Sunday, March 27, 2016

Time for another snippet from the new book -Revolutions

Here is another short snippet from the new book in the works  Book 4 Revolutions. Don't forget to check back later this week for the second installment of Wilson Wednesday! Enjoy....

The space industry around the planet had grown since I was last here. The massive Legation Station the headquarters of the sector governor was new. It was almost as large as Fleet HQ’s station back in New Reno. I could see several shipyards and what looked like an asteroid mining facility in the distance. It seems that big industry was changing my sleepy little planet. I thanked Captain Gorshin for allowing me on the bridge and returned to engineering. When the James Cook entered the system all mail and communications had been updated. My link notified me of several messages from my family and one from the local government .

My family, after so many years I was both excited and anxious about seeing them. We had not parted on good terms. My Father was the head of the Planetary Militia; Colonel Alexander Lee. At last count I have two brothers and a sister. Our mother had died early in our lives. Hong Kong is a hard planet to adapt to for an off-worlder. Mother was from Mars. Mars has been colonized longer than any planet in the galaxy but not yet Terra-formed. Some progress has been made but full life support is needed to leave any city or hab. The gravity on Mars is 38% of that of Earth and 50% of Hong Kong.  A combination of a heavier gravity and unfiltered air killed our mother. Her immune system could not handle the impact that our planet cause upon her. Growing up without my mother was very difficult. My older siblings helped to raise me. Father was too busy with a militia to run to take care of a small child. We were like tiny recruits to him. His legacy and that of our family defined my early childhood. As soon as I was of age over the protests of my father I left. I wanted a career in space, not in the militia. Only one of my siblings had not joined up. Breaking from tradition  David’s goal in life was to be that of a farmer. He was the gentlest man that I knew. He had been the first one that I had called after getting ‘rescued’. I can only imagine my families surprise to have me come back from the dead. Like a ‘hungry ghost’ I have reappeared in there lives. Trouble can only follow.

As I had expected David’s message was an invitation to stay with him and his family. All I could do was smile. I was so looking forward to meeting his wife and children. I quickly sent him a thank you and gave him a roundabout time of arrival. The local Government message was in legalese. Wilson told me that it was basically a “hey, your not dead! Here is your tax form,” kind of message. Death and taxes, there is no escape. My big sister Minerva, called Min by just about everyone, was now a Major with the Militia Fighter Command. Her message was short and sweet. “Glad you are alive, come and see me when you get in.” That was Min always to the point. My oldest brother Hannibal was also a Major in the Militia his message was tacked on to my Father’s “come home.” Taking a deep breath I quickly typed out a short message and sent it to my family.

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