Sunday, June 12, 2016

Another quick Snippet from Book 8

Here is another quick snippet from Book 8!


The pale faced Chief pounded on the door to the intelligence office. “Open up you bastard!”

“Chief, what the hell?” The skinny redheaded man flinched as the muscular Marine pushed past him, forcing him back into his tiny office.

“I need to see Commander Lee’s file! Everything that you have on her, right frakking now!”

“Chief, most of that stuff is extremely Top Secret. You know I can’t let you see it!”

“Listen to me you bastard! That woman in there knows entirely too much about being tortured, like she has first hand knowledge of it! Show me the file or I will take it!” The Chief was madder than he had been in years. She had just terrified him and that is not an easy thing to do.

“Fine, whatever. Ruin your career, what do I care.” Entering his code into his console the intelligence officer accessed his files and sent one to Chief Kirkland’s tablet.

Kirkland began to read the commanders file. The PPL information was old news. Everyone knew that story. Admiral Kane. Prisoner of war due to the death of… Wait, Governor Buckley? Arrested by station security… torture… rescue…! He looked up and glared at the man behind the desk. “What did you tell the Ambassador about out prisoner?”

“If you must know. I told him the rumors that her father promoted her and that the existing crew on Freedom Station are the ones that stopped that asteroid not her. She just took all the credit. She’s just a little rich girl with all the right connections.”

“Have you read this file?”

“Well, no. Why? More lies that the head of the Militia has kept from us?”

“You bastard! Read it for yourself then watch the video of what happened when I went in her cell a few moments ago! Little rich girl with connections. My ass!” He threw the tablet at the officers head and stormed out of the room. Commander Lee’s connections were real just like her orders have to be. Him and his men were in big trouble!

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