Friday, January 19, 2018

Blood on the Moon is now Available! Get book seven today.

Working short is never good!

The Magical Division team is back in business but two Agents short. Anastasia is still in the Vampire Nation and Bill is in the hospital. A suspect rogue Werewolf is loose in Tennessee and the team is ordered to capture or kill it. 

The only problem is that it may be hiding out in Jackson and the last time Agatha was there she almost burned the place down! Can they catch the killer before it kills again, or will they be killed by the Moon Pack of Jackson?

Life is always interesting around the Federal Witch!

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  1. Just a personal observation: It threw me, when I was reading the book’s description on Amazon (& in the Kindle when I first opened the eBook), the There was no label for the title list you included at the end of the description. I’m not sure what, the titles are numbered and it should be easy to understand the intent of the list, but the fact of a missing ‘header’ just threw me for a loop...

  2. I'll fix it. It was really late at night when I put it in. thanks

  3. I was thinking about the Mer sisters, and what a sea scout who has to transform into a mermaid a lot would wear. I know weres tend to have the body modesty of a rock, but the folks around them might not want them getting naked all the time. Had the idea of a neoprene miniskirt, say mid thigh, and just a shirt over a bikini top. After the tail forms, the skirt would just be a neoprene tube covering the top part, and could even be rolled up to get out of the way. When transforming back, just tug it down a bit and voila, decently covered.