Saturday, November 5, 2016

My work

I get asked all the time how is the next book coming along and when will it be out?
  It's funny that question. I was just talking about myself to a guy trying to sell me something Very expensive this afternoon. I haven't slowed down at all this year. My sickness, the first in two years by the way, was the longest 'vacation' I've had since February. It put me a bit behind on my own schedule. As of last night I have about 42,000 words written and 13 chapters. I intend for Magical Probi to be around 70,000 words so I'm almost there. The success of both the prequel and the first book has totally blown me away. I sure didn't plan for it.

I have signed a contract with a company to put out Audio book versions of The Federal Witch series. They are supposed to send me some voice samples early this coming week. I'm going to try and have the book finished by next weekend, I hope. The next big project will be a new series that I am Co-Writing with Michael Anderle. I owe a great deal to Michael as he was the one that goaded me into writing in the first place! It will be set inside his Kutherian Gambit series somewhere around book 13 or 14  I think. Regardless it should be fun.

The biggest hindrance I get is the Cat. He thinks that my computer is a nice warm spot to sit and watch me.

This is of course an endless battle. One that I fight. So back to work. I have pages to write and snippets to tease with. Have a good weekend and remember to vote if you are in the USA. If not stand back and watch the fun.  Later - Scott

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