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Enter the mind of author TS Paul through three of his first books.

The Forgotten Engineer

Ensign Athena Lee was one month into her new assignment as the most Junior engineer on board ship. Her assignment was to help build a secret spy station in a small out of the way galaxy. How was she to know it would become her last official assignment? An enemy fleet dropped out of jump right into their midst. In the aftermath of the battle she was left behind forgotten. What does an engineer do when faced with insurmountable odds and all hope of rescue? She changes the equation!

Born a Witch...Drafted by the FBI!

Agatha Blackmore came into her powers early as a child. Her first spell was a thing of beauty and wonder. It brought terror into the hearts of her family. Who wanted to accidentally become a pink chicken? Now that she's older her magic is out of control. She needs a teacher and none of the Witch Schools will take her. How about a career in law enforcement? The FBI needs serious hel…

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Demonic forces are at work in the world.

During the last Demon War, thousands of innocent people were killed and entire countries destroyed. This time it’s going to be different. In a world filled with paranormal creatures, only the Human Mages of Arcane are on the job. Their goal is saving humans. Because if they don’t do it, no one else will.

A Demon Prince has been raised by dark Witches on the island of Sicily. Italian armed forces are trapped and helpless against the ever-increasing Horde. If the Demons get loose, they will ravage their way across the unsuspecting world, just like last time.

One team, four humans, are the world’s last, best hope.

Fight or die. There are NOT any other options.

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Demons are coming.

The second front in the new Demon war has opened in the Western United States. But the Army is prepared. Row upon row of weapons stand at the ready to push the Horde back to the Hell they come from.

A human str…

Snippet Time! Here's a taste of Tempered

***Some Bad Language is included. Be warned. <<<Unedited>>> Plasma bolts shot into the sky like bolts of lightning. It was all I could do not to scream out as they impacted Five’s shuttle destroying it utterly. Boom! The falling fusion reactor went up in a secondary explosion before it hit the ground. “What the fuck was that? I thought the Turds said the natives were primitives?” I shouted into my open mic. The ship we’d come in on only had two shuttles. “They said a lot of things Casey. It seems the Polywogs are the survivors from this ship crash. Us digging here is the whole reason they’re attacking,” Three explained. “Typical science division crap.” “Figures. What level of tech, do you know?” I asked him. Three’s real name was Shade. No last name to speak of, it wasn’t in his file. Unlike most of us in special forces, Shade had come to us from Naval Intelligence. I suspected he’d been part of their infiltration corp but he’d never said. Not that I asked! That sort of in…

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Agatha's not dead!

That was the only thing that really mattered to both her family and her team. Knowing she was alive took off some of the pressure they were all under. They just had to find who took her. That bit was harder than it used to be. Six months have passed since Dragons crossed American skies and the country was on lock down. Paranormals of all persuasions were now the enemy and all those in government jobs didn't have one anymore. Briarwood and the entire valley were under military threat. Only the Gods could move freely and even they were restricted. No one was completely free to even search for the missing witch. But Agatha wasn't missing. She knew exactly where she was, and who it was that took her, and she was pissed! Read book ten of the ongoing paranormal saga, the Federal Witch.

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Something new! 

Sergeant Casey Jones led the best special operations team in the Confederation until it betrayed her and them. Taking her own form of revenge presented her with a new opportunity, Chef of the Navy. Now it's her job to teach, tutor, and investigate from the inside every kitchen, on every ship in the fleet. But also has a much darker role as a spy for BuShips. Accidentally uncovering a plot that threatens both the ship she is on and the fleet at large Casey is in for the adventure of a lifetime.

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How do you cope with magic that goes its own way?

As a second year FBI academy witch, Agatha Blackmore has a certain reputation. After nearly blowing up the school, an untended mid-air incident involving the FBI Director, and declaring war with the US Marines, she has to wonder if she will even see graduation. 

But when a rash of mysterious disappearances catches the attention of local authorities Agatha finds herself asked to lend a hand to the investigation. Determined to offer protection where it is needed the most, Agatha and her quirky roommate Cat along with her mini- unicorn familiar Fergus, attempt to unravel the mysteries of the four distinctly magical disappearances before time runs out. 

Does Agatha have what it takes to be an agent? Or will everyone that crosses her end up eating chicken feed for the rest of their lives?

Conjuring Quantico is the first book in a brand new Urban Fantasy by T. S. Paul. 
As a direct sequel to Born a Witch... Drafted by the FBI, T. S. Paul returns …

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NOW AVAILABLE : All three books in the series in one volume. Athena Lee had everything going for her. She graduated the Space academy and had become an Engineer. Her first posting was to an Support fleet building a secret outpost. When her ship is attacked and destroyed she is left alone and forgotten. Athena has to engineer her way home. Rescued many years later. She is arrested for letting an Idiot kill himself by not following orders. Now she has a bounty on her head and is being chased by assassins. Joining a navy not her own she fights for truth while surrounded by corruption and greed. Pirates and bounty hunters bar her way. -- This series has been called "an Old fashioned space opera" and "Fun" by fans. Check out The Athena Lee Chronicles today!

Book 1: The Forgotten Engineer
Book 2: Engineering Murder
Book 3: Ghost Ships of Terra

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