Sunday, November 12, 2017

My Mentee's are whipping them out! Check out this one from Ryland Thorn
I recently met with Ryland when I was in Las Vegas last week. He's part of the Phoenix Prime writing group I belong to and lives in New Zealand. One of the things he found totally fascinating about America was all the TV commercials for drugs and all the strange food we eat.

Demon by blood. Hero by choice.

Jackson Kade is an immortal with demon blood in his veins and hate in his heart. Lennox Valdis is wild and fiery, and her demon heritage gives her a talent for magic. Together, they are the bane of every loathsome creature that crawls up from Hell. Raining down bullets and sorcery with malice and glee, they strive to keep the streets of New Sanctum free from the corruption of Hell.

Now there is a Hell-beast on the loose that is a greater threat than anything seen in decades. Whether it is just an anomaly or if there is something more sinister behind the attack is unknown. To prevail against such a monster, Jack and Lennox must call upon all of their strength and courage.

Can they survive its onslaught?

The Daemonicon Chapters is an episodic serial, with a new, action-packed book (25k-35k words in length) published every 3-5 weeks.

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