Sunday, March 6, 2016

Time for another Snippet from The Ghost Ships of Terra


We arrived at the restaurant and had to wait, even though we had a reservation. It was a small establishment and we were just a bit early. The lobby was very comfortable.  A loud murmuring broke out on the other side of the room. Vid screens were set up running the interstellar news. Several other patrons were clustered around the screens. I pulled up the news on my link, protests had broken out on several worlds. Students had begun to demonstrate against corruption and unfair laws. At the capital, the protesters had occupied a few government buildings and had demanded reforms. The protest had been put down, hard. Special operation units of the ESS had stormed the buildings using stunners and knock out gas. Resisters were beaten rather badly. All were arrested and tried with capital crimes. The pictures the newsies were showing were all rather graphic. I switched them off my link, no reason to ruin our dinner. I noticed the maître d waving at us, our table was ready.
The inside of Roadhouse was simply breathtaking. The room was circular with tables spiraling out to the center of the room. A bar area occupied the middle of the room. The kitchen must have been below with wait staff bringing the food up lifts. Our table, while not the closest to the window, was right in front of it. Everything was perfect. The view from the top of the station was just awesome. I was watching the lifts when I felt a soft tap on my arm. Turning I noticed my date smirking at me.

Oops. I smiled and said “ sorry about that I had an engineer moment. The lift system looked kind of cool and I got mesmerized watching it.”

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