to her, we weren’t checked properly for hidden medical issues. They have a new scanner set up in medical to take care of that. It uses some of the new Yollin and Kutherian medical technology. Meredith says it only takes a half hour start to finish to diagnose you.”