Sunday, June 26, 2016

Here is the first Snippet from the new book!


When the noise died down he continued. “Many of our heroes are here behind me. Colonel Alexander Lee the head of the Planetary Militia, his daughter Minerva Lee the current head of Freedom Station, and Athena Lee the hero of Freedom Station and the War of the Rock!” More cheers and crowd noises followed this announcement.

I strained my eyes to get a real glimpse of Athena Lee. She was a hero of mine. I had met her on the Paney but I doubt she remembers me. The Governor introduced the other officers behind him including Command Sergeant Major Yannos the new Academy headmaster. Lots of controversy with his appointment. The fact that he was not an officer was brought up a lot. He had the support of the entire Militia and he was the only Special Operations commander left alive after the last war. The Imperials don’t use them. Those that supported him like to bring up that he and his people founded their own colony way out on the Lost Peninsula and trained all of their people in special operations on their own. He was a natural teacher.

“I would like to thank Commander Athena Lee and Chief Engineer Tadeusz Kościuszko for their assistance with building the wonderful new Academy. Each officer had input and designed many of the buildings that student will still be using. The school will be open to the sons and daughters of any Hong Kong resident. We are also offering scholarships to students from some of our allied planets. Many of the graduates will go on to become officers in the New Militia or space forces protecting our plant. Ladies and gentlemen I give you the New landing Academy.” I swept his arms upward and a large hologram was projected in front of the podium.

 The hologram was very lifelike. The detail was amazing. Who knew that this planet had this capability? I had not seen something this nice since leaving the Imperial Space Navy. The hologram stayed up so that many could get a good look and then it dissolved into nothingness. The Governor ended his speech and many from the crowd mingled and talked about the new school. I watched the officers on the stage. Their bodyguards were obviously waiting for the crowds to disperse before allowing them to move.

“Commander Lee thank you again for helping to construct the school. Tell that friend of yours Mr Theai thank you too for that wonderful hologram. I have yet to meet him. Let him know he has an open invitation for a round of golf sometime.” Governor Stoner shook her hand and moved on.

“Wilson, I’d like to see you try and play golf with that hologram of yours. It would be pretty funny.”

“I might surprise you one day. Maybe he could play one of the RAM robots. I will think of something and show up one day. Might surprise him.”

“Don’t scare him too much. He is the best Governor that we have ever had.”

“ I won’t. Speaking of going out, my new club is almost finished. I did promise to get you and Dar tickets to it.”

“You still have not explained to me exactly how you managed to build that or even pay for it.” She looked perturbed.

“I might tell you one day about it. Is this all we have to do?”

“It is all I have to do. You can disappear if you wish. Don’t forget that in the morning we have to stop by the publishing house and arrange for those books for the new tech schools. You said that you wanted to see what a book publisher looked like.”

“Yeah, that should be fun.”

“I know your brand of fun. You have to promise me that you will not cause any trouble. No burning the building down or breaking his machines. I mean it Wilson! Those new trash compactors are looking pretty good up on Freedom Station.”

“I promise Athena. I won’t break the machines or sent the buildings on fire. I promise.”

“OK, good. Go play if you like.” Athena left the stage with her sister. All the while muttering about insane computers.

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  1. Have really enjoyed this series. Am waiting for each new book with great anticipation.