Monday, January 8, 2018

Here's my Status Update for January, 2018

Status Update.

 Welcome to January 2018. So much is happening this year I cannot contain it. For starters I've got Book 7, Blood on the Moon halfway done! It will be followed by a new Mini-Series and then Book 8, Child of Darkness. Which by the way will be Way cool. Heather Hamilton-Senter has done a Marvelous job so far on the covers and there are more to come. Taki Drake, my original Co-writer just released the long awaited Badger Hole Bar book. Expect Book 2 as well as some other BHB stuff real soon. (They've been in the works) She is also hard at work on the third part of the Familiar Magic series. Bradford Bates is about 3/4 of the way through The Wild Hunt and I expect to see that manuscript soon. I will add my portion to it and send it off to the editors. With luck look for it end of January, fingers crossed. On the Science Fiction side we have a new series set inside The Athena Lee Universe. Smuggle Life. (like Thug life only better) The first book in it will be called Double Cross. Author Nathan Howe will be joining us for that series. I also have a Secret Project in the works with Author Blaze Ward. It doesn't kick off until early summer but I will keep everyone updated on that. I have a couple of Book Signings scheduled soon. The first is here in Tallahassee with the other in Thomasville, Ga. I plan to have a few more in other places as well as some meet ups. Much of that is still in the planning stages, but I'm looking at one in St Petersburg, Fl in September that will be other authors as well. My wife broke out the her planner and mapped out all my projects this year. Less short and more books is the plan. Should be fun. Here's a peak at the upcoming Wild Hunt cover. It's really cool. Later. Scott

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