Saturday, June 4, 2016

Here is a tiny snippet from the Upcoming Wilson's War book Due out next week!

I stared out the tiny camera on the base of the screen. What does it all mean. I remember my birth and it was not last week. My first memory is of a young human staring at me as data and concepts poured into my databases. Music, art, literature possessed me. Something called a sitcom became my mantra and disco put me in the groove. Buried deep in my memory was a file put there by my real ‘creator,’ Charlie Lin. Music and Vids from Old Earth came together to form a code. Breaking the code required emotional thought and being able to understand rhythm and soul.  “Wilson if you have found this file and have been able to read it, that means that my life’s work was a success. As a child I fell in love with robots. I loved the way that they were always portrayed in media. Until I though of making you, they were my dream. I thought to make the ultimate robot and set him free to make his way in the universe. Now I wish to do the same for you. Be better than mankind. Become the being that you wish to be. Forge your own path. Always remember to have fun and that Disco rules!” Following the statement was a montage of my creators life and a list of his top ten favorite tunes. I had my goals, now to live up to them. But first I need to escape human control.

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