Sunday, November 6, 2016

Snippet 09 of 10 Just a taste

 It was the beeping and the sudden jerk that woke me up.

Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep. The RV shook and then the front lifted up. In my dreams I was driving a garbage truck backwards.

“What the hell?” I rolled out of bed and looked down the hall toward the cockpit. A tow truck just backed up and hooked us up. Grabbing my gun and credentials I hid the door running.

“Stop! Federal Agent!” The tow truck driver froze in mid lift. Having a gun pointed at your head will do that.

“Why are you doing this? There are people in this thing.”

Flipping my badge open I waved it in his face. “Who told you to move this?”

“Lady, I work on consignment for the FBI. They tell me to move it, I move it. I got the order to move this from the local office this morning.”

“Where are you supposed to take it?’

“My orders say the police impound yard.”

“I’m telling you to forget your orders. This RV is still in operation.”

“Let me see those orders, please.” Jack was now along side of me staring at the driver. They were quickly handed over.  Jack glanced through them and handed it back.

The driver unhooked the RV and drove away. I watched him go and checked my ward thinking in the future I should increase the range.

“Do you know who did it to us?” Jack was making breakfast as I climbed back inside.

“Oh, yeah. The Director himself signed the order.

“Would you like revenge?”

“How? Tow their cars?”

“I was thinking a bit more devious.


Morning came much earlier than I had anticipated. There was someone attempting to pound on our door. We experienced a brief moment of poundage followed by cries of protest.  Agent Phillips was adhered to our door like a fly stuck on flypaper.

Looking out Jack laughed. He stepped outside. I watched as he explained to Jacob the predicament he was in. I waved my hand and dropped the extended shield I cast for the RV.

“You look like a bug on the windshield Jacob. Why brings you out so early?”

“You can’t park this thing here! It shouldn’t even be here!”

“We intercepted you little minion by-the-way. Cute towing the RV. It stays. What else you got?” The now confused man stumbled out of our end of the parking lot.

“That was fun. Ready to catch Puff today?”

“I am and so is Fergus.” I patted my right breast. “I plan to reapply the ward when we leave just in case.”

“Works for me. Let’s go then.” I grabbed my bag and raised the ward as I closed the door. Maybe we would catch another Agent?


  1. I always enjoy her people-catching skills. Thanks for these snippets!

  2. Me too wouldn't you just love to acutally see it, or better yet do it.

  3. so far this new one has been a lot of fun to write. there are some darker aspects and more "history" to explore. The series has a lot of potential and I have more and more of is mapped out. My wife and my editors all have been discussing Aggy's future and what comes out of my brain.