Thursday, November 30, 2017

Lots of new releases this week. My book of the week.

Now I have become Death, and my shadow shall consume worlds. 

Samantha continues her journey with the Shadow Corps, an elite group of the universe's most deadly warriors. They must stop the other two ancient guardians turned evil, the space dragons, in order to find out who is really behind this upsurge in the enemy's power. 

Once again she must come out swinging, to bring destruction to evil that lurks in the darkest corners of the universe. 

Check out Justin Sloan's New book in his Shadow Corps Series today! 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Invisible Elder, Book 6 of the Federal Witch series is now available

Hidden for centuries, determined to live the life of her chosing.

Anastasia is old. Very old. She is much older than either Agatha or the FBI believe she is. The World Council demanded that she present herself for interrogation and she refused. Now she's running for her life. Agatha Blackmore and the entire Magical Division have been tasked with hunting her down and bringing her in. But that presents a problem of it's own. Where does a Vampire run to when half the world is searching for her?

Would her friends be the ones that would have to bring her in, dead or alive? Or could the long-ago promise of a different life be realized?

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Try some Darkness with your Holiday.

Gratitude and appreciation find expression in the giving of thanks. It can be associated with a specific day or just part of our lives. The stories in this anthology have been contributed by the Phoenix Prime authors to illustrate how that expression, and the expectations that come with it, are different depending on whether you are the giver or the receiver of those thanks.

Do you like a little horror mixed in with your Holiday? Try my story in here. 

Get it on Amazon!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

New Book. Unicorns are Short

Snarky, indestructible, immune to magick.


Fergus the Unicorn is a mainstay of the Federal Witch World of TS Paul, and companion to Agatha Blackmore, the FBI witch. His story is revealed piece by tantalizing piece in the main books but also hidden in the many short stories that this talented author places in anthologies and cookbooks. 

Pulled from those sources, Fergus' tale is highlighted in this collection of those short stories. 

All that we can say is, "Could we have some more?!"

Get this one HERE on Amazon.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Snippet Time! Here is snippet #06 From Invisible Elder


“You can come willingly, or we will drag you.” The taller of the two stared down at me. A malicious smile on his face.

“I can walk.” I replied.

“Can you? Will you?”

The shorter man appeared behind me as I stood. He kicked me just as I started to stand. A sharp pain in my right knee caused me to stumble and fall. He kicked me again. This time in my side, making me grab my ribs and roll over into a ball. The punishing blows continued. Both men pummelled and kicked me until I could barely breathe.

“How about now? Can you walk now?” Both me circled me as I clutched myself tighter and tighter.

One grabbed me by my hair and gave a sharp pull. I screamed as my body was twisted and choked as dust from the ground was sucked into my mouth.

“”Get up! Stand now or we will drag you up those stairs.” The leader’s voice was harsh and cruel sounding.

I brought my knee up under me. Carefully I pulled myself up on one knee only to be pushed over by the other man.

“Get up!” Both men yelled at me now.

Closing my eyes I said a prayer to the Gods of my father. I would not be weak. Remembering my promise to father, I tried to not be the rabbit. My ribs chose that moment to remind me of their pain. I groaned as I raised one knee and then another. Staggering I stood up. Both arms clutched around me as injuries to my ribs and belly made me cry out in pain.

“It can stand. Excellent. What sport.” The shorter man smiled and licked his lips.

“Come along.” The taller leader pushed me forward toward the stairs.

Stumbling I fell across the first couple of flights. My hands caught my weight as i tried to brace myself. I could feel the smoothness of the rock. Smoothness brought on by the tread of thousands of feet.

“Get up. Or we will drag you up!” Hands grabbed me from behind pushing my body forward.

I pulled myself up and stumbled forward again. Bracing myself, I balanced when the push came again. This dance was repeated numerous times. Each impact with the stairs ripping and shredding the palms and fingers on my hands.

By the time we reached the final steps, I was crawling on the ground like an animal. All the while, the two men laughed. Kicking me with their feet they nudged me into the dark portal.

Blackness. Unlike outside there wasn’t any light at all. As my eyes adjusted to the dark I could see the faint outline of the entrance behind me but both men were standing in the middle of it.

