Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Recap for the week

Sales have been really good on the countdown deal of book 1 The Forgotten engineer. Haven't got it yet? Then go get it. Over 500 people have read the book so far. The new book #4 Revolutions is coming along strong. I will start the editing process soon on it. Check back here tomorrow for the first in my Wilson Wednesday series. Every week I will post a short to medium story about the crazy AI and his adventures with Athena Lee.

Still searching for something it read? You could check out my friend Michael Anderle's books if you like. He is on Kindle unlimited also. Not quite the same stuff that I write but it is sort of military sci fi. With vampires. Check it out.

Or check out some of the other authors I have listed under links you can't live without. Until tomorrow.......Scott

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