Tuesday, November 1, 2016

New Month New Snippet! Here's 07

“Agent Reynolds, did you locate the Chef’s residence?”

“Yes, Sir. It is on the second floor of the restaurant.”

“Good. Did you request a warrant and search it yet?”

Agent Sims answered for Reynolds who looked a bit confused. “I called it in to Judge Winston but they are dragging their feet for some reason.”

“Thank you Agent Sims. I will take care of it. Since you know the local lay of the land I am going to leave you in charge of Reynolds and Jackson when he gets finished moving the body. I want the entire kitchen processed along with the Chef’s apartment. Leave both the cooler and the freezer alone. They contain illegal substances that the Chef stole from the people that killed him. Agent Blackmore has secured them for now.”

Agent Sims had a gleam in her eye. “Is it drugs? Is that what went down in there? A drug deal?”

“It wasn’t drugs. But it may have been a business deal gone bad. Hold down the fort do your assignment and do not talk to the press. Understand? No news conferences and no press.”

“Understood. Come along Reynolds.” Both Agents nodded to me and left the RV. I glanced at my boss.

“Do you think they will disobey you?”

“Probably. If not them their local boss. That mention of drugs won’t stay on the down-low. Eh. It will make a good cover story.” At  my look he smiled. “Like we can tell the public that the Chef was killed because he cooked the wrong vegetable?”

“True. OK, where do we need to go?” I looked at the Tree man for direction.

“Simplicity in itself. The alley behind whence to foul deed was done holds the answer.”

“Anyway you can shed the greenery?” The Jack-in-the-green only smiled at me. “I guess not. Let’s try handcuffs?” I looked toward my boss Jack not the tree Jack.

“Sounds good.” I tried not to enjoy zip tying our escort but I did a little. “Let’s go.”

We led the man past the local police and the news reporters in a reverse perp-walk. The volume outside increased to that of a roar as hundreds of voices screamed out questions about our ‘captive.’ I was sure that what we were doing was being beamed around the world to every news agency.

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