“What have you brought us?” The words were just a whisper, but they echoed inside my mind.

The men behind me spoke. “A new slave, Majesty. Payment for services rendered.”

“We don’t normally deal in slaves. Explain yourself.” These words were out loud and close.

Both men hit the floor and were on their knees. “Master Alukah, she is payment from the Roman Demetrius. He said you knew and gave approval!”

“Never assume anything. Is he here to make payment?” The voice came from beside me. I craned my head looking around, but didn’t see anyone.

“No. We… We let him go.”

“Interesting. And yet you bring this to me. Who is the girl?” Master Alukah’s voice once again echoed inside my head.

I tried to answer. “My name is ....” Suddenly I was unable to speak a single word. All that came out was grunts.

“Answer my question. Who is the girl?”

One of the men completely prostrated himself before the mysterious Alukah. “We weren’t told, Majesty. Demetrius just told us she was payment for his debt and that the deal was already made. We didn’t know. We didn’t know!”

“You didn’t know and you didn’t care did you. The rules are there for a reason.”

“We didn’t know!”

Hearing one of the men wail set my teeth on edge. Having one of them hurt pleased me after they beating they gave me, but I worried for myself and my fate.

“Ignorance of the law is not an excuse.”

There was a murmuring not unlike some of the sounds from the hippodrome that father took me to. It was the sounds that people in large numbers made. How many others were here in the darkness with us?

“What is the verdict of the court?” The voice was but a whisper in my mind. I opened my mouth to speak and still nothing came out.

“Death.” The word seemed to not just echo, but reverberate through the very air. Death was all around me. It was inside of me and part of me.

I could feel tendrils like wisps of hair drift over my body. Both men started screaming and writhing on the ground behind me. As I turned I could see another shadow in the doorway. This one snakelike and covered in long hair. The men convulsed on the ground and then lay still. The snake swayed back and forth catching the eye as it moved over the men's bodies on the ground. Its head slipped forward and loud crunching sounds could be heard. They were sickly and moist as the creature began to eat the men in the doorway.

No stranger to death, still I felt sick to my stomach and turned away. Suddenly there were fingers on my head. They held my face level. Looking forward I saw nothingness until a man’s face slowly, ever so slowly came into view.

“What shall we do with you now?” The face spoke as it gazed into my eyes.

Concentrating I tried to speak. Almost willing my vocal cords to say a single word. “Who.”

The face smiled at me. “Interesting.”

I could hear the word inside my head. This person was the source of the whispers.

“What is your name?” The voice asked.

Suddenly my voice worked again. “Aeliana. Daughter of Apollodorus of Damascus. Architect of the Emperor.”

“So daughter of the architect. What brings you to our domain?” The voice asked.

Stuttering I answered, “My tutor Demetrius sold me to you.”

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Brand new Holiday book! Night of the living turkeys

While Agatha is away the WereCat's will play.

It's Thanksgiving and Agatha Blackmoore is going home for the holiday. She's leaving her best two teammates in charge of the Magical Division: Agent Catherine "Cat" Moore and Chuck, the team's forensic technician. Usually holiday's are very quiet but not this year. Something is stirring in the South and the turkeys are gobbling. Join Cat and Chuck as they find themselves wondering why the turkey crossed the road. 

This is a short holiday tale that's part of the Federal Witch Universe. 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

My Mentee's are whipping them out! Check out this one from Ryland Thorn
I recently met with Ryland when I was in Las Vegas last week. He's part of the Phoenix Prime writing group I belong to and lives in New Zealand. One of the things he found totally fascinating about America was all the TV commercials for drugs and all the strange food we eat.

Demon by blood. Hero by choice.

Jackson Kade is an immortal with demon blood in his veins and hate in his heart. Lennox Valdis is wild and fiery, and her demon heritage gives her a talent for magic. Together, they are the bane of every loathsome creature that crawls up from Hell. Raining down bullets and sorcery with malice and glee, they strive to keep the streets of New Sanctum free from the corruption of Hell.

Now there is a Hell-beast on the loose that is a greater threat than anything seen in decades. Whether it is just an anomaly or if there is something more sinister behind the attack is unknown. To prevail against such a monster, Jack and Lennox must call upon all of their strength and courage.

