Monday, November 7, 2016

Coming soon the Tide!

I got involved in an interesting little concept book a few months ago. The idea was very similar to a game played as children. One person would start a book and then pass it to the next person. No central plot was decided upon before hand. Total freedom to take the story in any direction you wished and kill off whoever. 21 authors participated. Author's whose names you might recognize: Hayley Lawson, Craig Martelle, Michael Anderle, T J Ryan, J L Hendricks, Adam Kayce, Emma Right, J M Sloan, Martha Carr, Sarah Dalton, Kat Lind, Katherine Hayton, R J Crayton, E E Isherwood, Dale Furse, KS Brooks, Debbie Cassidy, and James Aaron. 

We all come together to create The Tide. It took a SF direction but contains a bit of horror, romance, action, and other surprises. Even I don't know how it ended. The last author is the one responsible for publication so she (Hayley Lawson) didn't tell us. I only know that it will become available at or around the end of November. I will of course link to it. My chapter was different from the rest. If this sort of thing interests you watch this space! Check out the cover!

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