Friday, November 4, 2016

Time for a snippet! Here is number 08

“We can’t really talk about an open case, even to you Miss Kelly. We represent Magical Crimes for the FBI. We will do everything in our power to find it. Do you have any rabid fans or enemies who would take it?”

She pulled her sunglasses down away from her eyes. I could see even in this low light they were a deep blue color. “Max my butler can give you the list of fans my people have compiled. Enemies are something that I have very few of Agents. When I was younger I had a few but they should be long gone by now.” She straightened her glasses.

“Can you give us any specifics?” Jack stared at her his eyes not leaving her face.

“Can I trust you not to share anything I tell you? I ask because I like both my privacy and my secrets.”

“You can trust us. If something leaks, it won’t come from the two of us. Higher than us? I can’t say.”

The actress leaned back in her chair and clasped her hands together. She rested her chin upon her joined hands and thought for a long moment. She let out a sigh. “Trust is so hard for those in the entertainment business. I suppose I can trust you with a few things.” She stared at Jack and smiled tossing a towel over herself and leaning forward.

“My little game didn’t work. Sorry Agent Dalton I play that one with most men.”

“I have a wife I love very much. I try not to mix business with pleasure it can lead down the wrong roads in my business.”

“Understood. I was in Germany before the Demon Wars. Several of my former lovers and jilted co-workers were in Government service. One such man was Dietrich Eckart. He was very high up in the party and was rumored to have the ear of the great leader. I have always assumed he died in the fall of the Empire or was possibly consumed by the Demon as many of the inner circle were. If he lived he would be well over a hundred as he was born in the late 1800s. He was human but had many contacts in the esoteric communities of the time. If anyone had survived it would have been him. Only one other person comes to mind that would consider me an enemy or rival enough to steal from me.”

“Who is that?”

She let out a sigh. “A woman. Rayne Snow was her name. We were lovers at one point but she broke it off. She was a Witch and couldn’t stay with me for many reasons. I tried to ruin her financially after the break up. I was the jilted lover and I paid for it. I’m not saying she hexed me but my luck in the 1960s was not great. She went by several other names using Frost or Ice as her last name. It was all variations of Snow or Winter. She wasn’t very old when we were together so she should be alive.”

“She is.” I blurted it out. They both looked at me. “Sorry. She goes by Ray Winter now. I know because she’s on the American Witches Council.”

“Good for her. She always wanted to reach the pinnacle of her craft. If you see her tell her I’m sorry.”

“Anyone else?”

“Not really. Max and his family have been with me since Germany so it won’t be him. I have had a few hack producers or agents over the years but none of them would have the guts to even try. Max can give you a list.”

“Why did you only allow the necklace in the exhibit for only a few days?” Something sounded off.

“As I said it is precious to me. The last time it was a very popular show. I was asked by their board of directors so I said yes. It was only supposed to be for two days. I miss it already.”

“We understand. Is there anything else we should know about it?”

“Not that I can think of. Please find it.”

“We will do the best we can Miss Kelly.” Jack stood and took her hand. She stood and stepped out into the sun. Still covered with the towel she looked very much like her pictures

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