Can they survive its onslaught?

The Daemonicon Chapters is an episodic serial, with a new, action-packed book (25k-35k words in length) published every 3-5 weeks.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Book of the Week! Check out this new series from Nicole Zoltack

At twenty-seven, detective Clarissa Tempest is one of the best at sniffing out goons, but these particular goons seem to be the bloodsucking kind.

Vamps aren’t real, right? Of course not. But Clarissa knows what she’s seen. Unfortunately, she’s a little distracted, and her actions earn her a suspension. Great. Life is really looking up. Maybe her therapist is right. Maybe she’s under too much stress and is seeing things.

But then a vamp seeks her out, telling her to knock it off and leave them alone or else he’ll knock her off.

Clarissa isn’t the kind to back down, though, and she’ll do whatever it takes to keep Bethlehem safe. She’s just hoping that won’t require her to lose a lot of blood… or her head.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

How about a Snippet? Check out the latest from Invisible Elder


The moon was full the night we flew in. J Edgar was anything if not accommodating. He needed my help but tried his damndest to protect me at the same time. Too bad I didn’t trust him enough to tell him the sun wasn’t an issue for me.

“Ana are you OK?”

“I’m fine Director. Just getting a feel for a new place. I haven’t been to this coast before.” I sniffed the air again casting my Vampire senses outward. I wasn’t just smelling the ocean. I was looking for others like myself and any nearby threats. Not sensing any gave me ideas that I left percolating in my brain.

“Good. I know the flight is a hardship for you but we desperately need new agents. The war weakened our country. Many foreign governments have already begun sending their agents against us.” Hoover answered.

“We aren’t you using those psychics we picked up in Virginia. They can do the same thing I’m doing. More actually.” I asked.

Edgar shook his head. “Psychics. I’ve instructed that they only be used for local non-sensitive cases. We just can’t trust them completely, Anastasia. They show a loyalty to that leader of theirs first. There are too many secrets in my head and yours to trust them with. Better to stick with what works.”

I nodded that I agreed. Edgar might not be able to block them out but I could. The day a Vampire Elder couldn’t block out a human was the day the Vampire race ended. I did understand his reasoning. He had way more to lose than I did. “I don’t think Cayce demands that much loyalty from his people, Sir. He has serious health problems.”

“That may be true but we still can’t trust him. There are too many questions about his loyalty. Most of it relates to his membership in the Theosophical Society.” J Edgar opened and closed several files and documents as we spoke.

“Blavatsky’s group? Weren’t they wiped out in the war?” I asked.

“There were. Some of the members of the Thule Society were followers of Blavatsky. Since they were the ones we suspect that brought that beast into being in Berlin, any connection to them is bad. It shows the intelligence of those beings we call Demons.”

I looked at Edgar. His head was cocked to one side and he was gazing upward. “Why do you say that?”

“Many have said they were ravening beasts or entities without purpose. Those people would be wrong. The Demons had a purpose, a method to their madness, that is only now starting to come to light. The reason they invaded so many countries at once was to eliminate those that could stop them. Blavatsky and her society were in Russia. Many of the quasi-secret Magical societies were the first to fall in the war. Masons, Rosicrucians, and members of the Golden Dawn are few and far between in Europe today. They were eaten to prevent returning the prince to his domain. Why else persecute the Jews so virulently? Practitioners of the Kabbalah could have prevented the destruction too.” Edgar remarked.

“Maybe. But why go after the public groups rather than the private ones then? If the Volkhvy hadn’t had acted, we all might not be here today. If they were organized in any group we haven’t discovered it yet. As it was, they were practically wiped out in the process of stopping the incursion.” I answered. Demon studies was a hobby of mine. I was still a bit pissed they outed me and destroyed my home.

Edgar gave me a long look. He shook his head. “Did you realize we’re sitting here arguing about creatures we many never see again? Let’s get back to work. Night is wasting.” Edgar, it seemed, had secrets too.

He may have had trust issues, but he was a good man. He truly wanted to protect the county from harm. Working for him gave me more insights into humans and their society than all my years before I became a Vampire.