Saturday, October 29, 2016

Time for a Snippet! 06

My eyes widened at that. “You fought Demons?”

“Not like you did. There was a British music group that accidentally raised a demon during one of their concerts. It gave each of the performers a certain glamor to sway minds.”

“How did you figure out it was demons?” I was running music groups through my head.

“They had a strange following that didn’t make a lot of sense. Each singer had a goofy name. We tracked the Demon to one of the roadies. He was actually working at each concert sucking up energy to raise more. At least that is what the expert I had with me said. After the Demon was slain the band wasn’t the same. They broke up and stopped performing. I think they all got married or something.”

“Were the musicians harmed?”

“No. As far as we could tell the Demon just gave them popularity without his power anything they tried to sing wasn’t quite right after that. The Brits were a bit unhappy with me after that. They had been tracking it too and wanted in on the kill.”

“How did you kill it without Magick?”

“It was in a human form. We trapped it in a magical circle and shot it. The Kabbalist I was working with retired after that. He was a rare breed that one.”

“If he was a mundane practitioner he was. It takes years to ‘get it right’ using ceremonial Magick. That is not something anyone should dabble in at all.”

They both gave me funny looks. “My Grandmother is the head of our clan and coven. I was fully trained by her before coming here. My magical difficulties put me on the outs by my family but I was trained in all aspects of Magick. Magick can be very dangerous in the wrong hands.”

Agent Dalton looked at the Director. “I’ll take her. I will teach her what I know and maybe she can help me on the job.”

“I should hope so Jack.” She looked at me. “Agatha, Jack and I were like you and Chuck. We were in the same classes together before we went off on our own assignments. He can teach you about investigations and you can help him with the Magick. The FBI is changing and for us to change with it we need to make more use of the assets we have. I expect great things from you Agatha. Make us all proud of you.”

“Jack, take care of her and don’t let Fergus make you too crazy.” She stood up and gave me a big hug which surprised me. “Agatha you have my number. Call if you need something. Technically I have to evaluate you quarterly so don’t be a stranger.”

Director Mills held the door open for us and we headed back to the RV. I had to smile when Jack looked at me and asked. “Who’s Fergus?”

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