Thursday, March 3, 2016

I'm Writing Book 3 at the moment It will be called The Ghost ships of Terra!!

Here is a little snippet to hold you over.  I will post more in the future, sign up here to keep informed!

Inside my quarters I had spent a small fortune building my own personal small scale machine shop. The chief engineer really didn't want me to work on my own projects in “his” space, so I did from here. Heaven help the next officer they try and stick in here with me. The small room was simply filled with half built machinery that sparked and sputtered. In the area where a second officer would sleep was several more half built repair drones and a butler drone. Strange almost alien-like specialized tools covered one wall just inside the door. The other wall was a floor to ceiling white board covered with mechanical scribbling and mathematical equations. A small very expensive looking 3d printer sat on the table printing a complex circuit board . Hard-copy blueprints and tech manuals littered the floor. Basically it was fantasy-land for an engineer. 
Eyes still on the room looking for danger in every corner, the commander resumed speaking to me. “ The uh, reason I came to see you is to inquire, into your training.” 
The droid I had been working on jerked and moved, making the commander jump. 
I received a schedule from Admiral Kane, this morning. She wishes for you to resume the non-engineering training that was laid out for you 2 years ago.” 
Groaning I looked down at my feet. 
I see that you remember that list. After your shuttle craft adventure we will be skipping flight training. We marked you down as completed for that assignment. Next on the list is weapons and gunnery. You will be seconded to Lt Commander Ney for basic weapons history and technology.” 
At that the commander left, nearly tripping over an broken coffee maker. 
Gods above and Below! As if I don't have enough work to do. “Athena, I do not see a problem with this assignment. You have me. I can help with aiming and weapons tech research.” 
“Duh.” I had completely forgotten all about Wilson! My own personal cheat sheet. Focus Athena, Focus, I keep telling myself. Wilson had been keeping a low profile since we came aboard the James Cook. I'm not sure if the records of his existence were shared with my current captain or not. I could ask the admiral, but, I won't. I have kept the ball of mischief that is Wilson, out of trouble so far. He has been helping me to build my new maintenance droids. The navy uses piloted drones for that function. My idea was to use autonomous 'droids' (stupid movie night) to effect repairs without any human oversight. Wilson has been doing all the programming for me. I just can't, quite, get the power source to work properly though. The droid starts up, moves forward a foot, then catches on fire! I think I need to fire-proof my quarters, again. Its a work in progress.

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