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Athena Lee
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Monday, January 1, 2018

Starting the New Year off right. My friend and Cover designer has a new book out.

Heather Hamilton-Senter is the cover creator of both the Athena Lee books and The Federal Witch. She writes as well as designs. Check out her latest book 2 in her Bad Luck Witch Chronicles.


It took losing everything for Truly Mason to discover she was so much more than she'd ever imagined. But being a witch has its own pitfalls, including becoming a target for every other ambitious supernatural in the country! When forces combine to try to strip her of her newfound powers and her position as the Lady, Truly must balance her own safety with that of her friends, and the half-shifter she is powerfully drawn to, as she tries to solve the murder of a beautiful demon.

But just like her guardian cat Baal, Truly has learned to land on her feet, and a little DIY magic might be the key!
Dive into the thrilling and romantic sequel to THE BAD LUCK WITCH!

Writing as Heather Hamilton-Senter, Heather Hamilton is the author of the Amazon best-seller BOUND IN BLUE: Book One of the Sword of Elements, and its sequels.

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