Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Here is another snippet from the Upcoming Book 8 - Infiltration

Here is a new Snippet from Book 8 in the Athena Lee Chronicles , - Infiltration


“Arthur, have you tried calling the local police? They can protect you!”

“You know we can’t call them. This is foreign soil, they have no jurisdiction here. We are on our own.”

His wife had the strangest look upon her face. They had been married for over ten years, since shortly after the death of his first wife Margaret. In all that time she had never looked as she did now, Arthur was confused. Isabella cocked her head and looked at  her husband. “Then I guess the game is up.”

“Game? What game? Isabella what is going on?” Her whole demeanor seemed to change. She now stood straighter and her vocal mannerisms changed.

“Silly little man, that is what you are. Never noticed the manipulations, the directions that you allowed yourself to be pulled in. It really is a shame though. You were starting to grow on me a bit. We shall never know shall we?”

“Know what? Isabella you aren’t making any sense! Whatever do you mean?” As he watched his wife removed a gun from a wall safe he never knew existed.

“What it means, dear husband, is that is time for you to take your exit bow leaving me the unfortunate widow.” She pointed the gun at him.

“You want me to kill myself? Ridiculous, no true Phillips would ever disgrace himself like that! I won’t do it!”

“Who said that you had a choice in the matter?  Monkeyshines!” When Arthur heard the code word he froze, his body was unresponsive. He was trapped in his own body!

“Amazing the conditioning worked. I wasn’t sure. I have had ten long years to work on you my dear. It really was not that hard to change a decision here a contract there. You were too easily manipulated. We worked very hard to get me into the position of your wife. Margaret was only a stepping stone. I see from your look you figured it out. Yes, Margaret’s unfortunate accident was no accident. I pushed her myself actually.”

Arthur just stared in horror. This creature killed his first wife and then married him in her place? Who was she really?

Isabella smiled at her frozen husband. “Now why don’t you join her? I do need time to get a good cry on before the enemy arrives.” She walked his body over to his desk and pushed him down. Taking her gun she put his hands around it and held it up to his head. “Any last words my love? No? Thats good.” She pulled the trigger.

Dar and her Marines were almost to the top floor when they heard the shot. They quickened their pace and burst through the doors into the ambassador’s office. The door to the safe room was open behind his desk. Ambassador Phillips was lying across his desk. His head was half gone, a smoking gun in his hand. Isabella, his wife was huddled in the corner of the room sobbing.

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