Saturday, November 4, 2017

How about a Snippet? Check out the latest from Invisible Elder


The moon was full the night we flew in. J Edgar was anything if not accommodating. He needed my help but tried his damndest to protect me at the same time. Too bad I didn’t trust him enough to tell him the sun wasn’t an issue for me.

“Ana are you OK?”

“I’m fine Director. Just getting a feel for a new place. I haven’t been to this coast before.” I sniffed the air again casting my Vampire senses outward. I wasn’t just smelling the ocean. I was looking for others like myself and any nearby threats. Not sensing any gave me ideas that I left percolating in my brain.

“Good. I know the flight is a hardship for you but we desperately need new agents. The war weakened our country. Many foreign governments have already begun sending their agents against us.” Hoover answered.

“We aren’t you using those psychics we picked up in Virginia. They can do the same thing I’m doing. More actually.” I asked.

Edgar shook his head. “Psychics. I’ve instructed that they only be used for local non-sensitive cases. We just can’t trust them completely, Anastasia. They show a loyalty to that leader of theirs first. There are too many secrets in my head and yours to trust them with. Better to stick with what works.”

I nodded that I agreed. Edgar might not be able to block them out but I could. The day a Vampire Elder couldn’t block out a human was the day the Vampire race ended. I did understand his reasoning. He had way more to lose than I did. “I don’t think Cayce demands that much loyalty from his people, Sir. He has serious health problems.”

“That may be true but we still can’t trust him. There are too many questions about his loyalty. Most of it relates to his membership in the Theosophical Society.” J Edgar opened and closed several files and documents as we spoke.

“Blavatsky’s group? Weren’t they wiped out in the war?” I asked.

“There were. Some of the members of the Thule Society were followers of Blavatsky. Since they were the ones we suspect that brought that beast into being in Berlin, any connection to them is bad. It shows the intelligence of those beings we call Demons.”

I looked at Edgar. His head was cocked to one side and he was gazing upward. “Why do you say that?”

“Many have said they were ravening beasts or entities without purpose. Those people would be wrong. The Demons had a purpose, a method to their madness, that is only now starting to come to light. The reason they invaded so many countries at once was to eliminate those that could stop them. Blavatsky and her society were in Russia. Many of the quasi-secret Magical societies were the first to fall in the war. Masons, Rosicrucians, and members of the Golden Dawn are few and far between in Europe today. They were eaten to prevent returning the prince to his domain. Why else persecute the Jews so virulently? Practitioners of the Kabbalah could have prevented the destruction too.” Edgar remarked.

“Maybe. But why go after the public groups rather than the private ones then? If the Volkhvy hadn’t had acted, we all might not be here today. If they were organized in any group we haven’t discovered it yet. As it was, they were practically wiped out in the process of stopping the incursion.” I answered. Demon studies was a hobby of mine. I was still a bit pissed they outed me and destroyed my home.

Edgar gave me a long look. He shook his head. “Did you realize we’re sitting here arguing about creatures we many never see again? Let’s get back to work. Night is wasting.” Edgar, it seemed, had secrets too.

He may have had trust issues, but he was a good man. He truly wanted to protect the county from harm. Working for him gave me more insights into humans and their society than all my years before I became a Vampire.


  1. Nice, what I have read of the snippets indicate an interesting story.

    I was wondering if you a have a release date yet or a time frame in which we readers can expect a release.

    Otherwise good work and can't wait.

  2. “We aren’t you using those psychics we picked up in Virginia. They can do the same thing I’m doing. More actually.”

    Should the "We aren't" be "Why aren't"?

    Love it, great background.