Monday, March 14, 2016

Updates and Trivia

In all of my books I like to put some 'pop culture' references or funny things. The whole Wilson character started in book one, The Forgotten Engineer. I thought while writing it wouldn't it be nice to at least have someone to talk to, other than yourself. If you have seen the movie 'Cast Away" Tom Hanks Character goes a little crazy, spending years talking to himself in the personification of a Volleyball. I thought Why not? only my Wilson talks back. For real. and hes goofy. If you feel adventurous try googling some of the names, places and ships. In some cases you might get a surprise. So far I very rarely have Killed a fan or family member in the books. Not tempting yet...
Enjoy the new book.   Just as an Update: Book 1's rewrite is almost finished, I will be sending the last chapters to the "editors" today. Book 2 will be reedited and maybe some formatting  done to it. My wife is already on my case to get started on Book 4 -Revolutionary. Look for that one in late April.
Check back here from time to time. I have some other surprises planned.  Later.... Scott
The Cat is always trying to help when I write.

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